Crossing Paths

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Chapter 25


The elevator doors opened again, signaling they’ve reached Ground Floor, Harper untangled herself from him. She clutched her bag tighter and left him in the lift, he shook his head and followed after her.

Dove stai andando? Where are you going?”

“Ryan’s. I can’t deal with Wyatt and Nadia right now” she turned to answer him, brows furrowed, she didn’t want to talk to him or anyone, she didn’t want to go to Ryan’s, she wanted to be alone.

Che cosa? Nadia?” (What?) Liam asked sounding surprised

“That’s the thing you wanted to tell me right? How Nadia and Wyatt are screwing behind my back or rather our backs? Now she’s pregnant” she was beyond frustrated at this point

Liam stood shocked by the revelation, he knew he couldn’t tell her what he originally wanted anymore. “Let me drive you to Ryan’s, you shouldn’t be driving in this state” he offered, to which she agreed.

As soon as she got into the car, she turned to him, she knew where she wanted to go.

The ride was silent, other than Harper occasionally giving directions and her sniffing from crying, Liam gave her the silence she wanted, her mind was racing, she kept thinking about how guilty she felt for kissing Liam back, but all this time Wyatt did worse things.

They arrived at grandpapa’s place, it was late, usually grandpapa would be asleep by now, but she needed him and Heath, however she knew if she went to Heath, he would’ve committed murder for Harper, her option was only grandpapa. She walked up to the door, leaving everything in the car, she knew Liam wouldn’t leave her alone, she knocked on the door.

“Who is it?” grandpapa called

“Grandpapa” she sobbed hard at the voice of her grandfather, she broke down on the doorstep, Liam ran over in an instant.

“Harper?” grandpapa questioned as he opened the door revealing his granddaughter on his doorstep, looking broken with a familiar man. “Come in come in” he gestured for Liam to bring her in, he picked her up bridal style before placing her on the sofa.

“What happened?” grandpapa asked, looking at Harper and Liam, all Liam could do was shrug, he knew it wasn’t his place to tell.

“Young man, could you boil some water? The kettle is on the stove” grandpapa instructed, Liam nodded

“Harper? Are you hurt?”

“Grandpapa, I need to tell you something” he nodded egging her to speak “Everything is in a mess, I don’t even know where to start” she sobbed

“How about telling me the worst news first, then make your way to the easier news?” he encouraged her as he rubbed her back, she nodded as she continue to sob

“Months ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, then I had a lumpectomy and radiotherapy, which made me clear from it, then I got a check up done recently, the routine one, they found that I have uterine cancer, and I will need to have a hysterectomy, so I will not be able to have kids naturally. With Wyatt gone all the time, I thought I had to go through it by myself and I was scared, and the thought of being alone, and at the time I wasn’t even sure if he wanted kids, what if he didn’t want kids and I wanted, it would be a relief for him but it would be devastating for me. What if he wanted kids? What if they didn’t harvest enough good eggs? Then we would never be able to have kids. I was so so torn with what to do, and I was terrified, then Wyatt was an ass, he told me that I wanted attention and I was lying about my cancer, he said I made it up, and he took a job in New York, telling me to move there and be a housewife, I was pissed so I shifted out, wanting a break, Liam (she gestured at him) called him to tell Wyatt I wasn’t lying, then he realised his mistake and came back to make amends, which we did this morning, but coming home today, I found one of my bridesmaid still sitting in my living room since morning, she told she’s pregnant with his baby, he didn’t deny it. He has been cheating on me since the day before our wedding and during our honeymoon their affair started, now she’s pregnant, and I will and can never be” she sobbed as she poured her issues out.

Liam sat next to her, holding her hand and rubbing circles on it, he knew that this would calm her nerves. He stared at her, his heart broken, he could feel grandpapa staring at him, but he couldn’t care less, he was focussed on Harper, he would take away his pain if he could.

“Everything will be okay Harper, you were strong enough to beat cancer the first time, you will be strong enough to beat cancer again. I have faith in you, and I bet you granny is up in heaven begging God to save you and heal you” he assured Harper, “your guardian angels are protecting you, we will be there cheering you on till the end sweetie”

“I’m afraid papa” she admitted, she curled into a ball, leaning on Liam as she stared at grandpapa, he nodded, understanding how she felt

“I assure you, everything will be okay, you are a strong person, God will test the strongest and he will only give you what you can handle” grandpapa tried to soothe her

“What about Wyatt? What should I do? He cheated on me, he slept with my bridesmaid and got her pregnant. I don’t even know how to process that” Liam visibly tensed at the mention of Wyatt, grandpapa noticed but chose to ignore it.

“Take your time to fully process it, if you both love each other, your love would surpass this and you will be stronger than ever. You need to discuss about it, you need to talk things through, then make a decision out of it. If you wanted a divorce, we would love you no less, we would support you through it, you can even shift back here” grandpapa reassured her.

“Thank you, thank you for understanding” she sobbed

Harper continued to sob, while grandpapa prayed for her and continued to assure her things would be fine. About an hour later, grandpapa called Heath to come over, to which Heath rushed over in a heartbeat.

Heath soon caught up with what happened with her and Wyatt, fuming he wanted to leave, but grandpapa calmed him down. Heath wanted to murder Wyatt, but soon realised that Harper needed him more than he wanted to murder her husband. Heath let Harper cry on Liam, slightly suspicious of him, but eventually he realised that Liam had no bad intentions with Harper, so he let his guard down a little.

She fell asleep about 3 hours later from crying, Heath showed Liam to her room, as he carried her, slowly lowering her to the bed. She fell asleep from the exhaustion of crying, it was an emotional day for her, she was physically and emotionally drained from everything that was going on.

Liam stood over her bed, placing a kiss on her forehead, pushing away her hair, he whispered “I’m sorry for everything” turning away as he walked, turning back one last time looking at her.

“Thank you Li” she whispered as he closed the door.

He took out her phone, he kept it with him, he didn’t want her to dwell or be disturbed, but before he would put it away, he wanted to call Ryan, since he didn’t have his number, he locked her phone, knowing that she didn’t have any passcode, he wanted to give her, her privacy, he ignored whatever messages that appeared on her phone, although he was tempted to read through her messages, he didn’t want to break her trust. Scrolling to Ryan’s message, assuming it was the correct Ryan, he took his number and dialed it into his own phone, letting it ring.




“Hello?” Ryan picked up

“Ciao, is this Harper’s best friend Ryan?” Liam asked

“Yes? Who’s this?”

“Ryan, this is Liam Toussaint, Harper won’t be coming back tonight, something happened and now she’s at grandpa Wilson’s house” he informed, as Ryan gasped

“Let me know if she needs help. I will be there first thing in the morning” Ryan offered. They hung up, knowing that it would be awkward.

He sighed as he rolled his sleeves up, walking to the living room seeing grandpapa and Heath on the sofa, Heath breathed heavily and grandpapa’s mind was preoccupied. Liam walked over to the sofa, holding out his hand towards grandpapa

“Sorry, I never got to introduce myself, I’m Liam Toussaint” grandpapa shook his hand

“Take a seat, we’ll talk, just call me grandpa Wilson” he nodded and took a seat next to grandpapa, “tell me about yourself?”

“I’m italian, originally from Lake Como, I am an investor but my main business is marketing and advertising, most of my business is back in Italy, but I’m here because I had an opportunity and decided why not?” he explained

“How old are you?” grandpapa asked as Heath raised his eyebrow, not understanding why grandpapa is questioning Liam now

“Turning 31 this year sir”

“How do you know Wyatt?” grandpapa kept questioning like his granddaughter didn’t just go through something traumatic

“I met him when I was studying abroad in the UK, he was something like my foster family, his family took care of me when I was alone, we became good friends after that” he explained, grandpapa nodded his head, understanding what he said.

There was silence for a while, a comfortable silence.

“What are your intentions with her? You’ve been in love for some time now” grandpapa spoke, Heath eyes went wide.

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