Crossing Paths

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Chapter 23

Harper left, leaving Wyatt and Nadia to have their own privacy. She wanted to know what was going on, but she had to rush to her meeting, she knew she could trust Wyatt, she would eventually hear from Wyatt the truth.

Wyatt invited Nadia in, offering her a glass of water, she sat in the living room nervously as she waited for Wyatt to have a seat.

“Nadia, are you alright?” Wyatt asked

“I’m pregnant Wyatt”

Later that evening, Harper went back to Ryan’s place picking up her things, she told Ryan she would be back during the weekend to collect the rest for her stuff. For some reason, she didn’t feel like she should take everything back. Ryan agreed, however he suggested for her to take more time to herself, while working on their relationship.

Harper went back to the penthouse, wanting to speak with Liam as well, but deciding to put it aside for now. As she entered the apartment, she saw that Nadia’s shoe was still there, surprised she looked up to see Wyatt and Nadia in a heated conversation, judging by the looks Wyatt was giving.

“Hey” she greeted, gaining both of their attention, Nadia turned her head, face tear stained, Wyatt looked like a deer caught in headlights. Harper instantly got curious, her brows lifted and Wyatt’s face softened, as he walked over to kiss her on the forehead.

“Hey love, Nadia will be leaving soon, she has some issues that needs to be dealt with” Wyatt explained

“Okay, do you need any help Nad?” Harper peaked over to offer some help, Nadia forced a smile and shook her head. “Okay then, I’ll go take a shower”


Wyatt was pissed at Liam, the way he was treating Nadia wasn’t something he was used to, he knew that Liam was a playboy, but he genuinely thought that he had changed once he started dating Nadia. Out of the blue, Liam resumed being a rude person, and the way he disrespected Nadia was out of character for him. He knew that Liam didn’t love her, he knew that his heart always belonged to someone else, but he thought that Liam was serious about her, when Liam said that they were just good for shagging, he felt protective over Nadia, he didn’t know why, maybe it could be because they were friends for a long time.

He left Harper with Liam, he knew that he probably won’t be able to be back in time for the countdown and he felt guilty for it, however he needed to check on Nadia. He wasn’t comfortable leaving Liam and Harper alone together, but at this point he didn’t have a choice, his heart begged him to follow Nadia.


Wyatt finally found Nadia in the crowd of people, she was holding a bottle of whiskey swaying with the music, crying as she downed the liquid. He rushed to her, snatching the bottle out of her hand, holding her arm, he looked into her eyes trying to just look at her. She pulled her arm away, stomping away.

“Nadia!” he called after her, “Nadia!”

“Pochemu tebya eto bespokoit?” (Why do you care?) she turned to yell at him before continuing stomping away, away from the crowd, she wanted to be alone, she wanted to be loved, she wanted him.

“Nadia Ivanov!” he yelled as he jogged over to her, stopping her in her tracks, her eyes were tearing

“Why did you have to come?” she yelled at him, as she turned to look at him, she was fuming but in an instant she started to calm down, his face filled with concern, “Why did you follow me Wyatt?”

“I just had to check on you” he said truthfully

“Go back to your wife Wyatt” she spat

“What’s your problem?” he was started to get riled up, he stared into her eyes, he could feel the anger radiating off her, he could feel her energy

“Why did you come after me, leaving your wife with Saint? You didn’t care for me after Charlie, you didn’t want me then, now you want to be nice to me? Now you want to be concerned about my feelings?”

Wyatt remained silent, he could hear his heartbeat through the loud music, he stared at her, as if the first time he ever saw her, she stared at him back, as the fireworks were set off, signaling the New Year.

Wyatt leaned in, not thinking of anything else, forgetting the fact he has a wife, he leaned in to kiss her, she kissed him back, soon the kiss got heated, it was filled with passion and lust, and both of them were unable to stop. Nadia pulled away, staring into his eyes, she breathed his name, “Wyatt”

He grabbed her hand, bringing her to a quieter part of the beach, wanting to be away from everyone else, and she followed his lead. Once they were away from the crowd, they sat in the sand, overlooking the waters, both lost in their own thoughts.

“Wyatt” she started softly, “why did you kiss me? We agreed, never again.”

“I don’t know, I just wanted to,” he admitted

“Wyatt, you’re married to Harper. I’ve always been open and honest about my feelings for you, and you always had Charlie and now Harper, I don’t want you to play with my feelings. Its either you want me or you don’t”

They continue to stare into each other’s eyes, looking deep into their souls, searching for something, drowning out every sound, Wyatt finally spoke, what felt like hours, probably just seconds, he confessed, “I want you Nadia”

In that instant, her lips attacked his, how pleased she was to finally hear the words she longed for, for so many years, she longed for him to say those words. They kissed, lost in their own world, they enjoyed being in each other’s embrace, forgetting reality.

They stayed on the beach, talking, making out, before Nadia took off her dress revealing her bikini, as she walked to the waters, inviting him along, he stripped down to his boxers and followed her. He was mesmerised by her beauty, he always found her beautiful, but he never noticed her until today, he noticed every part of her, her smell was intoxicating for him, he enjoyed every bit of her.

They played in the water, only going in waist deep, afraid of the currents, they watched other people party on the beach, they could still hear the faint music blasting in the background, Nadia turned to drink in the man she loved for so long, he did the same, he reached over to the back of her neck, pulling her head closer to his, she could feel his warm breath over hers, he leaned in to kiss her slowly.

Wyatt spent the entire night with Nadia, he spent the night making love to her on the beach, they talked about everything in life, they forgot about Harper and Liam, as they watched the sun rise, they remembered reality and said their goodbyes. Nadia planned to go back to LA, Wyatt agreed that she should and he bought her ticket for her, they discussed their relationship, what would and wouldn’t happen.

End Flashback

As Harper made her way to the room, Wyatt peaked to see if she was still around, before turning his attention back to Nadia.

“Are you going to tell her?” she questioned

“I don’t know” he sighed

“What do you mean you don’t know? Do you love me or do you love her?” she could feel herself getting angry again

He looked at her then looked away, he didn’t know how to answer that question, he didn’t know how he could, given the circumstances with Nadia and Harper. He was numb, he didn’t know how to feel or react, this wasn’t expected, this wasn’t planned.

“I need to tell her, I can’t keep it a secret” Nadia informed Wyatt, his brow furrowed, shaking his head, disagreeing with her

“Not today Nad” Wyatt tried to reason with her

“How do you expect me to keep it a secret? I’m pregnant, I can’t wait for the third trimester to end only to inform your wife that I’m having your baby!” she half yelled

“What?” Harper’s voice small, coming from the kitchen, Wyatt and Nadia’s head snapped to her direction, realising she heard.

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