Crossing Paths

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Chapter 20

“Life is not what you expect: it is made up of the most unexpected twists and turns”. Quote from Ilaiyaraaja

“Based on your results, you have stage 1 of uterine cancer” Dr Curtis informed, Harper sat unable to move, she could feel Liam’s hand was now on her back, rubbing it as he asked the doctor some questions, she couldn’t hear them anymore. She knew it was a possibility that she will never be able to carry babies of her own, something she looked forward to.

“Ms Wilson?”


Both of them calling her name, snapping out of her trance, “Y..Ye..Yes?”

“We need to discuss your options, however if you plan to have kids someday, I suggest you get your eggs harvested, it would be a safer option in the long run. The treatment we are suggesting for you is the normal treatment which is total abdominal hysterectomy (removal of the uterus) and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy (removal of the fallopian tubes and ovaries)” Dr Curtis said as he looked at her with pity in his eyes, she looked away unable to look at him or anyone else for that matter.

“Okay, I’ll harvest my eggs and we’ll schedule my surgery” she said in a low tone, tears threatening to escape.

As they continued to discuss her treatment plans, Liam sat next to her giving her as much comfort as he could without enveloping her in a hug, his heart cracked when he heard the doctor confirm her worst fears, he felt pain for her, yet he was pissed Wyatt wasn’t around. He knew then he needed to confront Wyatt.

Harper scheduled her eggs to be harvested the following week, and her surgery to be done the next month. As soon as they reached the car park, Liam pulled Harper into a hug, she instantly gripped his shirt and wept, she let him embrace her, she didn’t care in the moment, she didn’t care that she enjoyed his hugs, she didn’t care if anyone were to see them, she didn’t care if Wyatt wasn’t happy if he found out. She simply did not care.

“It’s okay bellissima, you will get through this, I’ll be here for you, and when Wyatt finds out he will be here for you, you have Anika and your family to support you through this time” Liam whispered in her ear.

Soon after Liam helped Harper to get in the car, he drove them both back to the penthouse, he wanted to be there for her but he had a meeting to attend to. As she opened the door letting them in, she turned to face Liam and hugged him.

“Thank you” she whispered, “I need to talk to Wyatt, but I want to tell my family first”, she untangled herself from the hug and made her way to her room, leaving Liam standing in the doorway.

Later in the evening, Harper went to the bar to find Heath, she wanted to let him know first. Sitting down next to the bar as she greeted the bartender, taking out her phone to text Heath letting him know that she was already in the bar. She read the messages Wyatt had sent her during the day.

Wyatt : Please answer your phone, love

Wyatt : I’m sorry I took the job without discussing it first, it was an opportunity of a lifetime

Wyatt : I thought you would be happy for me

Wyatt : Please call me back, we need to talk this through

Wyatt : I’m sorry, I love you.

Harper felt bad for ignoring Wyatt, but she needed the space, she was going through her own things and she wanted to share it with him, she wanted to confide in her husband, but she couldn’t when he was miles away.

“Hey Harp” Heath said as he placed a hand on her back greeting her, turning to look at him she got up in an instant to hug him.

“What’s happened? You look like a mess” Heath asked, concerned, looking at her appearance, her eyes were red, eye bags prominent, it was not a side of her Heath was used to seeing. She patted the bar stool next to her, motioning for him to take a seat, which he did.

“I need to tell you something, but you have to promise me that you won’t freak out,” she said calmly, trying her best to keep her voice even.

“What is it?” she could see in Heath’s eyes, that he was anxious at whatever she was about to tell him.

“Last year, I had stage 1 breast cancer, and I had a lumpectomy and also radiotherapy, I’ve been cleared for that” she said in a low tone, she wanted to come out and tell the truth, she wanted him to know everything, she was tired of keeping it a secret. She could see the pure shock in his face and confusion as the news sunk in.

“How? Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Who else knows”

“I’ve only told Wyatt, and now Liam knows, but no one else does, I didn’t want anyone to worry, the doctor was certain at that point that after removing the lump and going through radiotherapy I would be fine, which I was, so I didn’t think it would be important for me to let anyone else know” she explained

“What do you mean by was? Did it come back??” Heath asked with more urgency to his voice, Harper shook her head, relief washed over his face, he watched as Harper’s eyes fell into her lap, eyes teary she spoke

“Today I found out I have uterine cancer stage 1” she wiped the escape tear, trying to put a brave face for Heath, she didn’t want him to worry or panic more than he needed to. “I have to have a abdominal hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy, in a month I would be having my surgery” she explained, feeling defeated

“Harp” Heath whispered, hugging her, he knew there was nothing he could say, he didn’t even know what he could say to help the situation, deep down he felt like he didn’t protect her, he felt like a failure, even though he knew there was nothing he could do to stop it, but he would if he could.

“It’s okay, I can do this” Heath pulled away looking into her eyes, he was searching for something, he was hoping he was pulling a prank on him, he was hoping that he would wake up and this would be a sick cruel dream, but realising this was reality and Harper is broken by the news.

“Everything will be okay Harp, this time you have me, you have Anika, you have Ryan and you have a husband to be by your side cheering you on as you beat this again” he tried to comfort her, she looked at him and told him, “I’m not done” sighing

“When I get a hysterectomy, it means I will never be able to carry a baby, I’m only 25 this year Heath, I want kids one day, and I will never be able to carry my own baby, next week I’m getting my eggs harvested, if I want kids I need to hire a surrogate” Harper broke down completely by the end of the sentence. Her heart ached, she always wanted to get pregnant and lead a normal life, get married have kids, go through life like a normal person, she wanted to experience the baby’s heartbeat, she wanted to experience the baby’s kick in her belly, she wanted to enjoy the process of becoming a mother, and she would never get to experience that.

“Your life is more important Harper, you can always hire a surrogate, you can still have babies, it may not be exactly the way you wanted but you still have a chance. For now focus on yourself, focus on getting better, once you are better then only think about the future, you need to get better, I need my baby sis, grandpapa needs his granddaughter”he smiled as he wiped away her tears, “what did Wyatt say?” he asked, she tensed immediately at the mention of Wyatt’s name, Heath noticed but remained quiet, interested in knowing the answer.

“I haven’t told him actually” she confessed

“Why haven’t you? He’s your husband”

“Because he’s in New York, he was suppose to be back but he accepted a great job offer there and isn’t coming back, I told him to get back here, I wanted to discuss my options and discuss our future together, but he said he couldn’t” she explained, she knew Heath would be furious if he found out Wyatt did not consult her

“How would your relationship workout if you’re here and he’s in New York?” she shrugged, unable to answer his question, Heath shook his head, not wanting to comment on their relationship

Heath and Harper continued to talk, with her explaining the procedure and what happened previously with her lumpectomy, Heath offered to take her to all her appointments moving forward, since her husband wasn’t around, he would always be there for his little sis. She confessed to him that Liam has been there for her, obviously leaving out the part about their past, but she told him how supportive Liam has been, and Heath grew to like Liam more and more.

After the bar, Harper drove home, deciding that it would never be a good time to tell Wyatt, she wanted to rip the bandaid off quickly, she wanted to let him know before she told Anika and Ryan, Heath and herself decided not to tell grandpapa yet, they didn’t want him to worry, plus he’s old, they want him to enjoy the rest of the days of his life, not to waste it on worrying. She unlocked the front door to her penthouse, she scanned around the kitchen and living room, Liam was nowhere in sight, but his shoes were by the door, deciding that it would be the best time to call Wyatt and getting it over with, she dialed his number and put it on speaker as she walked around the apartment.





“Harper!” Wyatt answered, she sighed at the sound of his voice, suddenly feeling slightly annoyed, “thank God you called me”

“Hey Wy, where are you now?” she could hear the sound of loud music in the background, checking the time, it was 912pm, so in New York it would be 1212am, shouldn’t he be sleeping or back at his apartment by this time? She wondered.

“I’m at a new club, a bunch of us went out, it’s great here. I can’t wait till you move here. I missed you Harper” he said happily through the loud music

“I missed you too Wy, when are you coming back?” she questioned

“Not sure love, it might take a while before I get back. Let me know when I can book a ticket for you to come here” her heart sank

“Wyatt, could you go to a quieter place? I need to talk to you for a little bit”

“What is it love? I’m in the VIP lounge now, I really don’t want to move” he laughed as he mumbled something to someone else

“Please?” she pleaded

“What is it love?” he repeated

She sighed, she knew he was too busy to pay attention to her, “I wanted to wait for you to get back to me, I wanted to meet you face to face then tell you, but since you’re not coming back to me, I’ve gotten myself checked up, and today I got my results. I’m diagnosed with uterine cancer stage 1”

“HAHAH what?” Wyatt laughed, unsure if he heard what she said, so she repeated it, “Wyatt, I have uterine cancer”

“No seriously babe? Why are you lying to me?” he said laughing, oblivious to what she was trying to tell him

“I’m not lying. I’m having a hysterectomy next month” she could feel her blood boil but she chose to keep her calm, maybe he’s drunk, she tried to make an excuse for his behavior

“I tell you I’m not coming back, so you come up with some lies to get me back? Look Harper, I told you I took the job, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, I’m not changing my mind. Lying to me won’t change things”

“Do you really think I’m joking? I won’t be able to get pregnant and carry my own babies!” Harper yelled

“Harper, you’re fine, just come to New York, you would love it here I promise you. I’m sorry for not giving you enough attention Harp, but you don’t need to lie to me in order to get my attention” Wyatt continue to speak to her in a joking manner

“So you don’t believe me. Have fun in New York Wyatt. I think we need to have our time apart, maybe we rushed into this marriage. I need to rethink this. I’ll pack up” with that she hung up, unbeknownst to her Liam heard the entire conversation between them.

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