Crossing Paths

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Chapter 13

After the reception, Harper and Wyatt stayed at the cottage spending their first night together as a married couple, Wyatt spent the entire night making love to her, showing her how he felt for her.


“Could you give me a hand Wy?” Harper asked shyly, Wyatt’s eyes turned dark, as he slowly undressed her, Harper turned around holding her dress up to her dress, staring at him as she bit her lower lip.

He leaned in, closing the gap as their lips touched, he gave her soft kisses on her lips, as she parted her lips slightly, he slipped his tongue in her. His hands touched her bare back pulling her closer, she raised her free hand to caress the back of his head.

As they kissed, his hands continued to roam her body, making her drop her dress that was covering her, she freed herself to start unbuttoning his shirt as they stared at each other, breathing heavily.

He took his time with her, ensuring to explore every inch of her body, teaching her a few things as they explored each other. Although she was enjoying every minute of the night with Wyatt, her thoughts were constantly drifting away, and for that she felt guilty.

They fell asleep in each other’s arms, for 45 mins before waking up to leave for the airport.

End Flashback

Now they were at LAX, Heath dropped the newly wed off, wishing them the best on their trip, telling Harper to take care of herself, now she’s wondering where they were going.

“So, Wy where are we going?” Harper asked as she rolled her luggage, looking around everyone was busy either searching for their flights or greeting their loved ones, Wyatt looked at her and smiled, “We’re going to Bora-Bora love” Harper’s eyes widened immediately, she told him she wanted to go there on their third date, she couldn’t believe he remembered.

“Oh my gosh really?!” she squealed in excitement, her eyes were lit up like a kid on christmas.

“Yes love, we are going to Bora-Bora, but like I said it won’t just be us, Saint and Nadia would be following. I hope you don’t mind? I took it as an opportunity for you to get to know them better, Saint is my best friend after all. He wanted me to get to know Nadia more as well, I think he’s planning on proposing”

Harper didn’t know why, but she felt her heart was heavy, but she nodded, she wanted to make Wyatt happy, even if she’s spending time getting to know the person she already knew. She struggled, she wanted to let him know, that she knew Liam, she wanted to confess that Liam was the one she was in love with and the one who broke her heart, but she didn’t want to ruin their friendship, even if there was a slight chance, she didn’t want to take the risk.

Once they landed, Wyatt wasn’t feeling well, Harper didn’t know that Wyatt was afraid of flying, even though they were upgraded to first class with Liam and Nadia, it didn’t help to calm Wyatt’s nerves, so he took his travelling pill and fell asleep quickly, leaving Harper to entertain herself during the 12 hour flight. She sat in between Liam and Wyatt, she could feel Liam occasionally gazing at her, she did her best to avoid his gaze. She didn’t want to speak to him unless necessary, whilst Nadia fell asleep, it only left Liam and her, she took out a book to read, as he was on his ipad replying to some mails.

They checked in at the Four Seasons, Wyatt and Liam had booked a two bedroom deluxe beachfront villa, the bellhop showed them to their rooms and gave them a tour around the estate.

Wyatt still was feeling a little down and decided to take a sleep, as did Nadia blaming it on the jet lag, but Harper couldn’t sleep, she wanted to just stare at the ocean, it was night and she hadn’t eaten other than a cookie on the plane, she gave her food to Wyatt as he was enjoyed their food, so she was starving at this point.

“Are you hungry?” Liam asked from behind, she hadn’t realised that he was watching her stare at the ocean from the patio, she simply nodded.

He must’ve realised she hadn’t had anything other than a cookie she thought to herself.

“Do you want fish or chicken?” he asked, she still made no efforts to turn and look at him


“No coffee for you Harper, you need to sleep tonight. Apple juice right? Since you hate orange juice” he remembered she hated orange juice, she always preferred apple, at this she turned to look at him, she wanted to ask him why did he remember that detail, when he didn’t care to stay that night, but she just resorted to nodding her head, turning back her attention to the calm waters.

When the food arrived, they ate in comfortable silence, the only sounds that could be heard were the waves and the sounds of their cutleries.

Harper thanked him for the dinner and left, she wanted to take a shower before sleeping. She stripped all her clothes as she stepped into the showers, allowing the water to massage her sore muscles, scrubbing herself clean. Once done, she climbed into bed with her husband, kissing his forehead she leaned next to him, he recognised her presence so she pulled her closer. Her eyes started to feel heavy, as she slowly drifted to sleep.


Harper woke up with the sound of the waves and as she gained more of her senses, she smiled, she could feel Wyatt kissing her neck. Sensing that Harper was awake, he looked up “Good morning wifey”

“Good morning hubby” she giggled at the word wifey. He continued to kiss her neck and she let him.

“I’m sorry for yesterday, I’m usually like this when I travel but I thought I could soldier through without sleeping so much” he explained, “Merry Christmas love, today I would make it up to you”

“Merry Christmas” she smiled as she kissed his cheek, slowly getting up, “What are our plans today?” she asked

“I was thinking we could just hang out around the pool, spend our honeymoon doing honeymoon things?” he insinuated, chuckling, she knew exactly what he meant, she simply shook her head laughing as she took her phone to wish her family Merry Christmas.

Deciding to Facetime Heath, knowing that they usually spend Christmas together.

“Merry Christmas!” she cheered as the screen popped out revealing Heath

“Merry Christmas Harp!” Wyatt joined in wishing Heath, soon grandpapa joined the call.

“So what have you guys been up to?” Heath asked

“My husband here has been sleeping the entire day yesterday, so technically today is our first day in Bora-Bora and we just woke up” she informed, as Wyatt scratched his head, feeling slightly embarrassed for sleeping the entire time.

They continued talking for a few more minutes, Harper told them that their gifts would be arriving anytime now, she preordered the gifts to be delivered to them, knowing that she would be travelling.

“That was sweet of you love” Wyatt stated as she ended the Facetime, she raised an eyebrow questioning his statement. “You bought them gifts” he continued, as if reading her mind.

“I bought you something too Wy” she made her way to her luggage to fish out 2 gifts, but only handed one to him.

“Baby, you married me, that’s all the gift I need, but thank you”

“This would be your first gift, your second gift will be for later, I’ve gotten Liam and Nadia gifts too. I’ll gift it later” he nodded as he tore open the wrapper, revealing a set of drawing stationeries and a sketch pad.

“Thank you love, I love this”

“Open the sketchbook Wy” as he opened and flipped through it, there were already filled with someone’s drawing, all the drawings of the buildings were beautiful, as he flipped to the last page

“Holy cow! Frank Gehry? Are you shitting me?” Wyatt looked up eyes wide opened, not believing it

“Yes Wy, these are Frank’s rejected designs, but I thought it would be a great gift for you, since you would always go on and on about his designs”

“Thank you love” he kissed her, too awestruck to process that he held Frank Gehry’s sketchbook

They gathered for dinner, having their first meal together, Nadia went to the beach as Liam worked in his room, Harper and Wyatt spent the entire day talking about Frank Gehry and how much he loved her and her gift.

They wanted a simple Christmas dinner, so Liam suggested going to the Four Seasons cafe to have a nice meal. Harper sat in between Nadia and Wyatt, so she was directly facing Liam, and she did everything she could to avoid eye contact with him.

“Merry Christmas guys, I’m glad to be spending my Christmas with you” she said as she looked at everyone making a toast, she clicked her glass with Nadia then Wyatt, then looking away and clicking her glass with Liam.

“You know some people believe it’s bad luck to cheer without looking into the person’s eye? I think it’s seven years of bad sex” Liam spoke, earning an eyeroll from Harper, she turned to him and looked him in the eyes as their glasses clicked.

The dinner continued as they chatted, Nadia sharing some stories on her wilder days, and how she used to crush on Wyatt, and Wyatt joking around about his life back in England, Harper laughed along with them, while Liam sat and stared at the three of them in their own world.

“Errm, guys, I have gifts for everyone” she announced as she reached for her paper bag, pulling out 3 gifts, Nadia and Liam looking surprised at this gesture.

“Thank you guys for being apart of our special day, and merry christmas, it’s just something small from me” she smiled

Nadia opened her gift, revealing tickets to a 2 day spa treatment and mani pedi, knowing Nadia would enjoy pampering herself she got her the thing she would enjoy the most. “Thank you Harp! Omg I need this when I start back work!” she said happily

Wyatt opened his gift next, as he opened, he saw flight tickets, confused he looked at her

“This is the second part of your gift, I’ve spoken to your bosses, and for a month you would be working with Renzo Piano in Italy” she beamed

His jaw hit the floor at that moment, “What? How?”

“Grandpapa and him are friends, they met in Italy not knowing what he does, then became friends, so I asked grandpapa to reach out and Uncle Renzo agreed to let you intern alongside with him, he would be teaching you his process”

“Love, I’m simply so flabbergasted, I don’t know what to say?” too stunned he wasn’t sure how to respond

She reached over to hold his hand and replied, “Just say yes, you will go, this is a great opportunity for you to learn. But we might need to reschedule your flight to a day earlier, you sleep a lot when you travel” she joked

Wyatt got up and grabbed Harper’s face, placing a big kiss on her lips, “You are the most amazing wife. I’m so fucking lucky to have married you” she giggled and blushed at his statement.

“You have an amazing wife Wyatt, great gifts” Liam said with a hard expression on his face.

“Open your gift Saint” Nadia urged

“Your gift is different from theirs, because I don’t know much about you. I’m sorry if it’s not personal” she apologised as Wyatt rubbed her back

“You didn’t have to get anyone anything Harp” Wyatt chimed in

“Dear Saint, I don’t know much about you or your name, but you must be a saint if everyone calls you that. Nice to meet you Saint, I would love to get to know you, since you are best friends with Wyatt, I would love to have dinner with you, with Nadia’s permission of course :) I’ve made reservations after we return from our honeymoon, looking forward to getting to know my husband’s best friend. I don’t know anything about you, so I apologize if my gift seems impersonal, love Harper Wilson” Liam read the letter aloud, Wyatt and Nadia nodding their heads in agreement.

Liam opened the box, revealing a pair of airpods with the letters SAINT engraved on it.

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