Crossing Paths

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Chapter 37

Everyone rushed to the hospital, unsure of what was going on, Heath drove erratically, he was worried for his sister. Reaching the hospital, he parked at the lobby, passing the keys to Ryan, telling Ryan to park the car as he rushed to see his sister, his worst fear was losing his sister.

“Harper Emmy Wilson” he told the receptionist, Liam by his side, Anika and Tyreese hadn’t arrived yet, which was understandable, Tyreese wouldn’t want to cause any harm to her or their baby.

“Heath?” Mark called from the left, brows furrowed looking exhausted, instead of waiting for the nurse to tell them anything, they rushed towards him.

“Where’s my sister? Is she okay?”

“Come follow me” he gestured, before continuing, “a couple of guys were out on their boat, found her in the secluded part of the beach, floating on the boat alone. When they found her, she was passed out, she was lying on the boat deck, the boat was unanchored, they climbed on the boat to check on her, she had a weak pulse, they called the patrol and they brought her in” pausing as they arrived in her room, Mark opened the door allowing them to enter, as they stared at her, Liam rushed to her side, Heath wanted to know more about her medical condition

She looked frail, she looked lifeless and blue-ish, it pained Liam to see her that way, he wanted her to be okay and safe, he felt guilty for not being there last night. Mark watched as Liam stroked her hair, he understood how he felt, he missed his ex, he would do anything to be with her for another minute. Mark turned back his attention to Heath, he needed to be a professional

“They brought her in just as I was leaving, I would always recognise her” Mark informed, Heath knew about their relationship, and he was okay with it, allowing Mark to continue, “due to the exposure of the cold waters, she suffers from hypothermia, she would’ve been in the water for quite some time before passing out. Currently we’re warming her up with a warm blanket, she’s lucky that someone found her when they did, they covered her in a jacket while waiting for help. Her pulse and heart rate was low, suggesting that she would’ve died if she spent longer time in the waters. They found her clothes” Mark reaching towards a zip lock bag, passing it to Heath

“Looks like she didn’t go home, judging by the rain last night, she would’ve stayed in her wet clothes the entire night, then rented a boat. Her phone must have ran out of battery, I’ve checked. She’s still unconscious, our nurses will monitor her closely, and if there’s anything, another doctor will take over from here. I’m not supposed to be the one helping her, it’s against the hospital’s policy, but I had to ensure she was stable, I can’t lose her too, now the other doctor will help her out, and she will be the one monitoring her the entire night. I just ended my 18 hour shift, so I’m going to head back, but I’ll be here tomorrow morning to check on her” Mark informed

“Thank you for saving her Mark” Heath hugged him in gratitude, letting him go as he walked closer to his sister.

Mark backed away, taking one last look at her before leaving, he needed to rest, he was exhausted and he had things on his mind. The moment he saw her on the hospital bed, he saw the paramedics rushing to bring her in, he could not leave, he rushed to help her out. In that instant, his fear was losing her too, his fear was that he finally found someone he could open up to and losing her. He didn’t know how or what possessed him but he gathered all his strength to help her out.

“Wait!” someone called out, he turned to see who it was, Liam rushed over to him, making him stop in his tracks.

Grazie for saving Harper. Can I ask you something?” Liam asked, Mark nodded allowing him to continue

“Did you guys date? Is there something going on between the both of you?” Liam was straight to the point, something that Mark was impressed by

“We tried dating, it didn’t work out, we don’t have those types of feelings for each other. I’m not going to lie to you and tell you I don’t have some sort of a relationship with her, I do, but it’s best if she tells you, not me” pausing, he could see the look on Liam’s face, it was a jealous look, but he had to continue, “if she wants things to work out with you, and if you want things to work out with her, no worries, I will not stand in the way of both of you. I can respect her decision”

“Thank you” Liam was genuinely grateful, Mark nodded below walking away.

The next day came, Harper wasn’t awake yet, Liam and Heath stayed with her the entire night, worriedly awaited for her to wake up. Heath had the protective big brother talk with Liam, to which Liam told Heath almost everything, he poured out his heart, Heath respected that and eventually allowed Liam to pursue Harper.

Harper’s body felt heavy, her eyelids were heavy, body sore, she could hear the faint voices, unable to decipher who it was, she opened her eyes, letting her eyes adjust to her surroundings, it was bright as she blinked.

“Harper?” Heath called


Harper was confused, she thought she heard Liam, that was impossible, her eyes slowly adjusting to the brightness, as she tried to get up

“Heath?” she called weakly

“Rest Harp, you need to lie down” Mark spoke, she was even more confused, looking around she realised that she’s in the hospital, she looked at Heath who looked like he cried the entire night, she raised her brows, looking to her right, she saw Liam, who looked just as tired as Heath

What was he doing here? She thought

“What’s the last thing you remember Harper?” Mark asked, walking over, Heath stepping away, allowing Mark to do his work, turning to Heath, asking him, “could you get the nurses to call the other doc? Thanks”

“I..” she tried to speak but her throat hurt, her voice was coarse, Liam quickly gave her a cup of water, taking a sip of it instantly feeling slightly better, passing the cup back to him, her fingers grazed his, her heart rate picked up, she was feeling butterflies, and the heart monitor was giving it away, she blushed looking away from Liam, she looked at Mark, “after that night, I spent the entire night on the beach by myself, then I was on a boat, I went swimming, I felt tired, so I took a nap”

“Harper, never do that ever again, you almost died! You got hypothermia from the cold waters, you were exhausted and dehydrated. Harper, please don’t do that ever again, I can’t lose you too” Mark scolded, his brows were furrowed, frustrated by her actions but lovingly stroked her hair

“I’m sorry Mark, I didn’t mean to do it, I just wanted to be alone in my thoughts. I knew you were working, I didn’t want to bother you” she apologised, she felt bad, he nodded as she placed a kiss on her forehead, she raised her hand to touch his face, she looked him in the eyes, before kissing his forehead too.

“I never meant to worry anyone Mark, I didn’t think it through, I thought I just needed a nap. I won’t do that to you, I won’t leave you. Love you Mark” she assured him, they admitted they loved each other, but they knew their love wasn’t a romantic one, they knew that they loved each other

“Love you Harp” he smiled

Liam sat at her bedside while he watched Mark and Harper’s interaction, his heart ached as he watched them tell each other they loved each other. He didn’t know what to think about it, he knew they had a relationship but he didn’t know to what extent.

Did she choose him? He wondered

He was jealous, he loved her for so long and he finally found her, but he would be absolutely devastated if she was in love with another man. He held his feelings in, he didn’t want to show her that he was upset, he watched their interaction and how easily she told him that she loved him, he wondered, did she ever love him?

A doctor came in shortly after, examining Harper and explaining that she had hypothermia, Informing her that she was all good to return back home, Harper was happy. Heath went back to gather some things, knowing that Liam had to talk with Harper, Heath informed everyone that Harper was doing better and sent them home. Heath told Liam to bring her back home, giving them the privacy,

Bellissima” Liam called her gently, as he touched her hand, Harper looked at him shaking her head, eyes watering.

“No Liam, you made things clear when you didn’t turn up”

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