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I deserved it.

I had gotten into my dream school, Oxford University, and I had no doubt about the fact that deserved it,I had worked so hard to get here. My goal, for these upcoming years, was to keep being deserving of this opportunity and not let a second of it go to waste.

‘To have no distractions’ is what I promised my myself, yet with friends like mine, they were always going to try to make me join in with their so-called 'exciting' activities. Most of the time these would end up with Ivy puking her guts up into a toilet and Yara finding some hottie to hook up with. Despite Ivy being always the one that was adamant to drink until she was ill, I was the lightweight who always had to be helped in some way or another to get me home, which most of the time Ivy ended up doing.

The first day of school was tomorrow and despite this fact, all three of us were aware of this important piece of information, yet here we all were in the exact situation I described before. What was meant to be only a few drinks, at the club closest to our Uni, which was so fittingly named 'Meltdown', had swiftly spiralled towards our familiar clubbing routine.

Ivy's knees had been glued to the floor in front of that abhorrent toilet more times than anyone could ever begin to imagine and this just happened to be another. Hence I had my hands holding her hair back in a rather chaotic ponytail, if it could be called that at all.

Ivy being sick was finally over and she floundered to her feet, with not a single drop of vile vomit in her dark brown waves, all thanks to yours truly. You’re welcome.

"Thank you babe", she muttered slightly slurring the words as the came out her mouth. A gentle pat was placed on her shoulder by my hand, as my words would have gone in one of her heavily pierced ears and out the next.

Tugging her out the bathroom and back into the main area of the club was hard work, but I didn't mind as long as she was safe from all the predatory men waiting to pounce on either one of us the second we were alone.

Towards the back of the club, I could see someone dancing absolutely atrociously and there was no doubt in my mind that it was Yara. The man she was so dreadfully grinding on, the dreadfulness due to multiple tequilas she had drank,because despite what the scene in front of you would suggest most of the time Yara was a rather adept dancer, was looking rather awkward.

Pushing and shoving people in every direction, I didn't care if I was perceived as rude for this the only thing that I wanted at this moment in time was to stop the embarrassing friend of mine from dancing and then get us all safely home. Ivy seemed to have sobered up a bit and then roles were reversed and she was the one dragging me towards our destination. That probably had to do with the extra shot or two I'd miraculously acquired during our walk across the club. Oops.

The man that was stood with the dancing Yara was attractive and I could why she had chosen him as her supposed victim for tonight, yet what she wanted from him wasn't going to happen since me and Ivy weren't going to let it get that far. Yara finally acknowledged us and tried to say, what I assumed was a "Hi girlies" and then in an attempted whisper, "Isn't he so hot!" I looked towards the man in question again and looked for a bit longer this time. He had brown curly hair framing his face, which was quite a baby face I must say but nevertheless, Yara was right, as always, he was gorgeous.

Sober. He was sober, probably the reason why Yara hadn't gotten him to take her home yet because as she liked to remind me all the time 'My charms always work Calista darling’. Obviously, we have different definitions of always. During the time I had zoned out he had introduced himself to us as Ezio. Cute.

"We're going outside to call a taxi." Ivy declared as she began dragging both of us drunk, yet very hot, girls towards the exit. However it seemed as if my brain had other plans as my feet didn't move from the spot I was in.

"Goodbye Ezio, it was nice meeting you." I shouted over the music, however, it turned out louder than I had anticipated due to the fact I underestimated my own voice and overestimated the sound of , the now irritating, music. I couldn't just leave without saying goodbye to the handsome man, that would just be rude, was what my drunk brain had decided. Unexpectedly I gasped as I realised I hadn't told him my name. How rude of me. Using the hand that wasn't otherwise occupied with Ivy's trying to impatiently pull me away, I stuck my hand out and introduced myself.

"My names Calista" I stated boldly, however, it, to the sober man, probably sounded like an incoherent jumble of weird sounds. Nonetheless, Ezio reached out and enveloped my petite hand in his and raised it to his lips. What a gentleman.

A giggle escaped my mouth at the action. Don’t judge me I’ve had a lot to drink.

"Nice to meet you Calista. I think I'll join you girls outside to make sure you get to your taxi safe. I don't want anything to happen with the three of you drunk on the streets." It was courteous of him so I gave him my brightest smile and suddenly I was moving again to the exit with my friends.

Goosebumps began to form on my skin as soon as we were located outside on a dark street in Oxford, probably due to me wearing the short, pink mini dress and also the fact that it was September and English weather isn't exactly known for its high temperatures is it? Flickering lights of the lampposts, they should really get those fixed, and the eeriness that surrounded us whilst Ivy called a taxi made me grateful for the fact that Ezio was stood beside us. He was like a guard protecting us against any weird strangers that might try to cause any harm. Despite the fact that he was also a stranger himself I felt as though I could trust him despite only meeting him a few moments ago.

After about 10 minutes of me and the girls chatting to Ezio and learning that he also is attending the same University as us and just like us, it'll be his first day tomorrow, that being why he decided to make the very sensible decision of staying sober tonight, or rather it was morning seeing as it was currently 1 am, and that the only reason he came out was due to the fact his friends wanted to have some fun just like we were planning on, the taxi finally arrived.

Yara and I got ourselves into the backseat of the slightly messy, but what could you expect,taxi. Whereas Ivy seated herself in the front seat, because she was the one who could form the most coherent sentences out of us all, despite that she still wasn't that clear. All of us waving, rather enthusiastically I must say, goodbye to Ezio as the taxi began to move slowly away from the club. Albert, the taxi driver, and all of us were on a first name basis due to the number of times we had nights out in Oxford. However, even though the company was called Albert's Taxis, and he owns the company as the name so rightly implies, sometimes he wasn't the one driving. That was why we were all so happy to see him and attempted to have a catch up with him about our lives, the keyword being 'attempt' as I'm not sure he understood a word we said.

With the way, we were stumbling into our rather diminutive flat you would've thought the whole Earth was shaking but thankfully, no, that wasn't the case. We were just absolutely shitfaced.

I couldn't be bothered to walk all the way to my bedroom, which at this point in time felt like it was miles away, so I settled with sitting on our sofa with a blanket wrapped over me, waiting for the morning to come so I could regret having even one drink this night, let alone the countless amount of others I had consumed.

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