Crossing Paths

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Chapter 15

Harper spent the next few days lazing around the pool and nursing Wyatt, he was still under the weather, and he was feeling guilty that he was sick and he didn’t get to spend much of their honeymoon to the fullest with his wife. Harper reassured him she didn’t mind, she was glad to spend time with him even when he was sick. Turns out he had a severe case of food poisoning.

Nadia came back yesterday, Liam bought her tickets so that they could spend New Year’s Eve together.

“Morning love” Wyatt mumbled against her neck, kissing her, she woke up smiling, she mumbled a quick reply.

“How are you feeling today Wy?”

“Much, much better” he smiled, finally feeling better, he was excited to spend the day with his wife

“So what do you want to do today? Since you’re feeling better”

He smirked, he knew exactly what he wanted, “I want to spend the day making love to my beautiful wife, making it up to her for the past few days, and how about we join the beach party for New Years?” he suggested, she nodded her head in agreement, she wanted nothing more than to spend time with him, she truly missed him.

“I love you so much my beautiful wife”

“I love you too Wy” she felt content.

For the past few days she spent with Liam, getting to know him again and being his friend, he kept to his end of the bargain, he wasn’t inappropriate nor did he flirt, he acted like a perfect gentleman. They went to the beach together, had meals together, went snorkeling together, went to the town together, they did everything they could together, since Nadia wasn’t around and Wyatt was sick.

They came out of their room around 3pm, not having eaten the entire day, Wyatt’s hair was still tousled and Harper was wearing his shirt. He spent half of the day making it up to Harper, and they spent the last 30 minutes making out before deciding to leave the room for food. Nadia made a few friends in the resort and decided to spend the day with them, while Liam stayed in the villa unbeknownst to Harper and Wyatt, he stayed in the living room reading his book and occasionally replying to some work emails.

“Hey mate, didn’t know you were here?” Wyatt asked, Harper turning her head looking at Liam’s direction, instantly she blushed, pulling her shirt lower to cover more of her legs.

Liam stared at them with a hard expression, adjusting himself on the chair, “Yeah, been here the entire day”, suddenly Harper felt embarrassed, she wasn’t sure if he heard her, Wyatt could sense Harper’s embarrassment, he embraced her as he assured her she was fine.

“Have you eaten?” Harper asked Liam trying to change the subject

No, eri troppo distratto (No, I was too distracted)” he answered, Wyatt face changed in an instant

Non metterla in imbarazzo. Sii gentile (Don’t embarrass her, be gentle)” Wyatt responded in italian, Harper looking in between them confused, not understanding a word that was spoken

“English? per favore?” Harper said in a question

“He’s hungry” Wyatt replied before Liam could speak.

“Want to order room service?” Harper suggested, they nodded in agreement.

Once the food arrived, Liam still had a hard expression on his face, ignoring Wyatt and Harper most of the time, he was lost in his own thoughts as they discussed their plans for the night.

“Where’s Nadia?” Wyatt asked Liam, snapping him out of his own thoughts.

“Somewhere around the resort I guess” she said nonchalantly.

“You don’t sound like you care. Everything alright there mate?”

“Yeah, she’s free to do whatever she wants”

“Shouldn’t you be with her on a holiday like this?” Wyatt continued to question Liam, and he was getting more impatient with all the questions Wyatt was asking.

La mia ragazza è un mio problema, vuoi uscire con lei invece?” (My girl, my problem, do you want to date her?) Liam challenged

Che cazzo hai?” (What the fuck is your problem?) Wyatt started getting annoyed with Liam’s attitude.

Niente” (Nothing), Liam replied followed by moments of silence from both men. Harper could feel the tension, but was unsure what was going on, so she decided to act like everything was fine.

“Li are you coming to the beach party later?” Liam’s face softened at the sound of her voice, but quickly hardening his expression not wanting to give anything away, Wyatt stared at Liam waiting for his reply, “Yeah most probably”

They spent the rest of the day lounging in the pool, relaxing their sore muscles, there still wasn’t any sign of Nadia, but Harper wasn’t worried because Liam would be able to take care of her. Harper laid in between Wyatt and Liam sun tanning, she knew that Wyatt had tattoos but she never thought of asking the reasons behind it. She traced one of her favourite tattoos on him, then she saw a tattoo on his back that she always wanted to ask about but never did, the tattoo was Charlie.

“Who’s Charlie?” she inquired, Wyatt turned his head towards her as he was still lying on his stomach, she could feel Liam’s stare on them but she decided to ignore it. Wyatt tensed slightly uncomfortable.

“Charlie is short for Charlotte, my ex fiancee”

“Oh” she thought Charlie was a guy, or a friend that he missed, she didn’t know that he had his ex name tattooed on him.

“Don’t worry love, I don’t have feelings for her anymore. I got it after our impending break up, I got it on my back as a reminder that she’s my past and she’s behind me” he explained

“Okay” she accepted his answer, it made sense to her, not that she would make him remove it or anything of that sort.

“At least I got my tattoo within reason love, my mate there” he said as he got up, looking at Liam, “he got a tattoo of the letter of a girl he had an amazing one night stand with, such a sucker” he joked as he rolled his eyes. Harper’s eyes found Liam, scanning to find that tattoo, and as if Wyatt could read her mind he said “show her the tattoo Saint”

Liam removed his watch revealing the letter H and a tiny love on his wrist. Harper’s heart started beating rapidly, she didn’t expect that letter, but surely it couldn’t be her, he never liked her that way.

“Nice” was her only reply. Not wanting to be there anymore, she felt uncomfortable. She decided to get ready for tonight’s festivities, placing a kiss on Wyatt’s lips she went to take a shower.

They arrived at the bonfire around 10pm on New Years Eve. Nadia introduced her new friends to them, but didn’t hang out long with the rest of them, Harper sat in between Nadia and Wyatt as they talked about plans for New Year’s and their resolution, Liam sat brooding in his own thoughts, not wanting to make conversation with anyone else. Soon Harper and Wyatt were in their own conversations.

“Are you ready to shift in with me?” Wyatt asked

“Yeah, but I still have some stuff to pack up”

“I can help….” Before Wyatt could finish his sentence, he was cut off by Nadia arguing with Liam.

“Why did you bring me to Bora-Bora Saint?” Nadia asked fuming

“To have a good time with my girl and my best friend” he stated in a duh tone

“You brought me here to treat me to an expensive vacation, joining another couple on their honeymoon, and that’s it? I thought you were going to propose!” Nadia’s voice was getting higher, her face was red, Harper stared at them in shock, unmoving, Wyatt rubbed Harper’s side ensuring her that they’re alright.

“Come on Nadia, we know this relationship isn’t going in that direction” Harper’s eyes widened, as Nadia gasped loudly. “Then what are we doing together?” she challenged

“Well, we fuck”

“What the hell mate?” Wyatt spoke up, he felt the need to defend Nadia, Harper looked over to Nadia and Liam back and forth, I believing what she was witnessing

“We don’t fuck either, I guess we aren’t together anymore” Liam responded with no regards of Nadia’s feelings

“I know we don’t have the most conventional relationship, but I thought at least we are moving, I thought you would’ve wanted to be serious with me. This is it? I wasted one year with you for just fucking? Which we barely do? You are delusional Saint, you can’t see that I’m good for you, you can’t see that you love me!” Nadia said harshly

“I’m in love with someone else, I never loved you Nadia, I never did and I never will, I was tired enough bouncing around to find a good lay, and you were always so willing, since you couldn’t be with Wyatt, we were just scratching each other’s itch. I told you In the beginning, I was in love with someone else, my heart belongs to her, and we’ve made it clear from the start, our relationship is purely a sexual one”

As soon as Liam stopped speaking, Nadia stood up and threw sand towards his face, lucky enough he closed his eyes anticipating a drink to be thrown in his face, Nadia huffed and stomped away, not wanting to be there any longer. His eyes drifted to Harper, looking at her as she stared at him in shock, while Wyatt was pissed at Liam’s behaviour.

Shaking herself out of her thoughts, she decided to look for Nadia, she stood up but Wyatt stopped her knowing her intentions all too well, “I’ll go love, let me speak to her. It’s 1130 now, I should b back by midnight, but in any case wait for me back at our villa, I don’t want to leave you here with a bunch of drunk men”

He then turned to Liam, giving him a pissed off expression and said “Sei un idiota (you’re an idiot), take her back to the villa, don’t leave her alone. I need to fix your mess”

Wyatt kissed Harper wishing her Happy New Years before leaving to find Nadia, leaving Harper alone with Liam.

“I’m going back to the villa Li” she announced as she got up, suddenly things felt awkward again

“I’ll follow you”

As they slowly made their way back to the villa, Harper was lost in her thoughts, she was still in shock with how Liam acted with Nadia, she wanted to ask him so many questions but decided to keep it to herself. Once they were back to the villa, Harper decided to stand by the pool, overlooking the ocean, she wanted to remember how calm the ocean was, despite whatever was going on around her.

At 0000 midnight, fireworks were being set off everywhere, the sky was lit with beautiful explosions of colour.

“Happy New Year bellísima” Liam wished, she didn’t realise he was standing next to her, he smiled at her, it instantly reminded her of her days in Oxford and the time she spent with him, how genuine his smile was and how she fell for him back then.

“Happy New Year Li” she smiled, offering a hug in which he gladly accepted. She’d be lying if she said she didn’t miss him, even though he did her wrong years ago, she had forgiven him, she missed their easy going friendship.

They hugged each other as they stared at the fireworks, not saying a word. She looked at him, realising he was staring at her, her heart was pounding in her chest, his eyes dropped to her lips

He leaned in and kissed her…….

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