Crossing Paths

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Chapter 30

“Wyatt?” Harper asked, confused, she could feel Liam’s body tensed, fists clenched, Wyatt looked between the both of them, eyes hard on Liam.

“Harper, I know you don’t want me here, but legally you’re still my wife. And I would like to be there for my wife” he said with much conviction, staring back at Liam

“How did you know which room I was in?” she straightened up, wiping away her tears, putting on a brave face again, as Liam stood up facing Wyatt, on his guard.

“I asked the receptionist, you are still my wife, I have the right to know Harper. I just wanted to be here for you and with you Harp” he explained, eyes not leaving Liam

Lei non è più tua” (She’s not yours anymore)

“Né è tua” (Neither is she yours) Wyatt responded, the air in the room got heavier, the tension was building up, Harper wasn’t sure what was going on between the both of them, but she didn’t want to find out

Ti suggerisco di lasciarla sola. Non dovresti essere qui, le hai causato abbastanza dolore” (I suggest you leave her alone. You shouldn’t be here, you’ve caused her enough pain)

“Pensi che sarebbe tua?” (You think she would be yours?) Wyatt challenged, Liam’s clenched his fists tighter

“Hello Ms Wilson” Dr Curtis cheerfully greeted as he walked in, cutting the tension of the room immediately, staring at the two men glaring at each other, he walked over to Harper raising an eyebrow before dropping it completely.

“Hi Dr Curtis” she wished nervously

“How are you feeling today?” he asked, as Dr Mark strolled in behind him, Harper blushed

“Been better”

“Everything will be okay, we’ve done this countless times. You’re in safe hands” Dr Mark reassured her

“Our nurses will prep you and wheel you in the operating room soon, both Dr Mark and I would be performing the surgery, it would take up to two hours, then you would be in the recovery room, once you’re cleared we will bring you out, then your friends and family can see you again” Dr Curtis informed, as she nodded.

True to their words, the nurses came in to take her temperature, blood pressure and prep her for the surgery. Wyatt and Liam weren’t on the best terms, Heath glared at Wyatt, as he shifted uncomfortably, Heath spoke to everyone else other than Wyatt, Anika soon joined right before she was wheeled off.

“You’ll do great Harper. I love you boo” Anika kissed her on the cheek

“Come back to me baby sis, you’ll be safe. Love you” Heath said as he kissed her forehead

“Harper, kick ass in there” he joked as he patted her hair before kissing her cheek

“Love, I’m sorry, I’ll be here when you’re done, I still love you Harper” Wyatt said with sad eyes, as he took her hand kissing it, not wanting to cross his boundary

As they started to wheel her, Liam was the only one who hasn’t said anything, he walked alongside the hospital bed as they wheeled her, he wiped her tears, knowing that she was in pain.

“Sir, you can’t enter beyond this point” a male nurse told Liam, he nodded

Looking down at Harper he smiled, kissing her cheek, few millimeters from her lips, he whispered, “Non lasciarmi, torna da me amore mio. Ci sono molte cose che non sono state dette, ma fidati di me, una volta guarito, ti mostrerò il mondo e ti tratterò bene.” (Don’t leave me, come back to me my love. There are a lot of things that were left unsaid, but trust me, once you recover, I will show you the world and treat you right)

Four hours later, Liam and Heath were on their feet pacing in the waiting room, unsure what was going on, she was supposed to be out an hour ago, no news from the doctors yet. Tyreese joined and held Anika as she waited for her best friend, Ryan took several walks, feeling uneasy as his best friend was in the operating room, Wyatt nervously bit his fingernails trying to avoid Heath’s constant glare.

“What’s taking so long?” Heath almost yelled, feeling uneasy and nervous as the time ticks by slowly. Liam could barely focus on anything else, each time the door would swing open, he would remain hopeful but as the seconds went by, he was feeling less confident and more nervous.

“Please take a seat Heath, just try to calm down” Anika tried to reason with Heath, as the doors swung open, their attentions were immediately shifted to the door, seeing Dr Mark and Dr Curtis walk through the door, gave them some sort of relief. Everyone stood up, rushing to the doctors awaiting their update.

“Mr Wilson” Dr Mark called, Heath nodded his head, feeling like he was about to explode in nervousness

“Harper made it out of surgery, she did well” pausing as he noticed a sigh of relief washed over everyone’s face, “however, during the surgery, our initial plan as discussed with Ms Wilson was only a hysterectomy, due to unforeseen circumstances, we noticed that there were cysts surrounding her ovary, prior to discussion with Ms Harper, she has given us full permission to remove whatever that was necessary. We have done a full hysterectomy, including removal of fallopian tubes and ovaries” Dr Mark ended, before looking at Dr Curtis, allowing him to continue

“During the surgery, she suffered from excessive bleeding, we’ve done whatever that was necessary to stop the bleeding and she’s currently receiving blood work in the recovery room. She was close to crashing, but she pulled through, we will put her in observation for another 3 hours, once she regain consciousness we will bring her back to the room. My suggestion is for everyone to go back and rest, she’s going to be pretty out of it until tomorrow. If anyone is accompanying her for the night, please register yourself at receptionist for security purposes. Any questions?” Dr Curtis informed

“Thank you doc” Heath said as he let out a breath he was holding. As the doctors resumed their work, Heath looked at everyone, eyes filled with worry, he shook his head, he knew he needed to prepare himself for when she wakes up.

“Guys, I think you should go back home and rest, I’ll text updates when she’s awake, there’s no point for us all to be here” Heath suggested looking at everyone other than Wyatt, turning to Anika he said, “you need to rest Anika, too much stress won’t be good for the baby, go home with Ty” she nodded in agreement.

They soon bid their goodbyes, Wyatt left without a word, knowing that he would not be acknowledged by anyone, Ryan, Anika and Tyreese decided to get dinner together, while Heath registered with the nurses to stay the night, Liam waited in her room, wanting to see her one last time for the day before heading back to the hotel.

Heath and Liam got along pretty fairly, but Heath knew that Liam had feelings for his sister, he wasn’t too glad with it, but he learned to accept it, although Heath would always be on high alert after Wyatt.

True to their words, three hours later, Harper was wheeled into her own room by the nurses, looking at her, she looked tiny, with tubes still in her arms and cables hooked on her chest, Heath felt extremely upset by the sight. The nurses warned them that she would be waking up anytime now, and that the doctor would be in shortly to check on her, however she would still be a little out of it due to the anaesthetic.

After the nurses left, Liam walked over to the other side of the bed, gazing down at her, he stroked her hair, lost in his thoughts.

“I’m going to go, visiting hour is up anyways. Here’s my number, please inform me if anything happens” Liam informed Heath, passing Heath his name card,

“Thanks bro”

Taking one last look at Harper, he bend down kissing her temple whispering, “Grazie a Dio sei al sicuro. Non vedo l’ora che tu sia in salute, così da poterti dire tutto quello che volevo. Non ho mai smesso di pensare e sognarti amore mio” (Thank God you’re safe. I can’t wait for you to be healthy so that I can tell you everything I wanted to. I never stopped thinking and dreaming of you my love. )

Heath stared at Harper, waiting for her to wake up, he held her hands as he used the other to rub his temple. The door opened, Melissa walked in smiling at him, her shift just ended, but she decided that she would stay with him for a few more hours before going home.

He got up to hug Melissa, kissing her on the lips, he was in love with her, and she was with him, although they’ve not said it yet, their feelings for each other were strong.

“Why did Liam leave that morning?” Harper asked, still in daze, gaining the attention on Heath and Melissa

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