Crossing Paths

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Chapter 14

The next day, was the day after Christmas, Harper wanted to go to the beach, but Wyatt was sick again, he was having fever and he was vomiting the entire night, Nadia had a meltdown, she had a social media crisis that needed to be dealt with on the spot.

“Why don’t you go to the beach, love? I’ll be alright, I just need to rest” Wyatt encouraged, Harper shook her head, not wanting to leave her husband

“In sickness and in health Wy, plus what type of a wife would I be if I left my husband sick and in bed all alone?” she assured him

“Go out love, I’ll be fine” he continue to encourage her, “just because I’m sick doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy our honeymoon”

“I rather not go alone, Nadia is having a crisis, and she sounds horrifying, I really don’t want to go and ask her to go to the beach, she might rip my head off”

“I can go with you” Liam offered, not realising he was standing by the door shirtless, Wyatt looked up and nodded his head towards Liam.

“Go with Liam, he can accompany you, I’m sure he’s afraid of Nadia as well” he joked

“I honestly need to get out of here, Nadia is driving me nuts. Pazza” Liam said as he rolled his eyes

“Per favore portala in spiaggia” Wyatt spoke in italian, causing Harper’s eyes to widen, she didn’t know he could speak italian

“I told him to take you to the beach, now go, before I make him drag you out there, I suggest for you to change and go. You need to have fun my wife” he said lovingly, she sighed and placed a kiss on his head.

Once they were at the beach, she felt uncomfortable standing beside Liam, she put distance between herself and him, she didn’t want to be in such close proximity with him. He sensed her discomfort, but he wanted to be close to her, so he made sure he was always by her side.

“You don’t need to be here, I’m fine on my own Liam” she sighed

Mi sei mancata, I want to be here, and I promised Wyatt” he said, smirking, he knew he was getting under her skin, he couldn’t stop himself even if he wanted to.

Harper removed her dress, revealing her yellow bikini, his eyes roamed her body, taking in every inch of it, she rolled her eyes and sighed, she wanted to lie on the beach soaking in the sun, hoping to get a tan. He removed his shirt and laid beside her. They laid in silence, tanning themselves, hearing the waves of the ocean and children giggling as they played on the beach.

“Do you love him?” Liam spoke after some time of silence

“I wouldn’t have married him if I didn’t love him” she answered sarcastically

“Did you love me?” she was shocked by that question, she sat up instantly looking at Liam, she gave him the are you kidding look.

“Why are you even asking your best friend’s wife that question?”

“He broke the bro code by sleeping and marrying with a woman I slept with” he said casually, she could feel her blood boil by the sound of his smugness

“He didn’t broke any stupid code Liam” she seethed, “you woke up and left me, I didn’t leave you hanging, we weren’t dating, we weren’t anything. You left Liam, you did” suddenly feeling upset, she stood up dusting the sand of her body, not wanting to speak to Liam. He grabbed her hand and pulled her to him, she fell and landed on his chest back on the sand.

“Let me go Liam” she spat

“You are so beautiful” he held her in place as he raised his other hand to stroke her cheek, she stared into the eyes she once fell for.

“Liam please” she begged

Non di nuovo, you are as beautiful as I remembered you to be, your skin is as soft” he flirted with a twinkle in his eye

“Just let go of me Li. I want to return to the villa”

“No, not again” his voice laced with double meaning.

“What the fuck do you mean by not again? You left, you woke up sneaked out and left, not a text not a call, nothing, you used me like a tissue and fucking left!” she struggled against his chest, not realising that she was crying now, he noticed and wiped the tears from her cheek, she felt so intimate being too close with him, she enjoyed it yet she hated it, ultimately she felt guilty.

“Let me go Liam, my husband is your best friend, I’m friends with your girlfriend. And if I remember correctly you want to settle down, you’ve been with her long enough, you must see a future with her, don’t ruin that future for nothing” Harper spoke calmly. He eventually let her go, he didn’t want to scare her off, he watched defeated as she walked back to the villa.

The next day, 27th December, Wyatt was still feeling under the weather, Nadia flew back to LA, she needed to deal with her business, so left Harper, Wyatt and Liam. Wyatt felt guilty for being sick on their honeymoon, so he booked a massage for her wanting to pamper her and she gave instructions to Liam to spoil her rotten.

Harper wanted to talk to Liam, so she invited him for breakfast to have a one on one talk. She wanted to clear things up and try to be friends with him without the fear of feeling like she’s betraying her husband.

“Good morning Liam” she spoke as he sat down

Buongiorno bellissima

“I want to talk to you about somethings, but let’s order first” she suggested

After they’ve ordered, Harper fiddled with her fingers feeling butterflies in her tummy, she usually would feel that way whenever he’s around.

“So what did you want to talk about bellissima?” Liam asked as he raised his cup to drink a sip of his coffee. Harper swallowed, “we need to talk about somethings”

“Okay ?”

“I want us to try to be friends, for Wyatt” she spoke confidently, not sure where the sudden surge of confidence came from, but she wanted to ride on that wave of confidence before it dies down, “I want us to forget about the past, and be friends, I know I’ve been pushing you away, and I would like to apologise for that, but starting from today, I would like for us to be friends, meaning there will be no flirting, no inappropriate questions, no nothing other than mutual agreement to work on our friendship”

“Are you going to tell him?” Liam stared at Harper, she was unable to read his expression, it was something she has never seen before, still feeling butterflies she shrugged, not sure of what to answer.

“I haven’t decided if I should tell him, I know I probably should because he’s my husband but I’m not sure how he would react. What if he doesn’t feel the same way about me after finding out? Or what if he decides to cut your friendship? I’m conflicted” she sighed

“Then don’t tell him” he paused, thinking, “I would like to try to be friends again” she nodded smiling, at least he was willing to try with her.

“Hello, I’m Harper Wilson” she introduced, extending her hand, he immediately chuckled and shook it, she felt the sparks coursing through her as their skin made contact, she knew she had to ignore the feeling, she didn’t want to be in a cliche, she didn’t want to cheat on her husband with her husband’s best friend, she didn’t want to let her heart lead her, she made her choice, and her choice was Wyatt. She would forever bury her feelings for Liam, she would convince herself that she had a silly crush on her husband’s best friend.

“Nice to meet you Harper, I’m Liam Toussaint, you may call me Liam or Saint” he smirked while playing along, “so tell me more about yourself?”

“I’m 24, just married, and I own a head hunting business with my best friend” she smiled thinking of Anika and Tyreese, excited for them to start their journey in life together, “what about you Liam?”

“I’m 31, in love but it’s complicated, and I have a few businesses, my main one would be my advertising and marketing agency, I’m also an investor in small businesses” Harper decided to not ask about his love life, the less she knew the better, so she asked about his business and he explained in more detail.

They continued their conversation for a few hours, things were getting better, she loosened up, feeling more comfortable around him, and he kept to the end of his bargain, he avoided flirting and inappropriate questions. At the end of it, she felt a lot lighter about the situation, although a little part of her wanted to tell the truth to Wyatt.

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