Crossing Paths

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Chapter 28

Two days had passed, it was the day she planned to meet Wyatt, she was nervous, she needed to talk to him, she needed to get things off her chest, since speaking to Nadia, she went to work like usual, Liam came over to Ryan’s everyday after work to check up on Harper, getting to know Ryan better, and they ended up bonding over food. Heath decided to cut all communications with Wyatt from the moment he found out about the affair, Heath wanted to kill Wyatt, but made promises that he wouldn’t.

Arriving at the restaurant, Harper scanned around to see Wyatt sitting at a table, fidgeting with a spoon. Harper swallowed nervously as she walked over to the table, hearing her heels clicked on the wooden floor.

“Wyatt” she greeted as she pulled her chair out, he quickly stood up to give her a hug, to which she tensed instantly, before relaxing a little and hugging him back. They took their seats and ordered, enjoying their moments of silence and awkwardness before their impending talk.

“Harper, how are you?” he broke the silence first, he was aching to know, he missed her

“I’ve been better honestly, I’m actually getting my hysterectomy done this Sunday, 16th February, I brought it forward” she spoke in a soft voice, she was still upset about the hysterectomy and her never getting the chance to carry her own baby

“Oh, may I come?” he asked, her heart broke a little, she missed him too, she loved him

“Wyatt, we need to talk first” she insisted

“Okay, I’m sorry Harper, I….”

“No Wyatt, I want to know why you slept with Nadia the first time, and I want to know why you slept with her again during our honeymoon and when you were in New York” her voice hard, as she tried to conceal the hurt in her voice.

“I don’t know”

“How can you not know Wyatt? How could you marry me when the night before you banged your friend in the club? How is that even possible? Then you slept with her again during our honeymoon!” Harper’s voice got higher, gaining the attention of neighboring tables, she did not care at that point

“I’m sorry Harper”

Trying to calm herself down, as she took several deep breaths, “I need to know Wyatt, just be honest with me, do you have any feelings for Nadia?” Wyatt looked down, silent, as Harper wiped her tears that were streaming down her face.

“Wyatt, close your eyes” she instructed and he did what he was told, she stared at the man she loved, she knew what she was about to ask him would either make them stronger or break their marriage.

“Wyatt, where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time? Be honest with yourself” she braced herself for the answer, she needed to know yet she was afraid

“Married, in love, with my kids running around” her heart broke a little as she continued

“Who’s your wife?” her voice breaking a little

“I don’t know, I can only see my kids”

“Okay, open your eyes” she said as she wiped her tears, she stared into Wyatt’s eyes, as he started to cry, she reached out offering her hand, he placed his in hers, as they held each other’s hand, staring at each other intently.

“We’re done aren’t we?” Wyatt asked, Harper shut her eyes tightly nodding her head “I really loved you Harper, I still do”

“I love you too Wy” she replied, wiping her tears

“I’m sorry Harper, I really did love you, and I still do. I know I messed up, I slept with Nadia, I cheated on you, when I shouldn’t have done any of it, I would take it back if I could, I believe from the bottom of my heart you were the love of my life” she nodded, their food started to arrive.

“There’s really no way for us to work it out? We could try counselling?” Wyatt suggested

“Wyatt, I don’t think counselling would change the circumstances, in the end, you did sleep with Nadia, who was my bridesmaid, who was your best friend, I don’t think counselling would change how I feel. You broke my trust” she admitted

“Harper” he whispered, wiping away his tears, “I’m really sorry for hurting you, I wasn’t thinking, if I didn’t cheat, do you think we would’ve worked out?”

She pondered, would it?

“Honestly Wyatt, I think we rushed into getting married, I think we should’ve taken our time to get to know each other better, I think in the long run we would’ve been unhappy. I love you with all my heart Wyatt, but it wasn’t what I expected, and I think it was the same for you too. I think if you would’ve loved me the way a husband loves his wife, I don’t think you would’ve continued to sleep with Nadia. You would’ve felt guilt and you would’ve ended it before it got further. I think we were only meant to be with each other for awhile, but I don’t think I will ever stop loving you Wy”

“I love you so much Harper, I don’t think I would ever stop loving you, you were my first love. I hope even after everything, we could still remain friends, I need you in my life”


Lily Taylor, Wyatt’s mom was over the apartment, he was at work, she had invited Harper over, hoping to get some mother daughter bonding time before the wedding which was a month away. Lily liked Harper, she loved her like a daughter, she knew that Wyatt was marrying someone worthy of him.

Knock knock

Right on time, Lily thought. She opened the door, revealing Harper with a bottle of wine, smiling.

“Hi Lily” Harper greeted

“Come in dear” opening the door wider for her to enter

Lily served dinner, as they started to dig in, Lily asked Harper for a favour.

“I need your help Harper”

“Yes?” Harper replied as she dug into the roast that Lily made.

“Can you please sign a prenup?” Harper was stunned by the request

“Excuse me?” she was slightly offended, she understood why it was in place, but the sudden request offended her slightly.

“I know my son, it’s not that I don’t trust you Harper, I know how Wyatt can be, and I don’t want to see either of you hurt, but this is just to protect both of your interests. Money can change a person, you have a business, you probably have more to lose compared to Wyatt, but it would make me sleep a lot better at night, knowing that if anything were to happen, you were both safe. If you don’t want to sign one, it’s okay I understand, but I would want you to consider signing one. You can draft it out, if you would like” Lily reasoned

“Okay, I’ll get a prenup” she agreed, she knew it would protect her

“Thank you dear, I will talk to Wyatt too” she smiled.

End Flashback

“Can I be there for you though Harper, can I come to the hospital to visit you and take care of you? I still love you, and I want to be there for you” Wyatt asked, as she poked around her food, lost all appetite after their conversation earlier

“I don’t know, I’ll think about it” she shrugged, “are you going to date Nadia?” she asked, she was curious, no matter what the answer may be, she was already hurt either way.

“I don’t know, I might try to work it out, but I’m still in love with you, every fibre of my being regrets ruining my chance of having a perfect life with you, I never really thought or explored the thought of Nadia in that way, I’ve always known she felt that way for me, but it never actually thought about it, even now, I’ve only considered working it out with you” he admitted

“You have a baby on the way, you’re becoming a father” her heart panged, she knew it was tough on her, she knew that her possibility of having a child would be lowered due to her circumstances, she continued, “you need to consider it Wyatt, just consider your parenting skills, consider custody, if you want it to work out between yourself and Nadia, you need to put in the effort” he looked down, he knew that she was hurting, but she put a tough exterior for him

“I’m happy that I’m becoming a father, I’ll figure it out with Nadia, we need to talk, but I needed to talk to you first, I needed to see what we were” Harper nodded her head, paying attention to her food being pushed around.

“So are you planning on dating anyone?” he asked

“I’m barely separated Wyatt, I can’t just date anyone”

“What about Liam?”

“What about Liam?” Harper asked confused

“He hasn’t told you?”

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