Crossing Paths

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Chapter 34

The room went silent, she could not contain herself anymore, she wanted to know, she needed to know. Harper shook away from her thoughts, she explained, “you wanted to talk, I want to know why you left that night?”

His face soften, regret filled his face, he stared at her, he watch her shift uncomfortably, he wanted to tell her everything, so he began, “I’m sorry”

“Why did you leave?” she was getting impatient

“Will you ever forgive me?”

“You didn’t have any feelings for me, I get it, but you didn’t have to use me like that and leave” her eyes tearing up, as she got up walking away, she didn’t want to be so close to him, she walked towards the window, gazing out to the city.

“Let me explain” he walked over to stand next to her


Liam untangled himself from Harper, he needed to get some water, removing her arm from his torso, he got up to walk out of the room, reaching for a glass of water, he smiled as he took a sip. He needed to quench his thirst, thinking back of the events that happened earlier, he was giddy, he liked Harper, ever since the cafe and the club, his mind would constantly bring him back to her, he found her beautiful, he never would’ve expected for them to sleep with each other, he never expected for her to give him her virginity, that showed him that she trusted him, he was glad that he made her feel that way.

Buzz buzz

Looking over, noticing that his phone was on the counter top, it vibrated signaling a message, he walked over to check who would text him so late, looking at the name, it was Charlotte- Wyatt’s fiancee, curious he opened up the message

Charlotte : Saint, I can’t marry him. I don’t think I love him that way, I think I’m in love with someone else. What should I do?

Charlotte : Can we meet?

His eyes widened, he was stunned, he knew that Charlotte and Wyatt didn’t have the most loving relationship, but he thought that they would work through it. He decided to text her back, he didn’t want to meet her, he wanted to spend his time with Harper, he didn’t want to use her and leave her, she was different, she was special.

Liam : Talk to you in the morning Char, I’m busy now

He placed his phone on the table, it vibrated and lit up again, checking it

Charlotte : I’m by the river, I don’t know what to do

Liam : Will be there in 30 minutes. Don’t do anything, just wait for me.

He was on high alert, he knew that she was having an episode, years ago she attempted to drown herself in the river, they found out after, that she was bipolar, and she had an episode, for the past few years she has been taking her medications to help her, he wasn’t sure if she skipped any meds. He needed to find her before she tried to harm herself, without thinking he got dressed and left.

He got into a taxi and rushed to the river, scanning around the open space, the air was cold, he clutched his sweater tighter, as he looked for her, in the distance, he saw a figure standing on a rock, wondering if that was her he called out, “Charlotte?”

“Saint?” she was crying, he could hear it in her voice, he ran towards her as he was nearing, he could see her more clearly, she was crying, her eyes were red, her nose puffy, she locked eyes with him, “I’m sorry Saint” she apologised, before allowing herself to fall backwards into the water.

His eyes widened, he screamed “CHARLOTTE!” he ran faster, reaching the edge looking at the water, the current was strong, he looked for her, seeing her struggling as the current washed her, without thinking a second further, he jumped in the ice cold water, struggling against the current, he swam as much he could towards her.

Grabbing her arm, he pulled her towards him, finding a rock as a shield of the current, he brought her over to the rock, regaining his strength he dragged her was he used all his energy to swim towards the riverbank, once reaching he pushed her against the mud, before climbing on the ground pulling her.

She coughed as she got on dry land, he checked if she was okay, he felt a sting on his arm, looking at it, he had a cut, ignoring it first, he wanted to ensure she was okay. “Are you okay?” she nodded crying.

He reached for his pocket, he needed his phone, he needed to call for help, they were shivering and Charlotte needed to go to the hospital, she needed psychiatric help, but as he dug his pockets, he realised his phone and his wallet was nowhere to be found, it must have fell out in the river. “Where’s your phone?” he asked her, she looked towards the rock she was previously on, he nodded in understanding before running towards it finding for help.

Once they arrived in the hospital, he told the hospital to call Wyatt and her parents to inform them what had happened, he waited for her to get admitted, he stayed in the waiting room as the sun rise, he wanted to go back to Harper’s, he wanted to tell her what had happened, he wanted to call her, but he lost his phone in the river, he vowed to himself that he would go to her after he’s gone back to change out of his clothes. He wanted to spend as much time as he could in the last few hours of her being in Oxford.

Wyatt came with his family and hers, to check on Charlotte, after much explaining Wyatt needed to speak to Charlotte, he gave them some privacy as well as the doctors, Liam talked to her family explaining her state of mind, they thanked him for saving her life. Looking at the time, it was 2pm, he hadn’t expected time to fly by so quickly, he said his goodbyes and made his way back to his place. He needed a shower and a change before going to Harper’s.

Arriving at his hotel, he quickly got into the showers, letting the warm hit his muscles relaxing them, feeling exhausted from the events that just took place, his mind would not leave Harper, he was constantly thinking of her, he wanted to be with her, he wanted a relationship with her, despite it being a long distance relationship, he would take any she was willing to give, he liked her, he felt like he was falling in love, although too soon, he never felt that way about anyone before.

After the shower, he decided to take a nap, he just needed a power nap, fifteen minutes top, he needed to recharge himself before seeing her again, he was excited but exhausted from the lack of sleep and his muscles finally relaxed. He knew she would probably be pissed, for leaving without a message, but he knew she would’ve understood, he just needed to explain. So he drifted off, he set the clock for 15 minutes, so that the alarm would wake him up.

When he woke up, the sun was piercing through the curtains, he woke up confused, not understanding, then memories of what happened came rushing back, he scrambled getting up, looking at the time 9am, his heart dropped, he slept through yesterday, he knew that she was leaving today. He quickly got dressed, called a taxi and rushed to her place, knocking on the door, hoping that she hadn’t left.

He knocked and knocked and knocked for 15 minutes, his heart fell to the pit of his stomach and broke, he let the woman of his dreams slip through his finger, he didn’t even know her last name, he didn’t know how to get in contact with her again, he didn’t know where she stayed other than in LA, she was adamant about keeping her life private, and he wanted to respect that, now he felt stupid, he felt foolish for not insisting for her socials at the very least.

End Flashback

Liam finished explaining what had happened, letting the revelation sink in, he felt relief, finally he told her the full story. He stared at her, and she stared at him back, eyes watering.

“Liam,” she whispered, she jumped onto him, hugging him as he carried her. She pulled back as she was still hugging his torso, she locked eyes with him, before attacking his lips, she kissed him with everything that she had, he did exactly the same.

He walked over to the bed, slowly laying on the bed as they continued to kiss, his hands roaming her body, hers did the same. His hands landed on her butt, squeezing it, he missed her, he missed her warmth, he missed feeling her, smelling her, he missed everything about her, even the way she would look at people.

Pulling away, as they caught their breath, he spoke “there’s still a lot for me to tell you, there’s a lot that you need to know” she nodded her head, but pulling his head towards her so that she could kiss him again.

This time she wanted him, she wanted him more than anything, “talk later” she mumbled against his lips, he felt elated, he finally got her in his arms, he finally told her the truth about that night, but there are still things that she needed to know.

He kissed her, hands slowly trailing the outline of her body as she moaned into his mouth, he removed his lips to kiss her neck, sucking on it, she enjoyed his touch. She wanted to savour the moment before it was gone, she needed him before she could go back to reality. She took off her shirt, leaving her half naked and he did the same, both eyes filled with hunger for each other, as they attacked each other’s body, filling it with what they’ve missed all these years.

Liam took it slow, he knew she was still healing from her surgery and she knew that she wasn’t supposed to be having sex, but she couldn’t help herself, she needed him and he needed her.

Once they were done making love, Liam held her, not wanting to let her go again, she stayed in his arms, back facing him, she stared into space as she could hear his breaths evened out, signalling he had fallen asleep, she closed her eyes, letting her tears fall freely, enjoying the last few moments.

She untangled herself from him, the moment she knew that he was in deep sleep, she smiled as her tears fell, she got dressed, she looked around for a pen and paper, finding it she wrote him a letter, placing it on her side of the bed, she left.

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