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a/n this is the last chapter but from Valen’s POV.

Stupid fucking teenagers.

I was fed up. No, scratch that, I was beyond fed up.

The list of disastrous events that had happened to me, this morning, was never-ending.

My day started out by me sleeping through my awful alarm, resulting in me being ten minutes late for my usual routine.

Despite this I was still determined to get my morning coffee because if I'm being honest I can’t function without it, that’s if you can call what I do as “functioning”. I’m pretty sure all the stupid things I do don’t count as so.

I walked into the same old coffee shop that I’ve been going to for years now, it honestly wasn’t that great, but I couldn’t be arsed to find another one so I didn’t.

The noises of students chatting away filled my ears, aggravating me even further as I made my way through the populous cafe to join the line.

There were a group of girls sitting on the stools at the side, their obnoxious giggles could be heard from a mile away as they pointed at me. Just shut up for God's sake. I don’t understand how people can be so so annoying. The words “hot” and “I would totally do him” were evident, even if they thought they were being discreet.

Although I was running late this morning, I did get the chance to look in the mirror so I knew what, rather who, they were talking about and the fact they were pointing, but I don’t think that was necessary to deduce it was me.The rest of the “men” in here were all scrawny little teenagers. Could the people in here get any more irritating?

A few minutes passed and I’d placed my order, a flat white, I know the stereotypical order for a man like me, you know the type tall, intimidating and handsome with a sprinkle of supposed anger issues, was a black coffee, however I could never stomach that vile drink.

“Valen.” The barista barked out. Collecting my daily dose of caffeine, I was just about to head out of this crowded place, however, as I turned around I felt the boiling hot liquid splatter all over my suit my new suit.

Gazing down at the mess, I began clenching my jaw in order to calm myself down and not punch something or someone. In front of me stood a girl, who was probably one of the girls that were contributed to the awful giggling I heard earlier, however I couldn’t be sure because most of these new students looked the same to me.

“Whoops. Didn’t mean to do that!” she squealed our and with that, she span out on her heel and exited the cafe.

No apology. No help. Nothing.

What. The. Fuck. I was pissed.

Muttering curses under my breath I tossed the now mostly empty cup into the nearest bin, waste of fucking £3, and after trying to clean the mess with a few napkins began leaving the cafe with clenched fists and my usual scowl on my face.

“Valen!” Someone shouted before I’d even made it 10 steps away from that place. “Valen wait for me!”

Turning to look at the source of the noise, I grumbled a “όχι τώρα Ezio”(not now Ezio). I saw his face fall and with that I began making my way back to my house to change into a clean suit.

Luckily I didn’t live that far away from campus so, despite the fact i slept in later than usual, I could just about have enough time to change my suit and arrive at work in time.


My first class was over the students in that class had been aggravating.

My second class was over, the students in that class had been irritating.

My third class was over, and they had made me want to punch them all, but for some reason, school rules prohibited that. It’s unknown to me as to why though.

They would’ve all deserved it. How can some people be so so dumb and so so difficult?

I had two girls and one boy write down their phone numbers for me and slide give them to me discreetly after class.

All of them went into the bin the moment I saw them.

I had sent out at least four people of my classroom today although it was probably more I lost count after a while.

It was the first day of university and the boys were acting like absolute idiots and the girls as airheads. I thought the people that came here were supposed to be smart. They just spent the whole time chatting at the back off my classroom about where they were going to go shopping at the weekend.

Like I said before, stupid fucking teenagers.

To make my day even better I had a text from my dad telling me to meet him in his classroom to discuss something ‘important’. Great, I’m sure that’ll be riveting.


Storming into his classroom and making my way towards his desk I announced, “Για τι ήθελες να μου μιλήσεις” (what did you want to talk to me about?)

“Είμαι ήδη άρρωστος από όλους αυτούς τους νέους μαθητές, είναι όλοι ενοχλητικοί χαλασμένοι σκύλοι”

(I'm already sick of all these new students, they're all annoying spoiled bitches) I deadpanned. Looking across from my father to see who he was talking to. She was beautiful, she had long brown hair that cascaded down her back, that I could pull on wh- Stop Valen. I wasn’t in the mood, my day had already be ruined by all these other teenagers like her. “πες της να φύγει.” (Tell her to leave)

“Can you please just give me a few minutes, stop being impatient.” My dad expressed with a stern glare.

I was getting impatient now, all I wanted was to get this conversation with my father over with. I was supposed to meet my friends at the bar in about 10 minutes.

"Πες σε παρακαλ σε αυτή τη μικρή σκύλα να πάει στο διάολο και να ψωνίσει κάτι με τα λεφτά του μπαμπά της, ή κάτι τέτοιο τέλος πάντων δεν με νοιάζει.” I spoke. (No, now. please tell this little bitch to fuck off and go shopping with daddy's money or something.)

I was being rude but it’s not like she could understand me. I had better things to be doing then wasting my time here.

“Miss Katopodis, I am so sorry for his behaviour” Dad spoke whilst his facial expression displayed his annoyance at me “This is my son, Valen Andino. Valen this is my student Calista Katopodis”

She looked up to me, her azure eyes meeting mine and a sarcastic smile graced her ethereal face. Stop complimenting her Valen.

“Θα ήθελα να πω ότι χάρηκα που σας γνωρίζω αλλά θα ήταν ψέματα.Θα σας αφήσω μόνους τρα". (I would say nice to meet you, but it's not. I'll leave you two alone now) She spoke in fluent Greek.

My face faltered. Fuck.

She turned to face my father. “I’ll talk with you another time sir.” and with that she began making her way to exit the classroom. I turned to watch her leave, nice ass, and then I turned back to my father who was glaring at me.

“Whoops.” I spoke with a smirk.

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