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Crossing Paths

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Chapter 2

Harper left the club with Liam that night, they decided to talk and get to know each other better, now it’s 4 days later, 2 more days before Harper leaves to go back home, she spent the entire time with Liam, getting to know him a little, and without fail every morning Liam would come over her flat, not wanting to waste a single time. Harper insisted on keeping things strictly friendly, even though she felt a strong attraction towards him, he tried his best to maintain in her comfort zone, not pressuring her into anything, or making her feel uncomfortable in any way, in the past 4 days, they hung out, talked, went out on dates, but it didn’t go pass hugging and holding hands.

She got to know a lot about Liam, about his family, a little about his past and how he ended up in boarding school in Oxford, where he met his best friend. Liam also explained about his business back in Italy, how he opened his own advertisement and marketing agency, and now he’s invested in some local business’. Harper told him about her life back home, and her plans for the future.

“So bellissima, what are your plans today?”, Liam asked over breakfast.

“I was thinking we could just order in and spend some time? I won’t be seeing you tomorrow, and I will be leaving the next day”, Harper was going through mixed emotions, she was excited to see Heath and grandpapa, but she was sad, knowing that she would not be able to see Liam again, their paths have very little chance of crossing again.

Si, certo

“I’m curious, why do you speak italian to me when I don’t understand it?” she questioned, half jokingly.

Perché non voglio che tu sappia cosa provo per te”, Liam responded, Harper raised her eyebrow questioning it, and he chuckled, then continued “It’s okay bellissima, one day you’ll find out. So tell me more about your life back in LA? Do you have a boyfriend there? That’s why you don’t want this to happen?” gesturing in between the both of them.

Harper let out a melodious laugh, “Nope, I just don’t want to complicate things between us and me leaving, plus I’ve never actually had a boyfriend”, Liam started coughing uncontrollably, he choked on his coffee, not believing Harper. She chuckled and handed him a glass of water, as his cough started to slow down, he asked “Sei serio? Are you serious?”


“So have you had your first kiss? Or first of anything?” Liam egged on, Harper shrugged, “I had my first kiss on my first week on campus here, I was drunk and someone kissed me but I don’t remember much of it, Anika pulled me away saving me, other than that, I’ve never done anything”, Harper was being honest.

“Are you saving yourself?” Harper was taken aback by Liam’s question, no one has ever asked her that before, so she had to think, was she?

“No, I don’t think I am, I have never thought of that actually, I wasn’t waiting for the right one either, just never really had the chance I guess? My brother is a little overprotective over me, so he would never let a guy ask me out, he never liked it if I was interested in a guy and was going out for a date, but I get his heart, I understand where he comes from, he’s just protecting me”, Harper explained, looking into Liam’s brown eyes, he looks as if he’s deep in thought, she smiled feeling the butterflies in her belly flutter.

“So do you have a girlfriend or a wife back home? Or you came here to escape your wife with a quick fling?” Harper teased, Liam chuckled at Harpers attempt in teasing him.

“I don’t have a girlfriend nor a wife, I’ve been dating around, actually let’s be honest, back in Italy, I’m what you call a fuck boy, I’m not proud of it, but I guess I’ve not found the right one to commit to” Liam opened up, feeling like he could be honest with her and she wouldn’t judge him, Harper nodded, appreciating his openness and honesty.

“So are you actively looking for someone or are you letting fate take its course?”

“A little of both, I’m not in a rush, but of course I would love to get married to a wonderful woman one day, hopefully before I’m 40”, Liam paused to chuckle, “what about you bellissima? What are your views on this?”

“I wouldn’t lie, I would prefer to meet the one immediately and just fall in love and get married, well that’s most women’s dream, but I’m open to try out anything actually. I wouldn’t mind dating around and getting my heart broken a little just to find the right one” Harper explained.

The rest of the day, Harper and Liam sat on the sofa discussing life views, enjoying each other’s company. Anika dropped by for a short moment to retrieve some items that were left over some time ago, Catherine went back to Burmingham for her semester break, thus Harper had the place to herself and Liam. Anika fancied Liam, but she knew better and she encouraged Harper to give Liam a shot, that was the type of friend Anika was, loyal to the bone, and for that Harper would always love Anika.

For dinner they decided to have french food at Pierre Victoire, the place was Liam’s favourite spot in Oxford, England. Liam decided to take Harper on a proper date, and introduce to her some of his favourite foods, in which Harper enjoyed. Liam rented the entire restaurant for the night, just so that they could have some privacy, and spend as much time as they could together.

“You’re a charmer aren’t you?” Harper smiled as she took a sip of her wine.

Solo per te” he said winking.

“So.. tomorrow you’ll be attending your friend’s event right?”

“Sì but it will only be at night, so I will be able to spend some time with you during the day, unless you want to be my plus one for the event?” Liam asked hopefully, Harper bit her lips and replied, “No I don’t think I can, I need to pack up my stuff tomorrow, and I’m on the first flight back”, looking down feeling a little disappointed.

Harper knew her feelings that she was trying to suppress were surfacing, he constantly gave her butterflies and goosebumps, she felt an extreme attraction to Liam’s appearance and his soul, there was something about him that she has never felt with anyone else.

“That’s a shame tesoro, you would be the most beautiful woman there, please think about it bellissima, in the meantime, shall we go?”

Liam suggested carrying on the night by going to Emporium again, for them to dance and have a few more drinks before going back home. Harper swayed with the music, Liam danced along with her, being goofy, having fun without a care in the world. When the song turned to something a little slower in tempo, Liam placed his hands on her lower back, swaying with her as she wrapped her hands around his neck, as they stared at each other’s soul, feeling safe and complete.

Liam’s eyes barely left hers, looking at her lips as she bit her lower lip, as he kept his focus on her lips, she involuntarily licked her lips, he couldn’t restrain himself any longer, he had to have a taste of her plump lips.

He lowered his head stopping centimeters from her lips, Harper felt his breath, something possessed her to raise her head and tip toe to close the gap. The moment their lips touched, they soon forgot about the world surrounding them, enjoying the taste of each other’s lips, feeling sparks and heat all over.

“Oh sorry!”

A stranger bumped into Harper and apologised, that broke their kiss as Liam glared at the stranger he tightened his grip on her, she nodded her head at the stranger in acknowledgement, then turning back to Liam, suddenly feeling embarrassed, she turned her back towards him, facing away and started dancing against him. The music has changed to something more up beat, she felt embarrassed by the kiss, it was only her second kiss in her life, unsure if she was a good or bad kisser, and unsure if she was overthinking it, deciding against everything, she resorted to dancing and grinding.

Liam smiled looking at her, but he wanted more than anything to continue with the kiss, he loved kissing her soft plump lips, but he knew she was probably too embarrassed or overthinking things, so he let her dance against him.

He placed his hands on her hips, moving along with the song, as Harper grinded against him, she could feel something poking against her back, unsure what it was, she reached back to touch it, immediately she dropped her hands looking modified.

“Baby, bellissima, you are making it very hard for me to show any restraint. Voglio davvero dormire con te. Fanculo”

Harper turned and semi yelled over the music in his ear, “I’m so sorry! I.. I didn’t know”, then trying to create a distance between them, she didn’t want to embarrass herself even more.

“No baby, no, please come here, I need you here” she nodded but this time she danced facing him, looking away, embarrassed. He grabbed her chin to pull her face towards him, “Don’t be embarrassed baby, I love your eyes and the way you move against me” she nodded, understanding what he meant, she felt the same way.

Harper felt an insane attraction towards him, and she was feeling slightly frustrated lately, she wanted him, she wanted to be with him emotionally and physically, but she knew it was a lost cause. She always made that clear. Harper could feel his bulge poking her belly, this time knowing not to grab it, she tried to back away slightly giving it space, but Liam kept his hands on her keeping her in place. She enjoyed the feeling.

“Do you want to get out of here baby?” she simply nodded.

Once they were back at her place, their sexual tension increased tenfold, she was feeling flustered and he could barely hold it in any longer, the moment her front door closed, he attacked her lips, as she dropped her handbag as she furiously tried to pull him closer. He smiled against her lips, he knew she wanted it as much as he did.

Liam’s hands roamed all over her body, stopping at her ass grabbing it, and she let out an involuntary moan, he took this opportunity to hoist her up so that she is wrapped around his waist. He led her to her room and gently placed her down on her bed…..

The next morning, Harper woke up to the sun shining brightly into her room, she felt sore, as her eyes adjusted to the light, memories of the night flooded her brain. She lost her virginity to an incredibly good looking, sexy italian man. Blushing, she turned over to look at Liam, but he wasn’t next to her, confused, she slowly got up looking around.

Maybe he’s in the toilet or in the kitchen, she thought.

She clutched the duvet on her chest as she sat up, wondering where he was, deciding to check her phone before she could get up.

Anika : Babe, I’ll be busy with Tom tonight, can’t come over. Will meet you at the airport tomorrow. Have fun with Liam! ;)

Heath : Sis, I’ve transferred some money into your account.

Heath : Facetime later?

Harper : Sure. I’ll call you later. Just woke up.

Putting her phone away, she smiled knowing Heath always took care of her, he would always transfer some extra cash to her, ensuring she is sufficient, as he didn’t want his little sis to be starving.

Harper decided to wrap herself in her robe, as she went to find Liam around her flat, checking the toilet he wasn’t in there, she walked out hoping to find him in the living room or kitchen, he was nowhere to be found. Her heart fell to the bottom of her belly, deciding not to be quick to judge, and giving him the benefit of the doubt, she went to retrieve her phone to shoot him a text.

Harper : Hey, where are you at?

Harper decided not to wait for the text like a lovesick fool, she got into the showers freshening up, then she needed to pack all her belongings, she was putting it off to the last minute, and she isn’t able to put it off any longer, she was leaving in less than 24 hours. She was excited to see her brother and grandpapa but her gut was twisting, thinking about Liam.

The next day, Harper was at the airport by 5am, waiting at the boarding gate with Anika, Liam did not text her back nor replied to her, to which she cried the entire night, she felt dirty and used. She lost her virginity to a one night stand. She felt stupid for trusting him, she felt stupid for falling for him, but she liked him a lot.

Sighing, as the gates for her flight opens, she decided to remove her SIM card and break it into 2 pieces discarding it in the nearby trash bin, she didn’t need it anymore, Catherine and every other person she befriended in Oxford- other than Liam, had her socials and when she’s back home, she could get a new SIM, she didn’t want to hear from him anymore, she was done feeling stupid, she did what she felt was best for her.

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