Crossing Paths

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Chapter 21

Harper did not sleep a wink, she was busy packing up, she knew she was probably making a rash decision, but she didn’t care, she was going through cancer, this time she hoped her husband could be by her side as she got treatment, but now she knew he didn’t trust her enough to believe her. She wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, but she couldn’t deal with him. She did not see Liam the entire night, she was glad hadn’t she didn’t want to lean on him and cry again, she wanted to be strong for herself, she needed it.

Liam spent the night staring at the ceiling, hearing Harper’s feet shuffle around her room the entire night, he knew she was serious, he knew she was actually packing. He wanted to console her, but he felt that she needed space. In the morning he had meetings, but he cancelled them all, claiming it was an emergency, he needed to speak with his best friend.

Hearing the front door shut, he knew that Harper left the house, went to the kitchen to make his coffee, while dialling Wyatt’s number.



“Ciao Saint!” Wyatt wished cheerfully, he felt his anger bubbling inside him, not wanting to throw his phone at the wall, he decided to put Wyatt on speaker, knowing that he was alone at the penthouse.


“What’s up?” Wyatt asked still in a chirpy tony

“What the fuck Wyatt?” Liam was unable to control his temper, he blurted the first thing that came into his mind.

Wyatt was taken aback by his tone, “What?” he questioned confused

“What kind of a man are you?”

“What are you even talking about Saint? The practical joke she pulled on me last night? She told you the same sad story?” he laughed

“Your wife needs you and you think she’s joking?” Liam barked

“She’s joking Saint, she just wanted the attention, I told her I wasn’t coming back and she lied in order to get me back. Once she cools down, she will admit it and we’ll all be great again”

“It is not a joke. Vaffanculo” (fuck you) Liam seethed

“She just needs attention Saint, don’t worry about it” Wyatt explained, still taking things lightly

“Explain to me then Wyatt, explain to me how the fuck did the Doctor from Cedars Sinai Hospital confirmed it while I was there with her?” Liam challenged him


Wyatt went silent, the sound of his background could be heard, his breathing could be heard, but he did not speak a word.

“Tell me Wyatt. Explain! Coglione!” (fucker) Liam’s voice got higher the more he spoke, unable to control himself

“She wasn’t lying?” Wyatt’s tone changed, to a soft one, surprised at the discovery that he screwed up.

“She wasn’t, you coglione! I was with her at the hospital when she got the news” Liam mumbled a bunch of curse words in italian, not believing his best friend’s attitude

“Be back soon” with that, Wyatt hung up, Liam ran his hands through his hair, shaking his head.

“You heard my conversation last night?” Harper spoke from the other end of the room staring at Liam, his head snapped to her direction, confused as he didn’t hear the front door open, “I didn’t go out, I thought you were out, I went out to put something at the door then closing it” she explained, with him finally understanding, he assumed she left, and now she knows that he overheard her

Sì bellissimo (Yes beautiful), I overheard you last night. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to” he apologised sincerely, she nodded her head slowly

“It’s okay, since you know what’s going on, then I don’t need to inform you what transpired last night. I’ve already packed, I’m staying with a friend, you can stay here, you don’t need to leave” she swallowed, she felt exhausted and she cried till her tears were dry.

“Please stay” he begged

“I need my space from him, being here doesn’t help, plus I’m always alone, he thinks I’m joking, he’s supposed to love me through sickness and in health, through thick and thin, but now I feel like I’ve made a mistake by marrying him. I need to rethink this” Harper explained as she walked towards him.

She hugged him and kissed his cheek, thanking him for helping her out, he hugged her tighter and spoke, “Avrei voluto trovarti prima, avrei voluto che mi sposassi. Avrei voluto essere tutto ciò che volevi. So di essere troppo tardi, per favore non andartene. Ho bisogno di te. Non posso sopportare il pensiero di non vederti mai più. Ho bisogno di te nella mia vita. Mi dispiace per il passato. Sembra un addio e non voglio un addio, ti voglio nella mia vita. Per favore” (I wished I found you earlier, I wished you married me. I wished that I could be everything you wanted. I know I’m too late, please don’t leave. I need you. I can’t bare the thought of never seeing you again. I need you in my life. I’m sorry for the past. This feels like a goodbye, and I don’t want a goodbye, I want you in my life. Please) he pleaded with her, she pulled away not understanding a word he said.

He watched as his heart walked out of his life.


All he felt was emptiness

Harper contacted Ryan wanting to stay with him for a while, till she found a place for herself, he agreed, they had to share a bed but Harper was fine with it, it was only temporarily. Harper hasn’t told Ryan and Anika about her diagnosis yet, but she would inform Ryan first since they were now basically roommates.

Knock knock

She knocked on his studio apartment door, with her suitcase by her side, she was exhausted, she was still beyond pissed at Wyatt, how pissed she got at Wyatt, it was overshadowed by the look that Liam gave her as she left, she could not erase that from her mind.

Ryan opened the door revealing himself shirtless, Harper was used to this, she used to stay over and he was usually just in his boxers, he smiled at her helping her with her bags.

“Hey you!”

“Hey Ryan, thanks for letting me stay over on such short notice” she was really thankful, she wanted to ask Anika, but since she was pregnant she didn’t want to be an inconvenience to her and Tyreese. He helped her place her bags in the living room, as they both took a seat on the sofa he asked, “Tell me, what happened?”

She explained everything, starting with her breast cancer, to her uterine cancer, to how Wyatt took the news and how Liam was there for her through it all. Ryan sat there listening patiently as she poured her hearts out to him, she felt guilty for not working for almost a week, she felt guilty that she wasn’t herself, she felt guilty for allowing Liam to be there for her, she felt guilty at how she couldn’t erase the look he gave her as she left.

Ryan gave her some advice, he told her to take time off their marriage, since Wyatt wasn’t believing her, there wasn’t much she could do. He insisted for her to stay with him till she fully recovers, she thanked him, he asked a lot of questions about Liam, suddenly very interested in him, to which she answered all honestly.

Now all that was left was to tell Anika.

“I think you should text Liam to tell him where you are, just in case” Ryan suggested, she mumbled an okay as she fished out her phone out of her bag.

3 missed calls Husband

1 text Liam

Opening the text from Liam first

Liam : Please be safe bellissima, I’ll follow you to your next doctor’s appointment.

Harper : It’s okay, it’s not your responsibility Li. Thank you though.

Harper : I’m with Ryan, please don’t tell Wyatt where am I

Harper : Thank you. Hope to see you soon.

Next message was to Wyatt

Harper : I’ve shifted out, I took my necessities, I will be back to gather more items when I can or when I find a place of my own.

Harper : We need time apart, since you are in New York it would be easier for us. We just need a break from each other, I’m disappointed that you would think so low of me, but it’s alright. Liam is still staying in the penthouse, you may contact him if you need any help. I love you.

After sending the text to Wyatt and Liam, she fell asleep, exhausted from not sleeping well for the past few days, Ryan let her pass out on his bed, putting her phone on silent. She slept the entire afternoon till evening, by the time she woke up it was already 8pm.

“Hey I was going out to get food, what do you want?” Ryan asked as he noticed her stir on the bed, lifting her head she noticed he was next to her watching TV softly.

“Anything you’re getting would be fine. Just no seafood” Harper informed, she wasn’t in the mood for it, she preferred meat over seafood always. Ryan nodded getting up, walking to his wardrobe getting his clothes. Once he was done changing he left, leaving Harper to the apartment by herself. She picked up her phone, checking it

8 missed calls Wyatt (she changed his name on her phone, petty yes)

2 missed calls Liam

1 missed call Heath

10 text Wyatt

3 text Liam

2 text Heath

1 text Anika

Sighing as she knew she needed to contact everyone back, deciding to work her way up she opened the text from Anika first.

Anika : Tomorrow 3pm, can you take the Miller’s meeting? I’ve got an appointment and I’ve got a meeting that will end around 245pm. Thanks

Harper : Yeah sure, after I’m done with Holden’s I will take the Miller’s. Email me the details.

Opening up the next message from Heath

Heath : You separated from Wyatt? What the hell is going on Harper? You just got married!

Heath : Where are you Harp?

Harper : I’m staying with Ryan for a few days, I need time off from Wyatt. Will call you to explain later.

Opening up the next message from Liam

Liam : Wyatt is back at the penthouse

Liam : Call me back Harper

Liam : We need to talk

Ignoring the messages from Liam, she opened the messages from Wyatt

Wyatt : Harper, I’m sorry

Wyatt : Please come back

Wyatt : Please pick up your phone, I love you

Wyatt : Saint won’t tell me where you are, you’re my wife I deserve to know

Wyatt : I’m sorry that I didn’t believe you, it was my poor judgement. I should’ve known that you would never joke about that

Wyatt : Please come back to me, I love you.

Wyatt : I was drinking, I know it’s just an excuse, I’m willing to come back to LA, I’m willing to give up my job for you Harp. You are my wife, I will always choose you

Wyatt : Please come back, we can talk this through. I’m distraught without you

Wyatt : I’m telling Heath, I’m calling him now, I just want to talk to you

Wyatt : Are you shagging Saint behind my back?

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