Crossing Paths

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Chapter 29

It was the day of Harper’s surgery, there were a lot of things playing on her mind. Since she saw Wyatt, she has been more reserved, she knew that Liam was hiding something from her. Currently she’s sitting in the waiting room, waiting to get admitted in, with Heath and Ryan by her side, Liam on the opposite of her, she didn’t want grandpapa to be there, so she restricted him from going. Anika had her pregnancy check up, and would only be able to accompany her later. As she laid her head on Heath, she avoided Liam’s gaze, she knew he was staring at her, she tried to seek as much comfort as she could in Heath, as he hugged her, he was scared.


“He hasn’t told you?” Wyatt asked, surprised

Harper shook her head, not understanding what he meant, “No, what do you mean?”

“Harper, I know that you slept with Liam, I know he’s the one you lost your virginity to” she gasped, she didn’t know that he knew, it was a total surprise for her, she blushed looking away

“How?” suddenly feeling guilty, for keeping it a secret

“Don’t feel guilty Harp, just do me a favour, stay away from Liam. Don’t believe what he says” Wyatt convinced, as she nodded her head, suddenly feeling confused, questions swarming in her head.

How did Wyatt find out?

Who told him?

When did he find out?

“Let’s not talk about this” Wyatt suggested, Harper couldn’t wrap her head around the entire situation.

The next day was Valentine’s day, she was feeling slightly upset, she thought she could finally celebrate it, with her husband no less, but her marriage barely lasted a month to begin with. Anika was busy with Tyreese, Heath had Melissa, grandpapa had Mary, Ryan had a date with a coworker, she didn’t know what Liam was up to. She didn’t want to assume or ask.

So she went to work as per usual, did whatever she could to keep her mind busy, however with everyone in the office receiving gifts and surprises, she felt slightly left out. After work, Harper went back to Ryan’s place, took a shower and sat on the bed, thinking how her life had been and the turn of events.

Knock knock

Snapping out of her glum, wondering who it might be, she walked over to open the door.

“Ciao” Liam smiled, she raised an eyebrow, wondering what was he doing there, he had spent every day with her, but seeing that it was Valentine’s day, she was sure he had gotten himself a date. Looking at his hands, he had flowers and take out, she was even more confused.

“What are you doing here?”

“Just because it’s Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean I would break my promise” he assured her smiling as she let him in

“Don’t you have a date?” she asked, feeling butterflies, although she was a little uneasy due to the fact that the day before her husband told her not to trust his best friend.

“I do, it’s with you bellissima” he smirked cockily

“What if I had a date?” she challenged

“Then I would’ve waited for you to come back, and have some proper food, that date would have been horrible” he was extremely cocky, as he chuckled

“What if I decided to go back to his place? You would’ve waited till the next day” she didn’t know why she said that, but she felt the need to rile him up

“Bellissima, Quello di cui hai bisogno non è un altro uomo, quello di cui hai bisogno sono io. (What you need is not another man, what you need is me) I know you, I know you more than you think I do” with that she decided to drop the topic, not wanting to dig deeper

After dinner, Harper was full, they sat on the sofa extremely close in proximity feeling comfortable, as he draped his hand over her shoulder, watching some random movie, they talked a little in between.

Liam kissed the top of her head, lingering longer than usual, looking up into his eyes, she could see the guy she once knew back in Oxford, it wasn’t Liam that was cocky, it wasn’t the Liam, he looked vulnerable, even though she knew he wasn’t.

He gazed at her and she gazed at him, leaning in, she could feel his lips, even though it wasn’t touching yet, she could feel him

“Hey!” Ryan opened the door greeting loudly, snapping them out of their trance, instantly jumping away from each other

End Flashback

“Miss Harper Wilson?” a petite nurse called, searching around the room, her eyes landed on Harper, as she nodded, Harper stood up, the rest followed as she followed the nurse to her room.

“Please change into the hospital gown, the doctor will be in, in about an hour to brief you before your surgery. Do you need anything?” the nurse instructed and asked, as Heath checked out the room, he had requested for a private room, he didn’t want Harper to be interrupted during her recovery. Harper shook her head in response to the nurse.

“One last thing, you may have 1 person to accompany you after visiting hours, the sofa can be pulled out to be a bed, however the person that would be accompanying you needs to register with the nurse, for security purposes” the nurse informed before exiting the room.

“How do you feel Harp?” Ryan spoke up first, taking a seat on the bed

“Can we not talk about it?” Harper wanted to avoid talking about it, Ryan nodded his head, placing his hand on her leg, assuring her in silence.

Heath changed the topic, they started chatting away, trying to distract Harper, Liam stayed silent most of the time looking at Harper. Soon Ryan went for a walk, feeling nervous for Harper, Heath decided to visit Melissa for her break, leaving Harper alone with Liam.

She shifted uncomfortably on the bed, adjusting her gown, trying not to flash at Liam.

Bellissima” Liam finally spoke, she hummed in response, avoiding to look him in the eyes, “why are you avoiding me?” he questioned, as he pulled his chair closer to the bed, wanting to touch her

“I’m not avoiding you Li” she replied after some time, finally looking at him, his eyes held a lot of unspoken emotion, emotions that she can’t decipher.

“Yes you have bellissima, but we can discuss that after your surgery. Tell me the truth bellissima, how do you feel?”, she shook her head as her eyes watered

“You can tell me” he cooed, as he climbed on the bed, sitting next to her, she scooted to the side allowing him to be in the same position as she was. Her eyes watered, as she tried to control the tears threatening to escape.

“I’m scared” she admitted, he remained quiet, allowing her to continue, “growing up, all I ever wanted was a normal life, with how my parents left Heath and I, all I ever wanted was to be normal, I wanted to fall in love, get married, have kids, have a successful career, and at the age of 25, I’m about to be divorced, I’ve struggled through one cancer, and survived it, now I’m removing my uterus, and I will never be able to carry a child ever. I will never be able to feel the baby kick in my stomach, I will never be able to go through pregnancy cravings or hearing the baby’s heartbeat whilst it being inside me. At the tender age of 25, I feel like my life is coming to an end, no husband, no uterus, why am I even living?” she cried, as LIam stroked her hair, attempting to calm her nerves.

“Harper, bellissima, just because you’re going through a divorce now, does not mean you will be single forever, you can still find the man of your dreams, you can still have babies, yes it might take more work, but it is not impossible. You still get to live the life you wanted, you are only 25, you’re not 75, your life just begun, it’s tough now, I can’t promise it will get better, but I can promise that your friends and family will be by your side through it all” he paused, switching to italian, “Spero che mi lascerai realizzare i tuoi sogni un giorno” (I hope you would let me make your dreams come through one day)

Liam continued stroking her hair as she sobbed, she didn’t want to cry, she wanted to be strong, she didn’t want to feel weak, but Liam always brought out her emotions, something Wyatt never possessed. “I’m scared Li, I’m terrified” she whispered

Bellissima..” his voice trailed off at the sound of the door being opened, they looked up as Harper sniffed, confused to see Wyatt standing in the doorway.

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