Crossing Paths

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Chapter 16

Liam leaned in to kiss Harper, she was stunned but soon melted into his embrace and kissed him back, forgetting about the fireworks, forgetting about everything that had happened, Harper kissed back with the same fuel and passion as Liam, they started slow but eventually the kisses became more passionate, they needed that kiss as much as oxygen. They missed each other’s touch, they enjoyed being with each other, it reminded them all those years ago back in Oxford, everything felt so familiar, the passion, the sparks.


Harper’s conscious reminded her of her husband, in an instant she stopped, pushing Liam away

I cheated on my husband on our honeymoon, she thought

The look on Liam’s face was unmistakable, he felt pain, disappointed, upset

“We.. we can’t do this to Wyatt, I can’t do that to him. I’m sorry” Harper said panicking, apologising for kissing him back, Liam nodded watching Harper walk away.


Harper was laying in bed, as she waited for Wyatt to return, he was still out, and she couldn’t fall asleep, her mind kept replaying the kiss she shared with Liam. She tossed and turned wanting the guilt to go away. She decided to text Wyatt again, she was getting worried, unsure if he saw their kids or he’s still with Nadia.

Harper : Wy where are you?

Harper : Are you coming back soon?

Harper : Is everything alright?

Those were the messages that was sent previously, it was all delivered

Harper : Wyatt. Can you please reply to my messages? I’m worried sick, what’s going on?

This time the message wasn’t delivered, he wasn’t getting her messages, deciding to text Nadia as well, since Wyatt might be with her

Harper : Nadia, are you okay? Is Wyatt with you?

Sighing, she put her phone away.


Wyatt wasn’t back.

Harper couldn’t sleep, Harper was worried for Wyatt’s whereabouts, he wasn’t responding, Nadia read her message but did not respond, she didn’t know what to think.

She got up from her bed and made her way to the kitchen, she needed something to drink, she needed something strong. As she entered the kitchen, she saw Liam sitting on the bar stool, head in his hands, hair tousled, like he’s had a rough night, she contemplated if she should get her drink or go back to bed.

“It’s fine, just get whatever you need. You don’t need to worry about anything, I won’t hurt you. I can feel you behind me Harper, I couldn’t sleep, I needed a drink” he spoke without even looking at her, she slowly crept to the mini bar and took a mini vodka, opening it and downing it like a shot as she stared at Liam.

“Do you know where Wyatt is?” she asked, as she felt the liquid burn the back of her throat.

“He isn’t back?” Liam asked genuinely surprised

“No, is Nadia back yet?” he shook his head. Harper started to feel slightly dizzy, from the sudden intake of alcohol, she made her way to the sofa to lay down.


Harper woke up to the sound of movements, taking in her surroundings she realised that she’s in her room, alone and her last memory was falling asleep on the sofa, maybe Liam brought her in, she wondered. Turning to the side, Wyatt’s part of the bed was still untouched, she sat up stretching a little, as her room door opened.

“Happy New Year love” Wyatt greeted, looking glum, still in the same clothes as the night before.

“Did you just get back?” Harper asked slightly annoyed at him, remembering he didn’t respond to her nor did he return to her.

“I’m so sorry Harp, I was with Nadia, I found her like 30 minutes after midnight, she was a wreck, and I stayed with her by the beach, I was consoling her, and I didn’t realise the time, next thing I knew, it was morning. I didn’t mean to leave you to spend your New Years by yourself” Wyatt apologised, but something in Harper’s gut didn’t sit right with her, she chose to ignore it, she knew she screwed up by cheating on him.

“Okay” she said in a bare whisper, she wanted to tell him the truth about her and Liam but right now she had a weird feeling in the pit of her stomach. She stood up letting him embrace her, as she snuggled into his chest, she could smell his sweat and Nadia’s perfume.

“Did you have a good New Years?” Wyatt asked

“It’s fine, I came back, watched the fireworks and waited for you. How’s Nadia now?” Wyatt tensed, and Harper noticed, but decided not to question it.

He’s probably tired, she thought.

“She’s feeling better, she needed some money to buy her flight ticket back, so I lent her a few and she bought a ticket. She asked me to pack her stuff, she didn’t want to see Saint or return to the villa”

“Oh” she paused, staring at Wyatt, something seemed to be different but she couldn’t place what was different, “do you need me to meet her with you?”

“No it’s fine” he answered quickly, “I mean, I’m sure that you are tired from last night and you need the rest love”

“Okay, if you say so. Is everything okay with us?” she questioned

“Why wouldn’t it be love?” he asked genuinely, looking in her eyes, as she looked into his searching for something, but she didn’t know what, smiling she reached for his face cupping it, tipping toes to place a soft kiss on his lips.

By noon time, Wyatt came back from seeing Nadia off, Harper offered to go with him, but he refused, she even texted Nadia which she ignored. Wyatt sat on the sofa rubbing his temples, nursing a headache while Harper sat on the opposite site of the sofa, airpods plugged in listening to music whilst she stared out, watching the rain pour, in her own thoughts.

“Where’s Nadia?” Liam asked Wyatt as he came out of his room, looking around.

“She went back to LA mate” Wyatt answered without looking up, Harper turned her attention to Liam, memories of last night flooded her mind, how she missed kissing him, how she felt for him, but it was all wrong, she’s married to his best friend.


All she felt was guilty, she felt extreme guilt, she felt guilty for letting him kiss her and how she kissed back. She felt guilty that she wanted more, but she couldn’t, because she was married and because she would never want to go back to how it was three years ago.

Looking away, she drowned herself in her own thoughts again. She could hear the guys talking, but she paid no attention to it, instead she increased the volume of her music, completely drowning out the sound of the world.

She wondered why he left her that night?

What happened to their friendship?

Was it all fake?

What has he been up to all these years?

Why did he kiss her last night?

Did he feel the sparks?

Or is it just strong attraction?

Was it just sexual chemistry?

Harper snapped out of her thoughts as she felt Wyatt nudging her side, removing her headphones she looked at him questioningly, “Did you hear that?” Wyatt repeated. Shaking her head, “Sorry babe, I was listening to music and I spaced out. What were you saying?” she questioned, adjusting herself on the sofa.

“Liam said he would be in LA for 3 months, starting February, so I offered our place for him to stay” Wyatt informed.

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