Crossing Paths

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Chapter 31

After Harper’s surgery, she was informed by the doctors about what had happened during the surgery, she was upset, but she understood it was meant to help her, doctors suggested for her to see a psychologist, fear that she would fall into depression. During the recovery period, whilst still groggy from sedation, Harper told all her secrets to Heath.

Heath wasn’t the happiest with the new information, but understood as she poured out her heart towards him, when she fully regained consciousness, Heath confronted her about Liam and her virginity, she admitted and he was angry to begin with, soon understanding and accepting it. Heath promised Harper that he would not confront Liam about it, he was surprisingly more accepting of the news than he would’ve been, she reasoned it to be, because she was in the hospital bed.

The next day, Liam didn’t turn up, everyone else came to show support, she wanted to call him and ask him why, but she knew it was none of her business. Grandpapa surprised Harper in the afternoon by coming over to the hospital, Anika came first thing in the morning with Ryan to check up on Harper.

Two days later, Harper was discharged from the hospital, Wyatt came over to check up on her, Heath got into a small altercation with Wyatt, resulting in forcing him to go back. Ryan helped her settle in his apartment, as Heath had to work and was unable to be there for her. Liam didn’t turn up both days either, Harper felt disappointed when he didn’t turn up, she wanted to call him but she didn’t want things to be awkward, she didn’t want things to change between them, she was comfortable being friends, she didn’t want to get hurt again.

“Stop checking your phone Harp!” Ryan scolded, throwing a pillow in her face, she sighed, knowing that he was right, he would have contacted if he wanted. She reached for her handbag, wanting to retrieve her meds that she stuffed in there, feeling around in her bag, she touched an envelope, curious, she pulled it out. Raising her brow as she looked at Ryan, who looked just as curious. She opened the envelope that was addressed to her, but on the inside of the envelope was empty.

“There’s nothing in here” she said, for some reason slightly disappointed, she expected something, but she didn’t know what.

Two weeks later, Harper felt better and has recovered, her stitches still hurt a little but overall she felt better than she did the first day of surgery. She hasn’t heard from Liam, it was as if he disappeared into thin air, she tried to text him however it wouldn’t deliver, although she has been receiving unknown private missed calls everyday, but never picking it up. She was disappointed that he had left without a word to her, but she knew this wasn’t the first time.

After she was discharged from the hospital, she officially filed for divorce from Wyatt, and they’ve both contacted their lawyers to draft the papers. They would legally be divorced in 3 months.






“Harper?” Wyatt answered the phone

“Wy, can you talk?” she asked

“Always for you Harp. I missed you” he admitted

“Wyatt, I just wanted to let you know, I’ll be contacting my lawyer tomorrow, I suggest for you to do the same” she could hear him sigh at the other end of the phone

“Can’t we try to work it out? Our marriage barely begun” he tried to reason with her, as she shook her head

“Yes it barely began, because you cheated on me!” She yelled, feeling frustrated, she just had surgery and now she was dealing with her soon to be ex-husband, and she wondered everyday and every hour why hasn’t Liam texted her, all she felt was annoyance and frustration building up.

“I’m sorry Harp, I am willing to try. Please reconsider”

“Wyatt” she sighed, as she tried to rub away the headache that was coming her way

“Harper, I still love you and I still miss you everyday. It was my mistake for cheating on you, I admit to it, I’m willing to change. I need you Harper”

“IF we were to get back together, what about your baby?” she questioned, although she didn’t want to be with him, she wanted to know where his head was at

“I don’t know, I still have to figure it out. We could figure it out together Harp” he pleaded

“Wyatt, I urge you to reconsider Nadia, I think you were always chasing the wrong girl, Nadia loves you, and you love her, but you have been so stubborn to admit it. Even when she’s pregnant, can’t you see that you’re not willing to let her go? You need to figure your own things out Wyatt, I can’t be your wife. I’m calling you as a courtesy call, because I respect you, I’m telling you that I’m contacting my lawyer tomorrow. There’s still a chance for us to be friends, but if you keep this up, I don’t think we should be on talking terms until our divorce has been settled.”

“I’m sorry Harper, I’ll behave” Wyatt said defeated

“Thank you” Harper

End Flashback

Today is her post surgery checkup and results, from the tests that were done to her a few days ago, she was nervous, but she wanted to be strong. She wanted to do it on her own. As she sat in Dr Curtis office, waiting for him and Dr Mark, she nervously played with the hem of her skirt.

“Good morning Ms Wilson” Dr Curtis greeted, opening his door, with Dr Mark trailing behind, smiling at her, she smiled and nodded politely as both doctors sat in front of her.

“How are you today?” Dr Mark asked, Harper looked at him blushing, she bit her lip and replied shyly, “I’m just nervous” he nodded in understanding

“Okay, Dr Curtis do have your test results ready, but before that could you please lie down on the examination table behind you? I just need to check your wound, then you should be fine” Harper nodded, getting up, looking behind at the examination table.

She laid down, adjusting her skirt, as Dr Curtis gently placed a blanket to cover her legs, she unbuttoned her skirt allowing him to take a look at her wound. Putting on his gloves, he inspected it, she looked at the ceiling, trying to distract herself, she could feel his hands on her wound, inspecting it before applying pressure surrounding the wound.

“Does it hurt?” he asked

“No” she said in a small voice, he nodded in acknowledgement, as he applied pressure in another reason, he looked at her, she knew what he meant so she shook her head. Once he was done, he pulled her top down as he turned away to remove his gloves.

“Your wound is healing well Ms Wilson, just remember to abstain from any strenuous physical activity for another six weeks” Dr Mark reminded as he took a seat next to Dr Curtis, Harper got off the examination table to join them.

“Okay, here I have your results Ms Wilson” Dr Curtis said as he passed her the results, he smiled as he continued, “based on the results of your latest test, you are cancer free”

Harper grinned happily, feeling the weight on her shoulders being lifted off. Dr Curtis continued to inform her the following steps, the checkups and encouraging her to see a psychologist. Once he was done, she was excited to leave, thanking him.

“Let me walk you out” Dr Mark said as he stood up, she nodded following him. Closing the door, they walked in awkward silence. Deciding to break the silence, she turned to him smiling, “Thank you Dr Mark”

“Call me Mark, I’m no longer your doctor” he smiled, she blushed, “I apologise if I’m being forward here Ms Wilson, but are you married or seeing anyone?” she looked at him slightly taken aback by his forwardness.

“I’m actually single but going through a divorce” she admitted

“Are you open to dating?” he asked

“I guess so, I haven’t thought about it. Why?” she questioned, not understanding where this was going.

“Good. Well Harper, may I call you by your first name?” he asked gently, she nodded allowing him to continue, “Harper, it’s unethical for me to ask you out when you’re my patient, however starting today you’re no longer my patient. Harper, would you like to go out on a date with me?”

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