Crossing Paths

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Chapter 36

Harper sat in disbelief to what she just heard, Wyatt knew her all along, Wyatt married her and lied to Liam, she felt violated.

“I’m sorry, I liked you and I was selfish, I shouldn’t have gotten in your way, I’m sorry for causing you pain”

“But I was not yours to begin with!” she yelled in frustration, grabbing her bag and phone she stormed off, she could hear Wyatt calling her name, but she ignored him. She felt violated, she felt disgusted with herself, Liam was finding for her all this time, she didn’t know, and Wyatt found her then lying to Liam about it.

She took a taxi to Cypress Sea Cove, she arrived when it started to pour, as the raindrops got heavier, she checked the time, it was 6.45pm, fifteen more minutes before she would know if he wanted to be with her. She rubbed her hands on her sides, trying to warm herself up, she was lost in her thoughts, she felt extremely violated, but now more than ever she wanted to see Liam.

She missed him.


The rain got heavier, as she stood at the lobby, her nerves were getting to her, she was fidgeting.

It’s raining, give him some time, she reminded herself.

She continued to wait for him, standing there staring into the rain, waiting for him to get down from a car running to her.


The rain was subsiding, she was trying not to let her disappointment get to her, she was trying not to be affected by her feelings. She stood there in the cold, the receptionist staring at her with pity.

“Miss, would you like a glass of water while you’re waiting?” the receptionist asked, she shook her head

“No thank you, I’ll be alright” she smiled sweetly before returning her attention to stare into the rain


The rain stopped completely about 30minutes ago, her tears falling as she realised that he wasn’t coming, pulling out her phone she called herself an Uber. Wiping her tears as her Uber arrived, she didn’t make any conversations with the driver as she usually would, she didn’t feel chatty, she wanted to be alone.

The Uber dropped her off by the beach as she requested it, she pulled out her phone to text Ryan

Harper : Not coming back, don’t wait up

Opening up a message from Mark

Mark : Good luck tonight

She smiled sadly, Mark was the only one who truly understood her, who did not judge her, she wanted to tell Liam that she loved him, she wanted to tell him how she truly felt, but he didn’t feel the same for her, her heart was once healed now broken. She stared into the waters, watching the waves hit the sand, she cried her hearts out, she loved Liam and she desperately hoped that he loved her too, but by not showing up she knew exactly how he felt for her.

She sat in the sand till morning came, thinking about her life and her life choices, her tears dried up, she was still in her clothes from the night before, she sat on the sand unmoving. She always loved the beach, she loved the waters, she loved everything about it.

Many people started to come to the beach, she knew she had to work, but deciding to skip it, she wanted to be alone, her phone ran out of battery during the night, she took off her shoes, she walked to the nearest boat rental store, she wanted to rent a boat and be in the waters.

She rented a boat for the day, passing them her credit card, she got the boat, then she walked over to the nearest shop that sold swimsuits, she bought a bikini, she didn’t feel like herself, she was devastated from the night before, she wanted to feel good.

Once she was on the boat, she started to sail on the boat, steering it to a quieter part of the beach, she wanted to enjoy the waters and the sun. Looking around to see if there was anyone, there wasn’t so she quickly changed into her new bikini, before taking a dip in the waters, feeling the cold water hit her skin. She enjoyed it, she hoped that the waters would wash away her feelings, she hoped that the waves would carry it off to the sunset, she hoped that her heart could be fixed.

It was around noon time, she got back to the boat, laying on the freeboard- boat deck, the sun wasn’t as hot as it usually would be, she said there feeling slightly better, she allowed the waves to take the boat slowly rocking it back and forth.

Soon she fell into a slumber, exhausted from the night before, exhausted from her own emotions and thoughts.

“Miss? Are you alright?” she could hear someone calling at her, she could hear someone speaking to her, but her eyelids were heavy, she couldn’t open them, so she continued to sleep in her slumber, convincing herself everything was fine.


“Is Harper with you?” Anika asked Ryan over the phone, Harper wasn’t at work, and it was unusual for her not to tell advance

“No why?”

“Do you know where she is?”

“No, isn’t she at work? What’s going on?” Ryan asked starting to get slightly concerned

“She didn’t turn up to office today, and she’s not at any meeting, I’ve checked. It’s noon and she hasn’t texted me, which is unusual” Anika informed, “have you heard from her?”

“No, her last message to me was last night, telling me that she wasn’t coming home, so I took the opportunity and went out, I’m not sure if she got home or not. I thought things were going well with Liam that’s why she wasn’t coming home” he reasoned

“This isn’t like her, her phone is switched off”

“Let me ask Liam, I’ll call you back” he told Anika before hanging up

He quickly called Liam, nervously pacing around in his office, hoping that Harper was with Liam and just forgot the time


Ciao” Liam answered on the first ring, his background was noisy, it sounded as if he was in the airport

“Liam, is Harper with you?” Ryan quickly asked

“No, my flight got delayed, I just arrived at the airport. I wanted to meet her yesterday, but the plane had to make an emergency landing, then it couldn’t take off” the sound of Liam shuffling around, combine with the sound of the background proves that he was telling the truth

“So you didn’t see Harper at all last night?” Ryan was worried

“No, what’s going on?” Liam asked in a panic

“Did you try getting in contact with her last night?”

“I tried calling her once I landed, but her phone wasn’t switched on, we were in the air circling for a few hours, I was supposed to land at 5pm, but due to technical difficulties and also my phone ran out of battery, I tried calling her around 11pm, no answer” he explained

“Where could she be?” Ryan voiced his thoughts worried

“What is going on? Is Harper okay?” Liam asked concerned, still not understanding what was going on

“No one has heard from her or seen her since yesterday, her last message to me was she won’t be coming back, I assumed that she was with you”

“I’m on the way to your place now” Liam stated before hanging up.

Ryan called Heath to check with him, then grandpapa, and even Mark, however he was in surgery, unable to take calls, everyone was trying to figure out where she was. Everyone started calling each other, trying to decipher what to do and where she was. Deciding to gather at Heath’s home, not wanting to disturb grandpapa, Ryan told Liam to go to Heath’s directly, giving the address, before Ryan left the office.


“Dammit! Where is she?” Heath yelled as he slammed his fist into the table.

“Calm down, we’ll figure it out” Anika tried reasoning with him.

“Any leads?” Heath asked Liam, he shook his head, Liam was extremely worried, and he was upset with himself, for not being able to meet her at the place yesterday. Liam contacted his private investigator, asking him for help to locate her.

Buzz buzz

Buzz buzz

Heath’s phone vibrated, instantly picking up, putting it on speaker


“Heath Wilson? This is Dr Mark” his tone was different than usual

“Mark, have you seen my sister?” Heath quickly rushed out

“She’s admitted to Cedars Sinai, I’ll text you the details”

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