Crossing Paths

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Chapter 26

The following week came, Harper sat in the OBGYN nervous as she sat in the waiting room, waiting for her turn, Anika and Liam sat next to her, accompanying her. She told Anika two days after finding out Wyatt and Nadia were having an affair, Anika broke down crying when she found out that Harper had cancer, she was afraid that she would lose her best friend, she was also furious finding out that Wyatt had cheated on Harper.

Harper hasn’t seen Wyatt since that night, she’s spoken to him occasionally, trying to figure out things, although she hasn’t seen him, he would often text and call her, checking up on her. He wasn’t pleased to find out that Liam would be accompanying her to the OBGYN, but he knew he had no say in the matter, seeing as he screwed up. Wyatt had to be there for Nadia as well, since Harper didn’t want to see him just yet, he accompanied Nadia to her first ultrasound, which happened to be the same day.

“You’ll be alright Harp. They’re going to harvest all your good eggs” Anika assured her, as Liam pried her fist, rubbing circles to the back of her palm, Harper could only nod, she wasn’t in such a mood to have a conversation. Anika noticed that Liam was being a little handsy with Harper, she didn’t like what she was seeing, but she knew Harper needed it, so she swallowed her feelings, she was actually worried that Liam would hurt Harper again.

“Ms Harper Wilson?” the nurse called, Harper slowly standing up, nervous, as she followed the nurse with Anika and Liam trailing behind her.

“Please change into this gown, there’s a changing room there” the nurse pointed to the changing room, turning to Anika and Liam she said “you may sit at the chairs there while waiting, the doctor will be with you shortly” with that the nurse left.

Harper changed into her hospital gown, holding it tight as she climbed onto the examination bed, not wanting to expose her naked self to her friends.

A handsome doctor walked in not too long after, he was 6 feet and had amazing eyes, Harper blushed suddenly feeling shy, while Anika fanned herself, feeling the room getting hotter. The doctor flashed a smile and introduced himself.

“Hi everyone, I’m Dr Mark Walker, please call me Mark, I will be your OBGYN from here on” he walked over to the table, taking Harper’s chart examining it.

“I’m Harper, and this is my best friend Anika and Liam” she introduced, feeling nervous again, as Dr Mark pulled the chair to sit in front of Harper, nodding his head.

“I see that you will be getting your eggs harvested today, I apologise that you have to go through this at a young age, but I assure you everything would be fine” he assured her, as her shoulders visibly relaxed

“Have you done this before?” Liam questioned skeptically, Anika raised her brows

“Ahh you must be the boyfriend, actually yes, I’ve done this plenty of times, rest assured everything would go smoothly, your girlfriend will be fine” Dr Mark said, Harper made no comments to correct the doctor, honestly she didn’t care what people think at this point.


Dr Mark extracted about 20 eggs from Harper, she was sedated, he then talked to her a little about having kids in the future.

3 hours later, the three of them walked out of the hospital, Harper feeling groggy from the sedation as she leaned on Liam for support, not wanting to put extra weight on Anika because she was pregnant.

As they were approaching Anika’s car, they heard someone calling after them, they turned to see Wyatt with Nadia.

“Harper” Wyatt called, he narrowed his eyes as he stared at Harper being held in Liam’s arm, Nadia looking down, unable to look at Harper.

Lasciaci soli” (Leave us alone) Liam said harshly in italian, knowing that only Wyatt could understand, he visibly tensed at the sound of Liam’s voice.

“Harper, are you alright love?” Wyatt continue to ask her, ignoring Liam, as Anika walked to stand in front of Harper, blocking her view of him, Anika wanted to pick a fight with Wyatt, but she knew it wasn’t the right time

Non hai causato abbastanza problemi? Mentire a me e a lei?” (Haven’t you caused enough trouble? Lying to me and her?)

Le hai detto?” (Did you tell her?) Wyatt asked, as he clenched his fist, looking like he was ready to pounce.

“I’ll talk to you when I’m ready Wyatt, I just want to go home” Harper finally spoke, turning to Liam she asked “Li, could you please take me home now? I’m tired”

“Come girl, let’s get you in the car” Anika held her hand as she glared at Wyatt one last time, before helping Harper in the car. They left Wyatt and Nadia in the parking lot, Wyatt looking distraught, while Nadia’s emotion could not be read.

They arrived in Ryan’s apartment, Harper decided to stay in his apartment till she felt better, she didn’t want grandpapa to see her and worry about her, she wanted to be strong, Ryan offered up his place for her to stay, while he and Heath would take turns to take care of her after her surgery. Anika had to take on more jobs, to cover for Harper taking time off, she would be running the business for the both of them, Anika hired 2 more staffs to give her a hand, knowing that after the hysterectomy she would need time to heal before she could attend more meetings and get back to work.

Putting Harper to bed, Liam and Anika sat in the living room, waiting for Ryan to get back home. Liam moved out of the penthouse after that night, only returning to collect his things and returning the key. Currently Liam is staying at a hotel nearby, although Ryan did offer his sofa bed as an option.

“What did you tell Wyatt earlier?” Anika broke the silence, she wanted to know, she could see the change in their demeanour

“Just to leave us alone” he stated matter of factly

“And?” she didn’t believe him

“Just to leave us alone” he wanted for her to drop it, but she wouldn’t

“Tell me the truth, I’m sick of the lies and secrets. There’s something you’re hiding from her, I’m her best friend and I want what’s best for her. Let’s be real, here, I don’t know why you are being so nice to her or why you’re even here, you used her and left her” Anika barked at Liam, he shook his head, and sighed, looking over to see if Harper was still asleep, indeed she was, she was passed out from the exhaustion and sedation.

“I didn’t know that you knew” he sighed, starting to feel a migraine

“Yeah I do, I had to pick her up after you left her. I trusted you all those years ago, for months she wasn’t the same, she didn’t even want to date, she couldn’t trust anyone, when she did, she married the one guy she thought would never do that to her, so please explain to me why are you here? Why should we trust you?”

“There’s something that I need to explain to her, I wanted to the night that I bumped into her at the elevator, but I couldn’t because she wasn’t in the right state of mind. I didn’t want to overload her with what I needed her to know. I’m not saying she should forgive me for my past mistakes, but I need to explain why I left her. I’ve been searching for her ever since, you may not believe me, I can show you all the years I spent on private detectives finding her, and all the Harper’s I’ve found, but none of them was her” he scrolled to a folder on his ipad, passing it to her, proving to her all the Harper’s he’s found and the pictures and files he had, she took it scanning at everything, taking it in.

“I just need to explain something to her, I can’t seem to find the right time for it. I don’t expect you or anyone to believe me, but I only have good intentions with Harper, I’m judged for what happened in the past, which I can’t change even though I hope I could. I need to let her know first, I think she deserves to be the first to find out” he explained sincerely

“Okay” she agreed, letting her guard down, she could feel him being genuine, although she wanted to know the reason, she knew she needed to respect their boundaries instead of being nosy.

“Do you think it would work out between her and Wyatt?” Liam asked, he wanted to know as her best friend, her thoughts on their marriage

Anika pondered for a moment before answering, “I think that if they love each other, their love would surpass it, I think they will be able to work through it if they wanted to. I can’t speak on her behalf, but I don’t think I would be able to deal with that, hearing her recall what had happened during the argument and how he was, I think he was confused for his feelings for her and Nadia”

“She shouldn’t be with him in the first place” Liam spoke honestly

“Why not? Why are you so against their relationship? You left her that night”

“Because he knew she was mine”

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