Crossing Paths

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Chapter 3

3 years have passed, Harper tried her hardest to forget that forsaken night, the night she enjoyed so much, and hated that she enjoyed it. It was a painful few months for her, trying to erase him from her memory, she could remember every detail of that night and his face haunts her memory. She felt guilty for sleeping with him, she felt guilty for being stupid and having feelings for him. On the plane right back, Harper broke down and told Anika everything that happened, Anika rubbed her back and cursed 8 hours out of 11 hours of flight.

Anika and Harper decided to open a headhunter company a year ago, and business is picking up. After coming back from Oxford, Anika met a guy named Tyreese, who was a basketball player, with both of them being commitment phobe, they decided to have a friends with benefits relationship. Harper chose not to date, which Heath was glad about, men would constantly ask her out but she’s changed and matured, she vowed that she would never be that foolish ever again.

Today she would be interviewing someone for an architect job that opened up, as she sat in the cafe by the beach, she waited for him to arrive, looking at her watch 4 minutes before the interview was supposed to start, she looked out at the sea as she crossed her legs.

“Hi, are you Harper Wilson?”, a tall handsome man with a thick British accent asked.

“Yes, you must be Wyatt Taylor” she smiled as she stood up to shake his hand. She admired his features before sitting down and gesturing to him to do the same. She felt butterflies again, the first time since Liam, she was never nervous when interviewing someone but with Wyatt, she felt different, she felt alive again. She cleared her throat and tried to maintain all professionalism.

“So let’s cut the the chase Mr Taylor”

“Just call me Wyatt” he interrupted her, she nodded before continuing.

“So Wyatt, there’s a job opening here in LA, and I think you would be suitable for the job. It’s a highly reputable Architecture Firm, and based on your resume I found, it would be double of what you were earning back in England. Accommodation would be fully paid for, you would be getting allowances, transportation and your annual income would be USD200,000 a year” she offered.

“Don’t you want to ask me anything?” he questioned raising his eyebrow.

“I’ve done my research on you, and let’s be real here, you wouldn’t fly here to meet me when we could’ve Skyped interview Wyatt. Plus I know a lot about you, from what your previous employers told me and from what you’ve told me with your body language”

“Oh so you’re a feisty one. Well anyways, I would take the job, but under one condition”

“That is?”

“Go on one date with me?” he smiled, her heart instantly fluttered, but she knew better than to date her clients or to let her guard down.

“Nope, you are my client and it is highly unethical for me to date my client”, maintaining her composure.

“Okay then, I would not take the job, I reject the offer, then I’m no longer your client” he bravely offered.

Harper sighed, “That’s not how it works Wyatt, come on be serious, this is a good opportunity, don’t waste this”, she leaned forward looking into his hazel eyes, trying to be more convincing, she didn’t want him to know the real reason why she needed this commission, she was running behind on rent and she was struggling to keep afloat, as she was secretly taking treatments from the hospital.

6 months ago, Harper went in for her usual check up and found that she had stage 1 breast cancer, she didn’t want the bill to appear in her insurance statements, she didn’t want for her family or Anika to find out, so she hid it by paying cash. She went through a lumpectomy and now, she is going through radiotherapy, her last session would be next week and she needed the commission from this deal in order to pay for her rent.

Wyatt leaned over taking her hand in his, looking into her eyes, trying to decipher her thoughts but unable to, she tried to pull her hands away, to maintain professionalism, instead he tightened his grip on her, he loved the feeling of her skin on his.

“Just go on one date with me, and I will take the job” Wyatt pleaded.

“No Wyatt, I can’t do that, my job is important to me, my professionalism is important to me. The job is good for you, take it. I just met you, but I know you would have a good career and future ahead of you” she smiled gently, pulling her hands away as he reluctantly let her go.

“Okay Harper, I will take the job, but if our paths cross again in the future, would you go out on a date with me?”

Stunned by the request, she hesitantly agreed. Soon they discussed the job and brought him to meet the CEO of the company, and they parted ways. Wyatt wondered if their paths would possibly cross again, Harper feeling relieved by the end of the day. She enjoyed Wyatt’s presence more than she thought she would, he was a huge flirt but also a gentleman, it also helped that he was extremely good looking.

Two weeks later, after her last radiotherapy session, she needed to celebrate, inviting Anika and Ryan- she met him 2 years ago, and they instantly clicked, to Heath’s bar for some drinks and just to hang out. Anika brought over some friends along, while Ryan and Harper sat chatting away, enjoying each other’s company.

“So are you seeing anyone yet?” Ryan questioned.

“Nope, not planning to” taking a sip on her coke, Harper stopped drinking after her one night stand, she blamed losing her virginity on Liam and the drinks she had, even though she wasn’t drunk, she blamed it on the alcohol causing her to have lack of self control, “Are you?” she questioned him back.

“I went on a date with this dude last night, he was too clingy but he did give a good head” Harper choked on her drink at the last part, Ryan broke out into a fit of laughter, earning a glare from her, “Harp, you are far too innocent, I don’t know how we are friends. If I were straight, I would make you mine and fuck you all day and all night baby”.

Ryan was gay, but it wasn’t obvious to the public, he didn’t want to fall into that stereotype, but he was actively dating around. He liked Harper, he loved the shape of her body and how innocent yet confident she was, if he was straight he would’ve dated her hands down, but too bad he isn’t.

“Hey Harp, I’m going out on a date now, let Mikey know if you need anything, and please don’t let Anika raid the bar, I would like to have some profits tonight, drinks are only free for you Harper”, Heath informed her as he kissed her cheek goodbye.

Harper returned her attention to Ryan talking about his job, he was a casting director and he was explaining the people he met recently and the stories he had, while Anika got hammered with her friends, none was suspicious with Harper inviting them out, and none of them questioned it.

Ryan stopped talking as he looked behind her, and Harper suddenly felt a tap on her shoulder, and she turned to look at who it was.

“Harper?” she turned and was shocked to see Wyatt standing behind her.

“Mr Taylor?” she raised an eyebrow now standing up to face him.

“So our paths do cross again. Call me Wyatt” he smiled widely at her.

“Ahh yes Wyatt, good seeing you, how’s your new job?” Harper questioned, smiling looking up at him, he was tall, his height was towering over her 5’ stature, he was easily 6’, he was still as good looking as she remembered, and by the sound of his voice, she could feel her heart beat faster, and she felt the same butterflies in her belly.

“It’s going great actually, I started my job yesterday, I’m staying nearby here actually, they rented me a penthouse suite, I’m here with my colleagues actually” he said as he pointed towards the table nearby, she nodded and smiled at them.

“Good to hear, well then I guess you should get back to your festivities. Good seeing you Wyatt”, Harper politely tried to cut the conversation short.

“Harper, are you currently a date?”, Wyatt asked looking at Ryan.

“Hey, I’m Ryan, not her date but her friend” he offered his hand to Wyatt, in return Wyatt gladly shook it, earning an eye roll from Harper, knowing very well where the conversation would lead to.

“Harper, remember I told you if our paths crossed again, that I would love to take you out on a date?”, she knew what he was referring to, she was avoiding it, she was afraid of getting her heart broken again.

“Go Harper, go get laid” Ryan chriped in encouraging her to go on a date with him, earning a glare from her.

“No I won’t defile her, I would love to get to know her first”, Harper bit her lip, feeling the butterflies fluttering in the belly, then he turned to her and said, “I got the job, I’m no longer your client, and you currently aren’t on a date, so I don’t see a reason why you can’t come on a date with me?”

“How do you know I’m not married?” she suddenly felt brave enough to challenge him, from the corner of her eyes she could see Ryan crossing his hands while rolling his eyes at her remark.

“Love, if you were married, your husband would be a fool to let you out of his sight,” he paused to lean in and whispered, “If I were your husband, I would be making love to you morning till night, plus I don’t see a ring on your finger” he said the last part a little louder as he pulled away from her ear. Her perfume was intoxicating for him, he was smitten.

“Harp, if you don’t go on a date with him, I will, he is hot”, Ryan said suggestively, Wyatt chuckled in response.

“Okay fine, we can go on a date, you have my number, call me and maybe we could schedule something” Harper said giving in, Wyatt smiled widely, “How about we go out on that date now? If you like me, then we can go out on another date?”

“A little presumptuous are you now? How sure are you there will be a second date?”

“Love, I have every intention to make you mine. From the moment I heard your voice when you called me for the job, I knew I had to meet you, and when I did, you did not disappoint. I have every intention of making this work for us. And I’m a strong believer that God puts people in our paths for a reason, and I hope that reason would be that you’ll be my wife” Wyatt said in all seriousness.

Harper was stunned by the sudden forwardness, she enjoyed his flirtations but what she enjoyed more was his possessiveness and confidence. She bit her lip taking in his words letting them sink in and finally she replied, “okay, I’ll go on a date with you”

They bid their goodbyes to their friends and colleagues, Wyatt had led her back to the beach, deciding to remove her heels and his shoes as they let loose, so that they could freely talk and walk along Venice beach.

“So tell me about yourself Harper”

“Well, as you know, I’m Harper, Harper Emmy Wilson, I’m turning 24, as you know I’m a headhunter, and I actually studied in Oxford, England for 3 years, what about you?”

“Wyatt Brandon Taylor, 31, well you got me the job and I’m surprised we haven’t met before, since you’ve studied abroad”

“You do know it isn’t actually a small place right?” she joked.

“Yeah, let’s play 20 questions” he asked excitedly, she smiled.

“Okay I go first, favourite color?” Wyatt asked.

“Peach, you?”

“Silver and gold”


“1 older brother, you?”

“Same” she smiled

“What’s the celebration tonight?”

Harper froze, it was an unexpected question, even her friends didn’t know, she looked away thinking, deciding to be honest, “I have stage 1 breast cancer, and well today I completed my course of radiotherapy”

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