Crossing Paths

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Chapter 10


“Wake up” Heath gently nudged Harper, groaning as she rolled over not wanting to wake up so soon.

“Harp, you got to get ready, don’t make me drag you out of the bed, or I will cancel this wedding” with that threat, Harper shot up, knowing Heath was dead serious, he was scary and a sweet teddy at the same time.

“I’m up! I’m up!”


“It’s fine, let her sleep, she can look like a zombie” Heath suggested, knowing well that Anika takes her looks seriously.

“Fine” she grumbled as she sat up

“I’m going to take a shower first, then can you let in the makeup artist?” Harper asked Heath and he nodded. Although Heath was a groomsman, Heath had to ensure everything on Harper’s end was going as planned, knowing Anika wasn’t always the responsible one, taking place for Heath’s duties, Ryan helped the groom’s side.


Harper got out of the showers to see Anika drooling over a plate of waffles, chuckling as she held on to her robe tighter, the weather was slightly chilly, it usually is when it was nearing Christmas.

She made her way to the dressing table, seeing her hairstylist preparing her workstation and her make up artist lining up lashes, she sat on the comfy chair as she looked into the mirror, her complexion was slightly pale, but she knew makeup would cover up for that fact.

“I’ll shower now,” Anika announced.

“Good morning Harper” the makeup artist greeted her as she started applying moisturizer on her face.

“How is he?” Harper asked Heath looking at him through the mirror

“He wasn’t there when I went in this morning, probably out for a run or something” Heath assured Harper

“Do you think he’s nervous?”

“Highly doubt so Harp, you should’ve seen him when he asked for grandpapa’s and my blessing, he was nervous then, but I guess he was afraid I would’ve murdered him, yesterday he looked miserable without you, he loves you Harp”


The make up artist was almost done with Harper’s make up, she requested minimal makeup, she wanted to look as natural as possible.

The hairstylist started blow drying her hair about 30 minutes ago, the week before she chose to dye her brunette hair blonde just at the bottom, for the ombre effect, so it would look amazing in her hair when she let it down. The hairstylist took extra time and attention with each curl, curling her hair gently ensuring every curl was perfection.

As her hairstylist and makeup artist did her hair and make up, she got their assistant to paint her fingernails and toes, ensuring every bit of her is to perfection, Anika got the same treatment.

She decided to check her phone, completely forgetting about it.

“Hey pass me my phone would you?” she asked Heath and he passed it to her. Checking her phone, still no reply from Nadia, Nadia did not turn up at the club last night, starting to worry she decided to text Nadia again.

Harper : Hey. Where are you? Are you okay?

Nadia : Yeah don’t worry I’ll be there soon

Deciding not to question, she checked her instagram, she wanted to scroll through it before she got busy.

Husband : See you later my bride :)

Smiling, he was just as excited about it as her.

Harper : See you later my groom :)

She continued to scroll through her social media and noticed that Nadia had an instagram story, deciding to click on it, it just says

Story no longer available

Weird- Harper thought, deciding to click on Nadia’s profile,

User not available

That’s weird, instagram is her job - Harper wondered what happened, why did Nadia delete or deactivate her instagram. Deciding to leave it and focus on her wedding day she pushed away her thoughts and focused on the makeup and hair.


“It’s time to put on your dress” Mrs Taylor or Lily spoke as she came into the room bringing Harper’s dress.

“Are you nervous dear?” Harper shook her head, as she watched everyone else in the room get dressed.

She chose silver as the colour that her maid of honor and bridesmaids would wear. Anika wore a beautiful plunging neckline silver dress with fishtail braids, and Nadia wore a beautiful strapless silver dress with silver streaks in her blonde pixie.

Harper took a deep breath as she unzipped her dress, suddenly feeling nervous.


“It’s time” Mrs Taylor announced, “You are breathtakingly beautiful my dear, you are everything I wanted for Wyatt” she smiled, Harper couldn’t help but tear up feeling anxious.

“Thank you Lily”

“Come let’s walk and talk, your grandad is waiting for you downstairs” she nodded as Anika and Nadia picked up her train.

“I’m nervous” she said as she bit her lip, and continued “what if he doesn’t like my dress, or what if he changes his mind?”

“My dear, my son is head over heels in love with you, he loves your heart and soul, not the dress not anything else but you, even if you were to walk down the aisle in a burlap sack, I doubt he would notice” she chuckled as she reassured Harper.

“My dear, I hope you would love and treat my son with the same respect and love as he would treat you. I put my trust in you that would take care of him, you are going to be my daughter from today onwards, you are my family and if he miss behaves, let his mother know, I would spank him” Lily joked, making everyone around them laugh

“I love him Lily, I really do” she assured

As they approached grandpapa, Lily let go of Harper’s hand to place kisses on her cheek before excusing herself to join her husband in the room.

“Harper! My God! You look beautiful!” grandpapa complimented

“I’m nervous grandpapa” Harper admitted

“Don’t be sweetie, there’s nothing to be nervous about, he’s your future, you know, you look a lot like granny when she was younger, but you are more beautiful” he paused, wiping a tear escaping him, Anika and Nadia decided to walk away to give them some privacy.

“Your parent’s are useless people, I raised my son better than this, you and Heath didn’t deserve them as parents, but I’m glad both of you were born, because you both gave me so much joy in my life, both mine and granny’s. I’m proud of the woman you’ve grown to be, I’m proud to call you my granddaughter. Wyatt is a good guy, and I hope you would be happy with him, if you want to run, we can hop in my truck and drive off, then we’ll get Heath to meet us somewhere” grandpapa joked

Harper laughed knowing grandpapa was only half joking


Two days ago, grandpapa sat Harper down and had an honest conversation with her.

“Are you sure you want to go through with this wedding?” grandpapa asked, Harper raised an eyebrow, she didn’t know he had reservations about her impending marriage.

“Do you not like Wyatt? Or is something the matter?” she questioned

“You are only 24 sweetie, you’ve never dated anyone else, I will be lying if I said I wasn’t worried, I know Wyatt is a good guy, but there are other fishes in the sea”

“Grandpapa, I have to tell you something. Please don’t judge me and please don’t be mad” Harper said looking down as she fiddled with her fingers, feeling nervous with what she was about to confess, grandpapa nodded and looked at Harper lovingly

“When I was in England, I fell in love with a guy right before I came home, and I lost my firsts to him, but he left, I thought he felt the same way for me, but I guess I was played” she sighed, recalling the night where she lost her virginity and how she realised she was in love.

“I know”

Harper looked at grandpapa confused, unsure what he meant, so he continued, “granny came to me in my dream a month after you came back, she told me what happened and she assured me that you were going to be fine. Remember the weekend we spent painting and channelling granny?” she nodded, knowing perfectly that day.

“Well after granny assured me everything was going to be alright, we started spending more time together doing random things, then I noticed your mood was getting better” she smiled, she hadn’t realised that grandpapa knew, but she was thankful that he didn’t mention anything.

“Sometimes, things aren’t what they seem, just remember that sweetie” he advised sweetly

End Flashback

Their conversation was cut short as the doors opened, as the bridesmaid and flower girl took turns to walk down the aisle, she linked her arm on grandpapa as she held her bouquet of white roses in one hand, grandpapa placed a kiss on her cheek as she smiled at her.

“Ready?” he asked, she nodded, feeling strong butterflies as she entered the room, walking with rhythm.

As she entered, her eyes immediately spotted Wyatt staring at her smiling handsomely, her eyes glazed over to realise that Liam was standing next to Wyatt.

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