Crossing Paths

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Chapter 17

2 weeks went back, it was now the second week of January, Harper felt the guilt eat her up everyday as she looked at Wyatt, she knew she betrayed him, and she wanted to confess, but her body refused to let her confess. They returned back to LA a few days after New Years, Liam went back to Italy, Wyatt was busy with his latest project, which required him to travel to New York every other week and Harper resumed working hard at her head hunting agency with Anika.

A week after they returned, Harper officially shifted in with Wyatt in his penthouse given by the architecture firm, she quickly made that her home, while her previous house she let go of that rental.


Harper arrived at her apartment around 1pm, Heath would be arriving soon, Wyatt wasn’t around, he couldn’t get out of work to help Harper, Heath missed spending time with Harper, so he volunteered to help her out.

Harper packed the last of her belongings, she sighed as she looked around at her empty apartment, she reminisced about the day she got the keys to her apartment, and how adult she felt. She decided to sell some of her used furniture, not needing it in Wyatt’s place, only keeping her necessities and her clothes, the rest she donated to goodwill. She felt sad leaving her home, but she knew she needed to start a life with her husband.

“Ready?” Heath asked.

“Yeah” she said she took a look around the apartment one last time, sighing, she would miss this place.

End Flashback

Eventually Harper told Anika what had transpired in Bora-Bora, Anika was pissed at Harper to say the least, but in the end understood her situation. Ryan on the other hand, had a different reaction to the news, he supported her and he encouraged her to speak to Liam to find out the truth and to work on becoming friends, also focusing on her marriage to Wyatt. Ryan noted that Harper had unresolved feelings for Liam, he knew how it felt like, he knew it was difficult to move on, but since she’s married to his best friend, the best option was to speak and resolve whatever that was brewing.

Heath met a girl on New Year’s Eve and he started dating her exclusively, her name is Melissa Myers, who was a nurse, they went on a few dates before he officially asked her to be his girlfriend. Grandpapa continued to date Mary, he even asked Mary to stay over a couple of times. Harper is happy for her family, they’re happy and they’ve found someone.

Harper reached out to Nadia when they returned to LA, wanting to check up on her, Nadia assured her she was fine and was happier now.

As Harper waited for Nadia at the bar nearby, she drank her soda as she busied herself on her social media, checking out the latest trend. The bar was busy as usual, with people’s chatter and group social gatherings, she hasn’t seen Nadia since New Year’s Eve and Nadia distanced herself from her.

“Hey” Nadia greeted cheerfully as she hugged Harper.

“Hey! How have you been Nad?” Harper asked as Nadia ordered a drink from the waitress.

“I’ve been good, how about you?”

“Yeah things are good, I missed you at the last few days of our trip” Harper pouted

“I’m sorry I had to leave Harp! Cause I couldn’t take it anymore, Saint was being an Мудак (asshole), he was never this way, then something changed, he probably found a new person to screw up, something about him changed and I guess I was holding on a dream that he would actually love me enough to marry me” she told truthfully

“Did you love him?” Harper couldn’t stop herself from asking

“I thought I did, but after clearing my thoughts, I began to realise that I didn’t. He was never mine to begin with, I realised I never did love him, it was just lust. I realised I was in love with someone else, and I’m working on our relationship now” she beamed excitedly, Harper was intrigued

“So you’ve not spoken to Liam since? And do tell me more about this new man of yours”

“He’s amazing, and he wants to give us a shot, the rest of the details I’ll let you know once we’re official” she smiled, “I’ve spoken to Saint several times since, he apologised for his behaviour and we talked it out like adults and now we’re friends again”

They continued to catch up about life, Nadia told her more stories of Wyatt, about their teenage years and Liam’s, laughing at their expense, she enjoyed learning new things about her husband and her husband’s best friend.

Another 2 weeks past, Liam was expected to arrive today, Harper tidied up ensuring the place looks presentable, Wyatt wasn’t around, he was still in New York and would only return in 2 days. She was nervous to be in the same house as Liam all to themselves, but she knew she didn’t have a choice.

Few days ago, Harper went in for her routine check up, taking her usual test, and the results would be available today. Her nerves were all over the place, after she was cleared from her breast cancer, whenever it had to do with the doctors or hospital she would immediately be afraid, she was afraid of bad news, in fact she was traumatised. Wyatt was the only one that knew she had cancer some months ago, Wyatt met her on her last radiotherapy session, after that she was cleared, so it was a relief for her.

It was a Saturday afternoon, she wasn’t sure what time Liam would be arriving, so she cooked herself lunch and extra, as she was about to take a bite of her pasta

Knock knock

She got up as she heard the sound of knocking, opening the door revealed Liam, standing in his work attire and a luggage bag, she smiled and he did the same.

“Hey Li” feeling normal again, she kissed his cheek and he did the same greeting her.

“Come in, put your bags by the door, I made lunch, come eat with me” she invited, ignoring the million butterflies swarming her stomach. He quickly nodded and did as was told, starving, as he could smell the delicious smell of pasta.

“So how are you?” Liam asked as he took a seat on the bar stool

“I’m alright, what’s new with you?” Harper responded as she made a plate for Liam, arranging the pasta on the plate, placing garnish on it, before handing it to him.

As he took the plate, he started to salivate, he missed his ma’s food, he missed being in Italy with his family, since he started to work, he didn’t spend much time at home, and he hadn’t made the time to visit his family, he didn’t want to explain to ma why he was single. He dug his fork in the pasta bringing it to his mouth, inhaling the scent before putting it into his mouth, moaning as he realised it tasted quite similar to ma’s pasta.

Oh buon Dio (Oh good Lord) Your food tastes almost as good as ma’s” Harper chuckled, shaking her head as she took a bite of her own creation, moaning softly at how good the pasta tasted in her mouth.

“So tell me Li, what’s new in your life?” Harper asked again, she wanted things to be normal, to be friendly, and nothing more, she wanted to be a good wife to Wyatt.

“I’ve got an investment here, just a small one, I’m helping my friend’s from Italy start a small company here, other than that I’ve been busy with work. How’s Anika?”

She was surprised he remembered her, quickly recovering from her initial shock, she replied, “she’s good, she’s actually pregnant”

“Oh that’s good. Are” Liam wanted to ask a question but was cut off by the sound of vibrations.

Buzz buzz

Buzz buzz

Harper rushed to her phone, looking at Liam giving him the apologetic look, then looking at the phone to check the caller ID.

Cedars Sinai Hospital

Harper’s heart dropped, the butterflies were gone, she was terrified, clicking the accept button she brought the phone to her ears.

“Hello?” she greeted shakily

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