Crossing Paths

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Chapter 19

Two days later, Harper had not gone to work yesterday, telling Anika she wasn’t feeling well, she knew the results would be in soon, she was anxious, Wyatt was due to return today, Harper still has not told Wyatt, the only other person who knew was Liam. Liam went to work yesterday, but came back early to check up on her. That night he stayed with her, she fell asleep crying in his arms, and he fell asleep rubbing her back.

Liam took care of her for the past few days, he ensured she ate, he ensured that she wasn’t alone for a long period of time, he checked on her every night. Harper sat on the sofa, flipping channels going through all the channels for the second time, finally found an old movie on rerun, A Walk to Remember. Harper’s phone lit up, she has been ignoring almost everyone’s calls since she found out, she even got fed up and turned off the vibrations on her phone. She picked it up to see what Wyatt sent her.

Husband : Harper, could you call me when you’re free? I’ve got some news. I missed you love :)

Harper knew she couldn’t ignore him forever, she knew that he would get suspicious soon, muting the TV, she picked up her phone to call him. He picked up on the second ring;

“Harp?” Wyatt spoke cheerfully, she smiled for the first time in days at the sound of her husband’s voice.

“Hey Wy”

“I missed you so much Harp”

“Me too” she couldn’t say she missed him, honestly she felt numb, she could barely feel anything for the past few days.

“I’ve got some good news” he said happily

“Okay?” she dragged

“I got offered a permanent position here! The team here loved my ideas that I’ve been pouring myself into, and they offered me double what they used to pay me with the same benefits! Can you believe it?”

“Congratulations babe” she smiled, knowing how happy he is, but instantly realising it meant that he was going to shift to New York, what about her?

“Thanks love! I’m so excited to spend more time here!” he said excitedly

“Does that mean you’re not going to be here anymore? What about this place? What about me?” she asked

“You can come live with me love. With the salary I’m getting, you can retire and be a housewife, you can even do whatever you wanted” he explained, still sounding excited.

“Let’s just talk about this when you get home later” she suggested.

“About that, they told me to start as soon as possible, so I wouldn’t be back for another week, then I am able to get back to you and we can discuss, by then I would be with you for a week to pack up and move here”

“There are things that I need to discuss with you Wyatt. Please find a way to get back here as soon as possible” she urged

“Sorry love, I can’t. Hold on, I’ll call you again later, I’ve got another incoming call”

“No Wyatt. Don’t call me unless you’re telling me that you’re coming back home” with that she hung up, knowing that it was immature of her to do so, but she wanted to make a point and that he was being inconsiderate towards her.

She groaned loudly as she threw her phone to the other end of the sofa.

“Whoa whoa whoa! What happened? Why are you so angry bellissima?” Liam questioned her, she did not realise that he got home, she must have been busy speaking with Wyatt.

“Your best friend is an inconsiderate ass. He took a permanent position in New York without consulting me, and he’s not coming back for another week. Now he expects me to retire at the age of 25, to be a housewife in New York! URGH!”

“Non arrabbiarti, bello” (Don’t get angry, beautiful) he sighed, shaking his head, “so what are you going to do?” he asked

“I don’t know, I have a business here, and I haven’t told him yet, I haven’t discussed my options with him” she said in frustration, she delayed telling him, she didn’t want him to worry unnecessarily, Liam walked over from the kitchen to sit on the other end of the sofa, picking up her phone

“Harp, I think you got a missed call from the hospital” she tensed immediately, looking at her phone in Liam’s hand, quickly taking the phone from his hand, she called them back.




“Hello, Cedars Sinai Hospital, how may I help you?” a lady with a thick southern accent answered.

“Hi, I received a missed call from you about 2 minutes ago” Harper informed, “May I get your name?” she asked

“Harper Emmy Wilson, probably the Cancer Research Department wanting to get in touch”

“Hold on a minute Harper” the lady typed in her computer, she could hear the receptionist type quickly, “I’ll transfer you to that department. “Please hold” Instantly the line changed to soft music on the end of the phone.

“Hello, Cedars Sinai Hospital, this is nurse Amelia speaking, how may I help you?”

“Hi Amelia, I’m Harper Wilson, I received a missed call from you about 2 minutes ago” she informed

“Yes Ms Wilson, I called you earlier, just to inform you, your results are out, you may collect your result anytime, Dr Curtis would be seeing you again, he’ll be available tomorrow from 9am”

“I’ll be there at 9am tomorrow Amelia”

The entire day, Harper barely spoke to anyone, she felt anxious, but she knew she had to wait for her results, she’s been through this before. Wyatt constantly texted her throughout the day, apologising to her, however insisting that she should consider shifting to New York with him, she ignored all his attempts in communication. Liam overheard the conversation with Harper and the nurse, but said nothing, he knew better than to bring it up, instead he sat next to her, watching TV, it was clear she wasn’t paying attention, nonetheless he wanted to be there for her.


It was a rainy day, Harper woke up to raindrops tapping against her window, she had to collect her check up results later that evening, the entire day she would be busy in several back to back meetings and would be meeting an important client. Harper got ready as she usually would, dressing up in a light blue pants suit showing her black lace bodice, she wanted to dress comfortably yet sexy.

As evening approached, she remembered she needed to head to the clinic, to collect her routine check up, she quickly wrapped up the meetings and deciding to rush over quickly so that she could go back and lay on her bed, cuddling up in her blanket.

“Ms Wilson, you have stage 1 breast cancer, we are glad we caught it early on, we will have to run several more tests on you….” Harper zoned out, she was shocked, she didn’t expect to hear such news.

End Flashback

The next day came, Liam drove Harper to the hospital, the entire way he kept glancing at her, she looked exhausted, bags under her eyes, pale complexion, it was obvious she didn’t sleep a wink the night before, the entire ride was silent, only sounds of cars occasional honks could be heard.

“Good morning Ms Wilson″ Dr Curtis greeted, as Liam accompanied Harper in the doctor’s office, she didn’t stop him, she knew she needed someone’s support, she needed her husband’s support but given the circumstances, she was willing to have any support she could get. Liam grabbed her hand, squeezing it lightly as he smiled softly at her, letting her know in his own way that he was there for her.

“Good morning Dr Curtis, please tell me, how bad is it?” she spoke trying to maintain her calm, internally panicking

“Based on your results, you have stage 1 of uterine cancer”

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