Crossing Paths

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Chapter 24

“You’re pregnant?” Harper spoke louder, as she came from the kitchen, staring at Nadia, confused, Wyatt’s eyes widened in panic.

“Nadia” Wyatt warned

“She needs to know Wyatt” Nadia spoke, her russian accent was prominent, “Yes Harper, I’m pregnant”

“Whose is it?” Harper questioned, she overheard them, but she couldn’t believe her ears.

“Harper” Wyatt called her name, she looked at him, his eyes were pleading with her, she turned back her attention to Nadia waiting for her answer.

“Whose is it Nadia? Is it Liam’s?” she asked again, she wanted it to be Liam’s, she didn’t want to believe what she just heard.

“I’m sorry Harper” Nadia stood up, walking over to Harper, attempting to hold her hand, Harper backed away shaking her head, tears started to stream down her face, not wanting to believe it

“It’s Wyatt’s?” she said in a bare whisper, Nadia nodded her head wiping her own tears, Harper turned to Wyatt, looking at him in the eye, he looked away, unable to look at her.

“When did it happen?” she asked Wyatt

“Please Harper, let me explain” she shook her head, as he reached out, wanting to touch her

“How many times did it happen?”

“Please Harper, please, I can explain”

She turned to Nadia, asking the same question, she needed to know the truth, she wanted to know if it was a one time thing or it was an affair. Nadia started to sob, not sure she was feeling guilty or the fact that she got pregnant from it.

“Before or after our wedding?”

“Before” Nadia confessed, Harper squeezed her eye shut, trying to even out her breathing, “I want to know everything”


Nadia watched as Harper laughed at a joke Anika made, she liked Harper, she knew Harper was a great girl and she would make a good wife for Wyatt, although deep down she would always love him, she needed to push back all those thoughts, she was going to be a good friend for Harper. Downing down her fourth shot of tequila, she checked her phone, Saint texted her.

Saint : I’ll be at the club

Knowing instantly which club he would be at, she snuck out of the club she was in, to meet him, she hasn’t seen him in awhile and he has been more aloof for the past few months, but knowing that he booked the trip to Bora Bora for Wyatt and Harper’s honeymoon and they would be joining, Nadia had a feeling that Saint was about to propose to her. They’ve always had a more physical relationship more than anything else, maybe now he was looking at her differently, since he’s never done anything romantic for her, and Bora Bora is an amazing place.

Harper kept her hopes high.

She arrived at the club, she walked in knowing the bouncer, she looked for Saint, he was probably in the VIP section, she thought. Walking towards his usual spot, the lights were dim, as the music blasted, she could see Saint sitting with Wyatt, girls to their sides, Saint’s hand was on one of the girls hip, whispering in her ear, as Wyatt did the same, however Wyatt was visibly drunk, his face was a beat as a tomato, while Saint had a drink in his hand barely touched.

She rolled her eyes at them, she greeted the rest of the guys there, Heath wasn’t in view, probably wasn’t there, she knew most of the guys there, she walked over to Saint, wedging herself in between both men, she kissed Saint on the lips not so subtly trying to mark what was hers.

Saint talked to her, keeping her entertained for awhile, asking her about the bride, before he turned his attention to his phone, attending to business as usual. While he stepped out to handle business, she turned her attention to Wyatt, she laughed at him as he looked ridiculous.

“Let’s dance” she pulled him up, he willingly followed.

She danced seductively, feeling the alcohol taking over, he held her close, she turned looking into his eyes, they stayed that way for a while, before he took her hand guiding her to the toilet.

As soon as the toilet door closed, they attacked each other hungrily..

End Flashback

“It started as a drunk one night stand, then the night Saint broke up with me, it happened again, and it kept happening after that, even when he was in New York, but we ended it last week” Nadia confessed

“Harper, I’m” Wyatt’s voice was low

“NO!” she yelled, Nadia and Wyatt flinched at the sudden outburst

“I’m so sorry Harper, I didn’t mean to fall in love with him even more than I did” Nadia said as she wiped her tears

“You were in New York with him” she said as more of a statement than a question, “and you were cheating in New York with her?” she turned to question Wyatt, as he stood there silent

“It’s not what you think Harp” he tried to reason with her

“While I’m struggling with bloody cancer, you are cheating on me?” she scoffed

“What?” Nadia asked surprised at what Harper just said

“Harper, please” he tried to reach her again, and she backed away, she didn’t want to be the receiving end of that touch

“Do you love her?”

“Harper, I love you….” he couldn’t finish his sentence

“No, I need space. I need some time to myself” she walked away, she could hear Nadia’s crying, she knew that Wyatt was following her, she could hear his footsteps, she walked to the room, grabbing her bags as Wyatt watched her.

“Please don’t leave, we can figure this out” Wyatt attempted to stop her, engulfing her in a hug, he loved her, he truly did, she pushed him away, looking at him, she cupped his cheek, he closed his eyes at her touch, trying to remember it.

“Wyatt, I loved you. Right now, I can’t be with you, right now I need space and I need time to think what’s best for us. I need to think about what’s best for the baby, I need to consider all parties. I’ll let you know when I’m ready to talk” she kissed his cheek and walked away, Wyatt watched his love walk away, thinking to himself what a fool he was and how he wished he could stop her, although he knew nothing would.

Harper took one last look at Nadia, her eyes were filled with emotion, she wanted to get out of there as soon as she could.

“Please forgive me, I’m so sorry” Nadia pleaded

“No Nadia, I was stupid to think you’ve let him go, I was an idiot to believe that you didn’t have any feelings for him, it wasn’t entirely your fault, he had a part to play in it, but I actually thought you were my friend” Harper shook her head, she didn’t believe barely a month into her marriage her husband had cheated on her and gotten the other woman pregnant. Harper stomped to the front door, looking back at Nadia who was sobbing she said “One day I will forgive you, I just can’t do it today. Take care of your innocent child” her heart pang, because she knew she could never carry her own.

Opening the front door, she stumbled out, carrying her bags, she walked to the lift, wiping her tears that wouldn’t stop flowing.


The doors opened, revealing Liam, he was shocked to see her appearance.


“Not now Li” she said pushing past him to get into the lift, instead of getting out of the lift he stayed, he pulled her into a hug, she sobbed into his chest.

“I don’t know what’s going on with you and Wyatt, everything would be okay, but we need to talk. You need to know the truth” he told her, as he kissed the top of her head, looking up at him sniffing she asked, “What?”

“There’s something that Wyatt has been hiding from us”

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