Crossing Paths

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Chapter 27

The next day, Harper insisted that she would attend some meetings, she wanted to feel normal again. Ryan persuaded her to stay home and rest, however she was being stubborn and she went to work, she still felt exhausted.

She attended some meetings, doing some paperwork, going to the office, receiving a look from Anika, she shrugged and did what she needed to do.

I’m strong

I’m independent

I can do this

She kept chanting those words, throughout the day, she had a lot of problems in her personal life, however she refused to let go of her professional life, she wanted to work and she wanted things to remain normal and stable.

“What are you doing here?” Anika strolled in, her baby bump was slightly showing, Harper smiled at that, she was happy for her best friend

“I need to work, I can’t stay home and do nothing, I can’t let this interfere with my life”

Anika closed the door, before turning to her, folding her arms “you mean cancer. You have cancer and you’ve got to rest, you’ve got to recover and get better”

“Anika, I love you with all my heart, but other women and men walk around doing whatever they do, whatever they want to even with cancer, life goes on, it doesn’t stop. Just because I’m having cancer doesn’t mean anything, I can’t let cancer dictate my life. It’s something I’ve got to deal with, it’s an obstacle that I’ve got to overcome”

“Fine” Anika huffed, unsatisfied with her best friend, taking a seat in front of her, and continued to question Harper, “what are you going to do with Wyatt? Or what have you decided?”

“I’m not sure, honestly, my marriage just started, I don’t know what to do” she sighed, not knowing how everything would turn out, the issue was constantly in her mind.

“I think you need to talk to Wyatt, figure it out, and talk to Liam, he has things to tell you as well. You need to figure out if you want to work on your marriage, how are you going to deal with Nadia and the baby. Do you love Wyatt?”

Harper was taken aback by her truthfulness, she shrugged, “honestly, right now, I’m not sure, I thought I did, when I got married, I thought I did, right now I can’t be sure, I know I need to figure my feelings and how do I deal with the entire thing”

“What did grandpapa say?”

“Grandpapa said that I needed to follow my heart, he said that I loved Wyatt to an extend if I chose to marry him, but if I’m unhappy or if Wyatt isn’t sure about his feelings, then we should consider taking time off to figure our feelings out, but grandpapa said I would know when I see Wyatt. I was actually thinking of meeting Nadia later, I want to talk to her and figure out some things” Harper opened up, she wanted to know why Nadia lied to her, she wanted to get the truth from Nadia before Wyatt, because she didn’t want to just be blinded by Wyatt’s sweet words and loving gesture, she knew Nadia loved him, but she needed to know more about the relationship than was told.

“Do you want me to come with you? I can’t fight cause I’m pregnant but I can sit on her while you punch her” Anika suggested, causing Harper to laugh, a genuine laugh in days, she always loved how Anika would always have her back. “No seriously, do you want me to come?”

“It’s okay, do you think I should meet her today?”

“Yeah just get it over with” Anika agreed.

Harper took out her phone, ignoring the calls and texts that were left by Wyatt, skimming through her phone till she found her chat with Nadia

Harper : Can you meet me tonight at 7pm. Just you, I don’t want Wyatt around, I want to talk

Harper arrived at a cafe near her office, she sat as she smoothen out her skirt before crossing her legs, taking a sip of her lemonade, she was early. Deciding to catch up on some work, she started typing some emails while she waited for Nadia to arrive.

“Harper” Nadia spoke, as Harper looked up, motioning for her to take a seat in front of her. Harper stared at Nadia, as she shifted uncomfortably in her seat.

“How was your check up yesterday?” Harper broke the silence, Nadia was almost squirming in her seat.

“It was good, I’m about six weeks, the baby’s heartbeat is strong” Harper could only nod in response, the whole situation was awkward, they were both awkward and uncomfortable.

“Harper” Nadia started

“You conceived before our wedding” she interrupted Nadia

“I’m sorry” Nadia apologised, eyes watering, Harper shook her head

“Basically my marriage was tainted, doomed from the beginning. I want to know, why did you pursue him when you told me you were over him? I want to know the truth”

“I thought I was over him, then that night at the club, the night of your bachelorette I went to the club they were at to see Saint, I was drunk, I was upset, I wanted affection from Saint, then I started dancing with Wyatt, then things went south from there, we got caught up in the moment, we agreed to never speak of it ever again. Then that night after my fight with Saint broke out, I was pissed that myself mostly, I was angry that I trusted my heart with Saint, I thought that since I couldn’t be with Wyatt, Saint was the next best thing”


They were gathered over dinner for Christmas celebration, Nadia noticed that Saint was different ever since the wedding, more tense, less outgoing, she was going to confront him after dinner, she wanted to know what was going on, his entire demeanour changed after receiving the airpods from Harper.

Nadia noticed that Saint couldn’t keep his eyes off her, instead of saying anything during the dinner, Nadia adjusted her boobs to try to gain attention from Saint. Since the wedding, they haven’t been spending time or being intimate in any way. She couldn’t figure out why, she thought he was just nervous, she thought that he was going to propose.

As they made their way back, Nadia and Saint led the way, as Harper and Wyatt trailed behind, once reaching the villa, they parted ways to be in their own space.

“Isn’t Harper pretty?” Nadia tested Saint

“Yeah, she’s beautiful” he answered nonchalantly

“Do you like her?” she questioned, more serious this time

“Don’t you?” he raised an eyebrow

“I do” she decided to drop it, she didn’t want to know where the conversation would lead to. She didn’t want to find out if Saint wanted Harper, she would not be able to bear if Wyatt and Saint both rather be with Harper than her, she had to use every energy she had to push the thought of what happened the night at the club with Wyatt.

End Flashback

“I dated Saint for some time, I honestly can’t even remember how long we’re together, he used to be this guy who slept with basically every girl he knew, because he knew he could. He knew he had the looks to pull it off, and his accent was magnificent to most girls, how he would charm them. I met Wyatt when we were way younger, I had crushes on him for the longest time, back then I knew he had Charlie or rather Charlotte, he loved her, but it wasn’t the type of love that you would want to marry them, that’s why they broke up. They knew they were young and stupid, but I know Wyatt was always a hopeless romantic, he loved being sappy and how you Americans say cheesy. I loved that quality about Wyatt, I fell in love with him hard, but he told me that he wasn’t interested, then we drifted a little, but I still had feelings for him, I guess my feelings for him were just suppressed, I thought it was gone, but it was just deep in my heart. When I met Saint, his looks, his accent and his charm were the things that attracted me to him, but those were also the thing that other girls were attracted to him, I just wanted to sleep with Saint, I wasn’t planning on having a relationship with him, but some years ago, something happened to Saint, something that only Wyatt knew about, and he changed, he stopped fooling around, he fell in love with someone, but I don’t know much about her, I thought he got over her, he never talks about it, then we started having a mutual agreement, we started sleeping with each other, and somehow along the way we ended up dating exclusively. Because of that, I thought I was over Wyatt, I genuinely thought I was over him, then that night at the club, I thought I’d gotten him out of my system completely. I was wrong, I fell deeper and harder after that night, I struggled, and Saint and I weren’t being intimate, for some reason he didn’t want to, and I wasn’t in the mood to be with him, at that point I was trying to convince myself Saint was going to propose, and when he didn’t I was somewhat relieved, when I ran off that night I was angry at myself. I didn’t plan on sleeping with Wyatt, it just happened. Harper I’m sincerely sorry from the bottom of my heart” Nadia explained and apologised as she wiped away her tears.

“Do you think he loves you the way you love him?” Harper wanted to know, she knew that Nadia could be lying, she knew there was a possibility that Nadia was trying to ensure that they break up, but she wanted to know

“I don’t know how he feels. I know he loves you, I know he has genuine feelings for you, I wish I could sit here and lie to you, and tell you that he loves me and that he would want to be with me, but honestly, I don’t know if that’s the truth. I know he wants this baby, that’s the only thing I’m sure about” Harper was satisfied with Nadia’s honesty

“I forgive you” Harper said looking dead into Nadia’s eyes, she gasped in shock at those words, “I forgive you, but that doesn’t mean I can forget it. I know how it feels like to be in love, I can’t fault you for something you can’t control, you could’ve controlled sleeping with my husband, but I can’t fault you for loving him” she explained

“Thank you Harper, honestly I’m so sorry” Nadia continued to apologise, although feeling relief and grateful for Harper’s kindness

They continued to talk a little bit more, trying to get back on friendly terms, even though Harper was heartbroken by their actions, she knew that what Nadia felt was true love. When they were done, Nadia wanted to give Harper a hug, but she refused, assuring her that it wasn’t the right time, she still felt betrayed, she needed to heal before she could fully be friendlier with Nadia. As she was exiting the cafe, she knew what she needed to do, pulling out her phone, she dialed




“Wyatt, meet me at 7pm by Noms on 13 February”

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