Crossing Paths

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Chapter 12

They headed to the open field as the guests gathered at the tent to mingle, whilst some guests went home, the bride and groom accompanied by their bridesmaids and groomsmen, headed over to the open field led by the photographer, he wanted to get in a few shots of the newly wed before changing into their next outfit.


After they were done taking the photos, Wyatt and Harper headed to the rooms to change to their next outfit, Wyatt was giddy in happiness, he’s now married to the girl of his dreams, he grinned widely as he kept placing kisses all over Harper, she giggled, he could hear her giggle forever.

Wyatt changed to pink long khakis and white dress shirt, only buttoning half way, showing off his toned chest, whilst Harper wore a champagne pink mermaid dress that complimented her skin and her curves. Wyatt continued to lay kisses all over her, caressing her skin all over

Knock knock

Snapping them out of their trance, “Could you get it?” Wyatt asked as he made his way to the bathroom, she nodded as she made her way to the door.

“Yes?” she replied in a question as she opened the door, revealing Liam.

She instantly froze, not ready to face him. Her heart ached, it pained looking at him. He stared at her, then his eyes slowly glazing down to her body, she wasn’t sure if he recognised her, so she acted like everything was normal.

“Who is it love?” Wyatt asked from behind the door, peaking through he saw Liam standing at the door

“Come in dude! Meet my wife Harper” Wyatt introduced as he opened the door wider inviting Liam in, Harper instantly backed away from the door

“Harper this is my best friend Saint” Wyatt introduced

“I’m Liam Toussaint” Liam introduced as he gave his hand offering to shake it, he doesn’t remember her

“Hi Liam, I’m Harper Wilson” she smiled politely as she shook his hands, in that instant her fingers touched his skin she felt the sparks, quickly retracting it not wanting to feel this for someone else.

It’s fine if he didn’t remember her, it would be better - she thought, it would be easier to pretend everything is fine and as if she wasn’t hurt by him.

“Isn’t she beautiful?” Wyatt asked Liam, Liam stared at her and answered truthfully “Absolutely stunning”


They made their way to the reception, as the emcee announced their arrival, they were greeted by cheer, they made their way to their table. Taking their seats, Anika sat beside Harper, taking her hand and squeezing it.

“Why is he here?” Anika whispered in her ear, ensuring no one else could hear, Harper looked sadly at Anika and shrugged

“They’re best friends, I didn’t know”

The first dance is usually the most romantic dance for a newly wed, some prepare for months just to learn a dance routine, some would just sway together with the music.

Harper placed one hand on Wyatt’s shoulder and the other in his hand, as he placed his other hand on her bum, they swayed together with the music as they stared into each other’s eyes. Wyatt was content, he was happy with Harper, however there was something different she couldn’t place what it was, she assumed it was the effect of Liam’s presence

“Mrs Taylor” he mumbled as he placed a kiss on her lips

“Mr Taylor” she mimicked his actions, smiling.

“I’m glad you called me Harper, you have no idea how you’ve changed my life for the better, from this day on I promise to show you love and to make love to you” she blushed as she spoke.

“Now you are mine Harper, I’ve never been happier. I have a few surprises for you, but you would only receive them during our honeymoon” she raised her eyebrows questioning him, he has been secretive about their honeymoon and every other thing, but she trusted him with all that she has.

As the first dance ended, everyone started joining in to slow dance.

“May I cut in?” Heath asked, Wyatt nodded and placed a kiss on her lips before leaving her with her brother.

“I’m happy for you Harp” Heath beamed

“Thank you Heath, thank you for always being there for me and protecting me through it all”

“Grandpapa said he’s tired, so he went back to the room to have a nap, Mary is with him” Heath informed, as she nodded

“Are you happy with him Harp?” that question took her by surprised

“Yes I think so” she was being honest

“As long as you are Harp, but if he ever hurts you, I will shoot him” Heath warned, Harper chuckled knowing that he meant every word of it.

“I wonder where are mom and dad?” Harper asked out of the blue, Heath sighed, he never liked talking or thinking about them, he didn’t associate any nice feelings for them. “I don’t know, i don’t plan on ever finding out, they were merely vessels that brought us to life”


“Mummy” Harper whined, as she stared at her mother packing up, Harper was starving but her mother was ignoring her

“Mummy daddy” she called out, eyes glossy, tears threatening to escape. She looked over to Heath, he was sitting on the dining chair biting his nails

Probably hungry too she thought.

“I’m hungry mama” Harper walked over to her mother tugging on her shirt, still ignoring Harper

“Sit down quietly Harper” her dad said calmly, “sit with your brother” he instructed

“I’m hungry daddy” her dad sighed shaking his head

Her mother picked Harper up, and looked her in the eye, she lifted up Harper’s shirt and pinched her stomach, making Harper winced in pain before bellowing out a shriek of pain and crying.

“Shut up Harper. Behave like your brother, be a good girl and sit quietly. You have fats, you shouldn’t be hungry” Harper cried harder, as her stomach hurt from the physical abuse

“Come here Harp” Heath called, as she nodded, running over to Heath sitting next to him, wiping her tears away.

“Be a good girl for daddy, grandpapa would buy you some ice cream princess” her dad suggested


Their mom and dad dropped them at grandpapa’s house, before leaving their dad turned to them and said

“I love you both so very much. Mummy and I need a break, we will be back for you. Behave yourself for grandpapa okay? Be good children for him, for me” he wiped his tears as he kissed their foreheads

“Don’t forget me princess, take care of your sister Heath. I love you both with all my heart”

With that their dad’s left, their mom didn’t even get down from the car, that was their last memory of their dad.

End Flashback


“Tyreese, I need to tell you something,” Anika said nervously as she led him to the garden outside. Once they’re away from everyone else, Anika felt extreme nervousness, her palm was starting to get sweaty, as she looked around trying to avoid eye contact, unsure of how she’s going to break the news to him.

“Hey baby what’s up?”

“I’ve got to tell you something, but I need you to know what I’m about to tell you, you don’t need to be responsible for anything. Heck everything will be fine. I think. Wait I know” Anika was rambling at this point, Tyreese placed a hand on her hand trying to calm her down.

“Just tell me baby” he assured her, flashing his pearly whites.

She nodded and blurted, “I’m pregnant!” Tyreese’s hands dropped from her arm, instantly her heart filled with regret, she felt like she was going to lose him and he may not want to have anything to do with the baby.

“I’m not asking for support or anything, Ty you don’t need to be responsible” she assured him, looking away, not wanting him to see the tears forming in her eyes. He stood there staring at her in shock. Anika turned to look the other way, unwilling him to see her emotions.

Tyreese grabbed her arm, spinning Anika around, grabbing her face and kissing her, she yelped in surprise at the sudden movement. Soon she recovered from her shock and kissed him back, with tears running down her face.

“Marry me” he breathed as he pulled out a ring from his breast pocket.

As Harper continued to dance with a few other people, all joking and smiling along with her, Wyatt danced with her again, the band was playing a fast song this time, so they were all having fun with one another, she noticed Anika tugging Tyreese to go to the garden, she decided to give them space. As the song changed to Adele’s hit, Make you feel my love, Harper slow danced with Wyatt.

“May I?” Liam’s eyes trained on Harper as he spoke to Wyatt, Wyatt nodded and kissed Harper on the cheek, allowing Liam to cut in. Harper’s body instantly tenses as Liam took her hand and placed his other hand on her lower back. His expression was hard.

He probably doesn’t remember her


They swayed in silence, everything around them seemed to stop, Harper could no longer focus on the music, she could only feel Liam.

Dove sei stato? I finally found you Harper”

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