A Light In His Black Hole

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Chapter 6: Tutor

3 months later

I and Daphne once again woke up late today morning. We watched Riverdale late into the night, and the episode just ended where Jughead comes out of the woods bruised and bloody, unconscious in FP’s arms. My eyes were wider than Betty’s. I now knew that I could pop out my eyes wider than a saucer. Daphne was staring at Archie though. She is a huge KJ Apa fan but I would literally die for Cole Sprouse.

We spent scrolling through our celebrity crushes’ Instagram all through the night, maintaining a very calm and well-organised composure (I beg thee to note the sarcasm).

And I ended up breaking our tenth alarm clock or so, in the process of waking up. What a life.

I woke up in a frenzy when I realised our unit test results were coming out today. I was so sure that I messed up some of my questions and I kept on blabbering about it, much to Daphne’s chagrin. She said she’s like Ron Weasley when it comes to exams. Discussing papers and answers after the exams made her feel sick too.

We ate burnt toast and apple juice and rushed out of our dorm rooms. I wore a literal tank top tucked in with my favourite black hoodie around my waist paired with my tight blue jeans. It had the word PEACE printed on it. I wore an anime-themed mask because let’s just say everybody dreams of looking like those cuties.

Daphne wore a golden yellow top, tucked in, with a blue denim jacket that was fluffy on the inside, paired with black ripped jeans.

We dashed out of the door as though the building were on fire and nearly made it to our classroom. I gulped as I saw my bullies again. Dylan, Caleb and of course the biggest grump and meanie in the world, Zayn. I couldn’t do anything. Their mere presence in that room was enough to make me feel as though my entire life were a horror movie.

It wasn’t the fact that I was afraid. The real thing was every time they attacked me, abused me they would instil a sense of foreboding in me, because every time they attacked, I was brought back to that night. The bus on fire, Luca dead, me nearing death’s door...

All those flashes of the past were something I liked to keep as a memory. A box of treasures for the future that I would never even dream or dare of opening. Because once the past is buried, it needs to stay buried.

But every time they attacked me, bullied me, spread memes about me being a pointless joke, a stupid freaking nerd, it wasn’t them that frightened me. It was the memories. Every time they bullied me I was forced to dig up those memories that I had buried. It was like a trigger. I have handled bullying worse than this but I never really wanted to remember them nearly every day when I came here to forget them. Sometimes because of those flashbacks, I get severe panic attacks and would just lock myself in the washroom until it all went away.

I just want to move on. But why must my past chase me all the way?

I sat in the front row, and put my hoodie on as it was really cold. I also knew Zayn wouldn’t sit in the front because he just hates shit like that.

As soon as I saw him coming, I put my head down. I so wish Daphne was here. But according to the rules and regulations of the university, roommates aren’t supposed to be placed together. I guess it’s because they will delve into a deeper sort of friendship and they won’t get good grades. I could feel his presence passing by me, with a smirk plastered on that stuck-up face of his. Somebody lifted my face up by my hair, and I tried not to moan in pain. It was Caleb.

“Hey little shit, wanna come and play?”

He held onto my hair, knowing that it would give me pain and he dropped down when I was least expecting it. My face banged hard against the tough wood of the table and my head throbbed with pain. I struggled to hold back tears. One, because of the pain. Two, because of the memory of Luca’s dead body just lying there lifelessly, blood oozing from every cut of his body.

Mrs Avery, our Pathological Science 1 professor came in with a bundle of papers. She started handing them to all the students. All those who failed received a disapproving snort from her. When she gave me my paper, she smiled brightly. “Excellent paper, beautifully presented...Your information is so accurate that I even used your paper as a reference to correct the other papers...”

My heart backflipped a few times as I heard what she said. It was an A+. She headed over to Zayn’s row and I could feel his intent and dark gaze on me. I tried to brush it off.

“An F again Mr. Santiago!!” she yelled at him.



That freaking lady screamed at me. “Since your test results get worse and worse with every test, I think its time I assigned you to a tutor. Now all of you who scored badly in this test will be assigned to a tutor. You, Mr Santiago, will be assigned to Ms Mayfair.” she said in a voice shaking with controlled anger.

My heart dropped a few feet to the ground.

What the fuck?!

I, Zayn Draco Santiago, is going to get tutored by the biggest living joke and weirdo in the history of histories.

I knew arguing with this shitty lady would come to about to nothing. So I just glared at her and that Mayfair thing.

Later that night

I had to attend this party at THE RAVE. The Rave was the coolest place to have a party at. There were fog machines, crazy lights, awesome drinks and all those things every pro-teen could dream about college life.

I had my tutoring session with that bitch that night. Meanwhile, I still haven’t found that girl who mesmerizes me nearly every part of my day. That moment when we bumped into each other is one that replays in my head and every time it does I feel happy. To simply know that there are human beings out there who see me as a person or as a being with feelings, emotions and an innumerable amount of pain, made me happy. My stepdad had gone to Georgia on an assignment for the mafia along with my stepbrother. He is freakishly awkward and I can bet for sure that we have never even talked to each other, let alone glance at each other. Though we live in the same house.

I sent that weirdo bitch a text saying that I have better things to do than waste my time with someone as pointless and delusional as her on something so baseless and meaningless. I don’t give a fuck if I am rude or not because it will never matter to me as to how I treat other people or how should I be treating them because all my life whenever I tried to like someone, try to be nice to them, they simply walked over me like I was cow shit found on the road or something.

Anyways, I am going to The Rave.


That asshole ditched his session with me!! If I don’t tutor him, I will get bad grades. Well, looks like he made the Rose bring out her thorns because now he will know what can happen if he ditches with me on something that could affect me as much as it could affect him.

Next Morning

I told Ms Avery about Zayn without his knowledge. I made sure no one was around when I told this to her. I also told her not to tell him as to who informed her that he wasn’t attending his tutoring sessions with me. I told her he was at a party last night, as I got to know this from his Instagram.

That boy is in one hell of a pickle.

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