Crossing Paths

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Chapter 35

Liam woke up, feeling happy for once in many years, he felt happy that he had Harper next to him, feeling the side of the bed, it was empty, he opened his eyes confused, looked around she was nowhere in the room, his heart sank, he saw a letter on her pillow, instantly sitting up, letting the duvet pool at his hips, he opened it.


Liam, thank you.

Thank you for telling me what happened that night, I needed to hear it, I needed to know the truth. But what we did last night can never be repeated again, we both needed it, we both needed to get us out of our system. Liam, that night that I slept with you all those years ago, that was the night I fell in love with you, I fell in love with every bit of you, and you broke my heart, I was shattered for years, thinking that you would use me and dump me like gum. Now I know the truth, thank you for telling me the truth, Wyatt asked me not to trust you, but oddly I do, I do trust you Li. I know there are still things that you want to tell me, but I need time, I just got out of a relationship, I just got out of marriage, and honestly I don’t know what you want with me. I don’t know you’re still looking for a fuck buddy or you’re interested in getting into a serious relationship. I think we both need to figure out what we want. I’m finalising my divorce, in a few months I’ll officially be single, if you’re ready for a relationship with me, meet me on July 7th at Cypress Sea Cove. If you’re not there, I won’t blame you for it, we can always remain friends. Some time apart would do us some good, to figure out how we feel, you may not want me because I’m available.


Harper Wilson

He folded the paper, feeling disappointed, he now knew how she felt that morning when she woke up and he was nowhere to be found. He knew she wasn’t trying to get back at him, he knew she needed to think and figure it out, but he was afraid that she wouldn’t want him anymore, he was afraid that her feelings for him would change, he was afraid that she would realise that he was not good enough for her, he knew he didn’t need to think about his feelings for her, he knew how he felt, his family knew how he felt.

He picked up his phone, feeling dejected by this, he dialled home.




“Mama” he cried

Few months had passed, Harper went on a few more dates with Dr Mark, she even slept with him, it didn’t feel the same, he admitted the same thing, they realised that they weren’t in love with each other, they simply admired each other, to which Harper then admitting what had happened with Liam and herself, Mark understood the situation. They came to terms with the fact that they weren’t meant for each other, they were just meant to be with each other and help with each other’s healing process. They ended up having a friends with benefits relationship, they weren’t in love with each other, they liked each other and they couldn’t see a future with each other, so they used each other’s body for their own pleasure.

Harper has not heard from Liam since that night, she would often wake up from a nightmare, each the same, each time she would dream that he would abandon her somewhere, or he would use her and leave her, and each time she woke up crying. Ryan knew that she loved him and missed him, but she needed to heal first. Liam made no attempts to contact her, she would be lying if she said that she wasn’t disappointed, but she was a little glad that he respected her decision, just now she wasn’t sure if he had actual feelings for her.

Anika and Tyreese shifted into their new house together, getting ready for their baby’s arrival, Anika was happier than ever, their business was booming and things were going great. Heath and Melissa were still dating, they wanted to take things slowly, they wanted to get to know each other a little more before taking the next step.

Today Harper was nervous, she barely slept the entire night, she knew that she would be going to Cypress Sea Cove to wait for Liam in the evening, today was the day of her divorce finalisation and also the day that she finds out if Liam wants to be in a serious relationship. Ryan assured her that things would be fine, everything would fall into place if it was meant to be.

Harper was sitting in the lawyer’s office, with Wyatt sitting across from her with Nadia by his side. She was happy with him, Wyatt had caused some problems in the past few months, but Harper was willing to move past it. Nadia smiled at Harper, she returned the smile, she always planned to be nice, she didn’t think there was a point to be malicious, Harper knew that it wasn’t entirely Nadia’s fault.

The lawyers explained to them a few things, then gave them a piece of paper for them to sign. Harper signed it instantly, Wyatt looked at her with regret filled eyes; he signed it, knowing that his mistake caused his marriage. He still loved her, he still wanted to be with her, but he knew there was no use, he knew that he had Nadia. The lawyers announced that they were now divorced, the lawyers left the three of them in the room, to say their goodbyes.

“I’ll wait for you in the lobby” Nadia said as she kissed Wyatt on the cheek, turning to Harper she smiled and said, “thank you, I hope we can remain friends, honestly Harper you are one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met. I’m sorry for the pain I’ve caused you” she apologised, Harper stood up to hug Nadia whispering “it’s okay, we weren’t meant to be” she nodded and left, leaving Wyatt and Harper in the room alone.

“I’m sorry for everything Wyatt, you’ll be a great dad, just treat Nadia right, she’s a nice girl” she advised

“I’m sorry for everything Harper, I’m sorry for cheating on you, I know that we will never be together, honestly our paths were always meant to cross, but we weren’t meant for each other. You never belonged to me, you belonged to him. I shouldn’t had been selfish, I was too selfish and now we are all hurt by my actions” he apologised, she was confused

“What do you mean by selfish?” she questioned, taking a seat next to him

“He hasn’t told you?” he asked sounding surprised

“I haven’t been in contact with Liam, just tell me Wyatt, I’m tired of all the secrets and games” she sighed.

“I’ll tell you everything”


“Mate, why are you so glum?” Wyatt asked Liam, his shoulder was slouched over

“I found a girl that I like” Liam admitted

“She’s hot?” Wyatt asked as he started to play with his phone, his mind was with Charlotte, Liam saved her from suicide attempt, he will be forever grateful for that.

“She’s the first girl that I think I’m falling for, but I messed up and now she’s gone forever” he sighed, Wyatt wasn’t used to seeing this side of Liam, he wasn’t used to seeing Liam this vulnerable, he knew that she was someone special.

Liam took a few months to feel normal again, then he started to hire a private detective in LA, to help him track down Harper, he tried searching for her, with no last name or middle name, it was like finding a needle in a haystack. He searched for her for 2 years, before taking a break, he needed a break, because every single time he got the picture of a Harper, he would constantly get disappointed and it was taking a toll on his mental health.

Nadia was his go to recently, he liked the fact that she never asked needy questions, she never asked him any questions, they would use each other for their own pleasure and leave, he had that mutual agreement with her. He slowed down looking for Harper, it has been 2 years and he hasn’t found her, he was convinced he would never be able to find her.

Each time that he found someone by the name Harper, he desperately hoped that it was her, Wyatt had to accompany him each time he faced a disappointing answer. Wyatt was with him through it all.

One day almost three years later, Wyatt received a call from the US, he spoke to a girl named Harper, and it was regarding a job offer, he was smitten by her voice, he could roughly picture her in his head. He told Liam about her, Liam urged him to take the job interview, Wyatt knew how Liam’s Harper looked like, Liam sneaked a picture of her, when she wasn’t looking, that was his only photo of her. He would stare at the picture every morning and every night, occasionally during the day when he missed her. Wyatt knew how Liam’s Harper would look like, he had the inclination that the Harper that called him was the same one.

Once he flew over to meet Harper for the first time, he was instantly attracted to her beauty, he knew in that instant it was the Harper Liam was looking for, for the past 3 years, he spoke to her, he flirted with her. After the interview, he dialled Liam’s number, as he waited for Wyatt’s call, he picked up instantly.

“Is she?” Liam asked hopefully over the phone

“No” Wyatt lied

End Flashback

“You knew who I was? Before meeting me?”

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