Crossing Paths

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Chapter 22

What did Wyatt mean in the last message? She sighed, dialing his number, it rang





“Harper?” Wyatt answered sniffing, he sounded defeated

“Yes Wyatt, it’s me. You’re back in LA?” she asked, rubbing her temple, feeling a headache brew

“Yes, can you meet me? I would love to just talk” he sighed, she could hear the pain in his voice, her heart melted instantly

“How long will you be back?”

“As long as you want me to be. I told them I needed time off, my wife needed me” his voice cracking towards the end, she wanted to forgive him in an instant, but she knew they needed to talk first, they needed to clear the air, his behaviour was unacceptable to her.

“I’ll meet you tomorrow at the apartment, we’ll talk then”

“You aren’t coming back tonight?”

“Wyatt, just not today alright. I’m exhausted”

“I’m sorry Harper, have a good rest, we’ll talk tomorrow. I love you” he sniffed, it was evident that he was crying

“Love you too Wy” with that she hung up.

Thirty minutes later, Ryan came back with their food, Harper told what happened while he was gone, and they soon discussed her options to start a family in the future.

The next day, Harper got ready and made her way to the penthouse, feeling anxious seeing her husband again, they’ve never argued before, this is their first argument and she felt a little childish for even walking out of the penthouse, she felt childish for packing up and leaving, but she knew that it needed to be done, she wanted to establish her place in the relationship, she didn’t want him to walk all over her.

Her keys jiggled as she put it in the key hole, the front door immediately opened, she was slightly startled by the sudden movement, the door opened revealing Liam, with a bruised lip and a bruised jaw, Harper gasped, shocked by his appearance. His top was unbuttoned to his midsection, his body was slightly red, she didn’t understand, she stared at him as she raised her hand involuntarily she cupped his cheek looking into his eye, he closed his eyes at her action.

“Please bellissima, we need to talk. Call me after you’re done here” he breathed, his eyes were filled with pain, he kissed her cheek and left her at the doorway.

Harper turned to watch him walk away, feeling her heart sink, it hurt her seeing him hurt, but she didn’t know why. She opened the front door wider, revealing the apartment, everything was in a mess, Wyatt sat on the floor with a glass of water in his hand, his hair was disheveled, his shirt was gone, he looked lost in his own world, she gently closed the front door, the sound of the door closing alerted him that she was there.

“Harper” he said in a bare whisper

“Wyatt” her eyes started to water, she didn’t know why but she felt emotional. She walked to him and joined him on the floor, sitting next to him.

“I’m sorry, I was an arse, I know, I don’t even know why I acted that way. I love you Harp, I’ve been a fool, when I should be taking you seriously. I want us to work Harp, please tell me my foolishness didn’t cost me our relationship?” he turned to her, looking into her eyes

“I need time Wyatt, I want us to work too, but we need to talk, we need to spend time together, we need to date, you took a job without consulting me, you basically shifted to another city without consulting your wife, you shifted without me, then you decided I would be a good housewife, and wanted me to give up what I worked so hard for, then to be your sidekick in New York. We need to always communicate with each other, this” she gestured between the both of them “this is a partnership, this is a relationship, we need to discuss things, not one party makes the final decision.. I can’t live and be with someone that way, this isn’t the olden days, this isn’t where the wife is silent and takes shit from the husband, I am my own person, you are your own person, but in a marriage we need to consult each other, we need to discuss, we need to be considerate of each others feelings”

Wyatt looked at her wide eyed, not expecting her to be that straight forward, but he enjoyed the way she was, he liked this side of her, “I’m sorry Harper, I didn’t think it through, I was foolish and I will try to be better. We can discuss everything, I’ll turn down the job offer, I can find another job, we can discuss whatever you want Harp, but right now, I want to be with my wife, I want to spend time with my wife, I want to talk about your diagnosis. I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you when you went to the hospital, I wished I could’ve been there with you when you gotten the news, I’m not able to change the past and for that I will forever regret, but I am able to be there for the future”

“Okay” she said softly, looking away, she still felt hurt by his actions, but he is her husband after all, he raised his hand to cup her cheeks, leaning closer, pecking her lips.

How he missed her, he felt extreme guilt with how he treated her, he was careless and foolish, and he knew it, he knew he needed to be better for her. He wanted to be the best for her. He laid soft kisses on her lips, wanting to just feel her, he pulled closer to her, she climbed on his lap, straddling him. She pulled away looking into his eyes, her eyes started to water as she asked softly, “do you want kids?”

“Are you?” his eyes lit up in excitement

“No, I mean in the future” she smiled a little

“Of course I would want kids, I want 12 if you would allow” he said confidently

“TWELVE?!” Harper asked almost yelling, he laughed

“I wanted to create a football team, but I want as much as you can give me love, as long as I have you, I don’t care how many kids we have” he said truthfully, she sighed in relief

They stared at each other in silence for a while, Harper was deep in thought while he stared at her, he wanted to know her thoughts, but he knew she needed time to process. He held her, wanting to be in close proximity to her, minutes passed, he finally spoke up, “can we talk about your diagnosis?”

“Yeah, but can I ask, what happened here first? Did you and Liam fight?”

“Yeah, Saint and I aren’t on the best terms right now. You don’t have to worry about it” he assured her


“There’s nothing you need to worry about love, just guy stuff. Once we cool off, everything will be fine” he insisted, plastering a fake smile on his face.

Harper decided to drop it, they discussed her treatment and the situation, Harper explained to him that they would need a surrogate if they wanted kids in the future, they discussed the treatments and procedures. Wyatt brought up him taking the job in New York, they agreed that he would delay taking the job, at least for a few months, then he would commute weekly back and forth in order to be in both places, he didn’t want to force Harper to give up her life in LA, and with her going through treatments, it wouldn’t be wise for her to be shifting.

They talked for about two hours, then Harper agreed to move back in, they needed to work on their relationship, they started to clean the house together, tidying it up.

“Hey I need to leave, I’ve got a meeting to attend to” she told him, he nodded and hugged her

“I love you, I’m sorry Harper” he kissed her forehead, he walked her to the door

“I’ll see you later” she kissed his cheek and opened the front door, stunned to see Nadia crying.

“Nadia?” she asked

“Harper, I need to speak with Wyatt in private” Nadia said, wiping away her tears.

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