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Couple hearts

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πšƒπš‘πš›πšŽπšŽ πšˆπšŽπšŠπš›πšœ π™»πšŠπšπšŽπš›πšœ

My book "Boys and their toys" became the New York Bestsellers three years ago and Robin congratulated me for my success. I had published three books in the last two years and everytime Robin is the person to get the first copy. Since the beginning of this year I did not write anymore books till now. I have been writing a few but most of my time I like to talk with Robin.

I am a fearless Spinster- my favourite dialogue to every press conference. But my sad story is I had no parents now, they were dead in a car accident two years ago. After their death, I gave shelter to a kitten, I loved her, I named her Kitty but even she left me five months ago.

I feel like nobody is willing to stay with me anymore. I am upset and depressed. My mind drift to these issues when I start write anything.

I have deadlines of writing a new book but I just can't...

Mr.Young is losing his temper because of me. I'm not giving any more works to get published and his business is going through a downfall. He is forcing me to write a book to get published. He requests me more than ninety times in a day. He is now emailing me... Oh shit this is so frustrating!

I ignored his emails and his threats too. I drift to sleep to get some peace.

I turned my daily routine to have peace in life, Robin is busy these days as his exams are going on. I wake, exercise, eat, sit, daydream, eat and sleep. My routine, huh!

My days passes on like the passing clouds.

While I was searching my groceries I remember they are finished so i have to go to the store. I locked my apartment and head to the nearby grocery store to buy stuffs. The street seems vacant and these days London don't snow at all, but still it is cold here, I parked my car at the parking lot and I am grabbed by someone's masculine hand. My mouth and nose is pressed with a handkerchief so that I don't scream or yell..

I try to fight back but I can't, I am not able to. Suddenly, my head is spinning, I can't stand a-and I fall to my feet.

Last thing that I heard was "Now it's my time-"

Oh Robin help me my subconscious speaks.

I open my eyes and it takes few minutes to realise I am somewhere else, my head hurts!

I have been tied to a chair, and- I was being kidnapped!

I heard a sound from my behind, but I can't move to see who is it. I only hear the footsteps walking toward me, I'm afraid who is it..."Now it's my time...." My subconscious reminds me. Oh-Mr.Young?....it was his voice, my eyes go wide.

Before he can approach me, I shouted loud "Mr. Young? It is you...I know it's you."

He claps his hand and faces me- oh I was right. He says me "Well, you know so well about me lady. But I must tell you that I don't have any intentions to hurt you. You are an excellent author who writes so well and because of you I earn a huge profit each time I sell your published books. But why do you suddenly stopped writing? I am literally having a hard time and I only want you to write a book so that I can publish, earn money, you too get the money and we both live a happy life."

Holy shit!

I have to fine a way to escape, I asks him "What I need to do to escape from this ?"

His eyes expresses happiness "I will provide you with every facilities you need, you just need to write one book within next week, and another book later. Then I will free you from here."

I agreed to him. I had no options at all.

The next day, Mr. Young provide me everything, he pays the bills of my hotel at which I need to stay. I wrote a book "Endangered" in which I mentioned my problem that I have been captured in the hope that Robin will surely understand and will save me. This book is full of riddle to break but I mentioned my problem indirectly so that Readers may find it interesting.

I cannot mail Robin so i sent the first published copy to him. After five days I received his feedback on my author account. I was so happy that he was able to understand my condition. He mentioned that he is coming to London back to save me but he need to know the place.

I published another book "Answers to You" after another 7 days which really answers his questions, the characters in the book have similarities with me, and her savior has similarities with Robin.

But as the days passed, Mr. Young got greedy, he refused to set me free. He says he has captured the goose who give him golden egg and he will not commit the mistake to kill the goose. At that moment, I decide that if I escape from here, I will end my dealership with Mr. Young, a greedy bastard!

The Next morning when I wake up, I notice Robin sitting beside me on the bed, he is wearing a black T-shirt, a blue faded jeans, his hair is messed up, the black shade under his eyes are the proof of lack of sleep. He smiles at me and I reciprocate. I am completely caught off guard by him. I hurriedly get up and hugged him tightly and comfort me. He brushes my back and I completely love this feeling. I have not seen him in the last three years.

I really missed him a lot.

I say him while we are in both of our arms "I missed you"

His reply is almost immediate which take me in surprise, "I love You Rebecca and please relax your shoulder, you don't need to be worry about Mr. Young."

I pull away from him and ask him "What do you mean that I don't need to be worry about Mr. Young?" Ignoring the first part of his sentence.

He says "Yes, because when I came here, I already informed the police and he admitted that he kidnapped you. Mr. Young is in police custody but the cops need your statement too. So they will meet you tomorrow. Now you don't need to worry about anything. You are in better hands now. I have your tickets to Italy. You are coming with me there day after tomorrow. I shall take a good care of you My Lady." I am surprised by his lovely speech. I'm again falling for him. Tears roll down my eyes. I really love you man!

"I Love You Robin," I crashed my lips to his.

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