Crossing Paths

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Chapter 32

A week later, Harper was getting ready to go on a date, everything fell into place and things were returning back to normal. Tyreese and Anika bought a house together, to raise their baby together, Heath was still going steady with Melissa, Wyatt and Harper weren’t exactly on talking terms, they were advised by their individual lawyers to minimise communication to avoid future complications. Nadia shifted into the penthouse, whilst Wyatt travelled back and forth from New York to LA weekly, working, he wanted her to stay in the penthouse, he wanted to take care of her and try to work on their relationship or friendship before the baby comes.

Liam hasn’t contacted her since the day of her surgery, she gave up trying to contact him. Her heart ached, she wanted to know why, but she knew her questions would go unanswered. She missed him, she missed him as a friend and she missed him in general, she has grown accustomed to his presence and the constant italian. She knew if he wanted to get in contact with her, he would’ve, he had her number this time. Harper knew they would never have a relationship, she knew that he wasn’t looking for someone, besides she married his best friend, but deep down Harper always wanted something more, and she knew it was wrong, so she pushed aside all her feelings for him.

Harper stayed with Ryan, sharing a bed, Harper offered to split the rent with him, however he detested it, he said that he promised Heath that he would take care of her, and as her best friend, he didn’t want her to feel a stranger in their home. Ryan discussed the issue with Harper, and they agreed to be roommates until Harper felt the need to shift out. She was thankful that she had a gracious best friend. Instead of paying rent, she would buy groceries and cook for the two of them, they were essentially a couple at this point. Ryan felt guilty that he did not speak out against her wedding, he initially had reservations but quickly brushed them away, because she was so happy.

Initially when Harper told Ryan about her date with Mark, Ryan wasn’t happy about it, in fact he wanted to report Dr Mark to the medical association, he was totally against it, he felt that he was in violation of her privacy. However, with much digging from Mellisa- Heath’s girlfriend who worked in the same hospital, Mark was a decent man, never flirted with any of the nurses, only had 1 serious relationship prior, so Ryan was a little more accepting of it. Harper kept it a secret from Heath, she didn’t want Heath to freak out over Mark, she had to beg Ryan to keep it a secret from Heath.

“I’m coming on your date” Ryan announced as Harper was applying final touches of her makeup, shaking her head in disagreement.

“No you’re not”

“I’m following you” she rolled her eyes at Ryan, before she could speak

Knock knock

Harper got up, rushing to the door, Ryan beat her to it, Ryan stood at the doorway blocking her view.

“Ryan” she playfully slapped her back, he looked back at her surprised, confusion was written on her face now, he stepped away from the door, revealing Liam looking disheveled.

“Li?” she said it more of a question, his hair was slightly tousled, his shirt was untuck, he looked at her, instantly he reached out, grabbing her neck, pulling her in kissing her lips, she gasped in response.

He kissed her passionately, she responded hungrily, they were lost in their own world, forgetting that Ryan was standing right beside them. He kissed her with everything he had, not breaking apart even for a second, he missed her, he hasn’t spoken to her in three and a half weeks, he wanted to savour every second of her.


Ryan cleared his throat, breaking them out of their trance, pulling away Harper blushed, Liam kept his eyes on her, not caring that Ryan was in the room.

“What the hell are you doing here Liam?” Ryan asked, before turning to Harper, “you have a date soon, what are you doing kissing him?”

Harper’s eyes widened, remembering that she has a date with Mark soon, jumping away from Liam, instantly feeling regret, the look on Liam’s face was unmistakable. “What are you doing here Li?”

Mi sei mancato, cosa intendi con data? (I missed you, what do you mean by date?) I’ve been trying to get in contact with you since I left, you weren’t picking up. Bellissima didn’t you get the letter I told the nurse to slip in your bag?”

“I didn’t get any letter, I only got an empty envelope?” rushing to retrieve the mysterious envelope, passing it to him. He inspected it before looking at her again

“I wrote you a letter, I passed it to a nurse, telling her to pass it to you or to put it in your bag, la puttana” he cursed

“What did you write?” she questioned, he took a step closer, taking her hands, as he sighed,

“I’ll tell you all about it later, I disappeared because I went back to my hometown, Lake Como, my sister and nieces were involved in a car accident during your surgery, I waited after you were done with your surgery, I went back to take care of them, her husband is in the army, so I went back” he explained, she nodded her head, she understood why he went back, and she felt guilty for being selfish, thinking that he would leave again without any explanation.

“How are they now?” she asked

“My sis Bella, broke her leg and had a few fractures, my nieces had a few scratches, overall better” he smiled, as he tucked a loose strand of her hair behind her ear, she felt butterflies in her stomach, she was nervous, she blushed.

“Harper” Ryan called her name, trying to gain her attention, she looked at him, “you have a date in like 10 minutes. He should be on the way or he should be reaching soon” Ryan warned, she mentally slapped herself, she was suppose to go on the date, but with Liam back, she didn’t want to, she wanted to talk to him and clear the air first, but she didn’t want to miss the opportunity with Mark, she was torn.

“Why are you going out on a date? Aren’t you with Wyatt?” Liam asked confused

“You just kissed her, and now you worried about her cheating on her husband?” Ryan questioned

“We’re getting a divorce, I thought I told you?” she asked

“Wyatt said you were working it out, I called him yesterday. Bastardo” cussing at Wyatt, “who are you dating? Is it serious?” he questioned her, looking frustrated

“It’s my first date, so no it’s not serious”

“Can you cancel it?” Liam asked sounding agitated, Harper stepped back immediately, distancing herself from him

“Why should I?” feeling agitated for some reason as well

“Please Harper, we need to talk”

“What do you want to talk about?” she asked as she slowly backed away, she was nervous and scared about what he was going to say

“About us” his eyes pleading with her

“There’s no us Li” she sighed, looking away, as her phone started to vibrate

Buzz buzz

Buzz buzz

She looked at the caller ID, it was Mark, they’ve been texting back and forth a lot lately, she picked it up

“Hey, I’m at your apartment lobby, do you want me to come up or you’ll come down?” Mark asked over the phone

Harper didn’t know how to respond, she looked at Liam and Ryan, she couldn’t cancel on him last minute, Liam’s eyes were pleading with her, while Ryan was waiting for her response.

“Harper, are you there?” Mark asked

“Y...yes” she stuttered “I’ll be down in a minute” pausing as she looked at Liam, she knew her answer, “but I’ll only be able to go out for a little bit, something came up, so maybe an hour?” she asked as she stared directly at Liam, who nodded but face filled with disappointment

“Yeah sure, see you in abit” he replied cheerfully before hanging up

“I’m sorry Li, I need to go, but when I get back we can talk” she said as she took her handbag, taking one last look at Liam, before kissing Ryan on the cheek.

“Please don’t” Liam pleaded, looking almost like if pained him

“I’m sorry I’ve got to go, he’s waiting for me” she told him as he opened the front door

“Ti amo bella, love you Harper”

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