Crossing Paths

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The day of their wedding arrived, Harper wasn’t nervous, she was excited, she’s finally getting married to the love of her life. They planned their wedding slowly, she wanted to take her time and enjoy the process instead of rushing into things, they flew her friends and family to Italy, they wanted to have a small wedding back in Liam’s family house. Harper got along well with Liam’s family, his mama loved Harper, his sister Bella loved Harper as well, everything up to date was going well.

This time, they didn’t do any bachelor and bachelorette party, Harper didn’t need it and Liam wasn’t into the idea, he didn’t want to be away from his bride, he didn’t want anything to give her anxiety or bring back bad memories from her previous experience. Nadia had Wyatt’s baby, but they didn’t work it out, however she got pregnant with his baby again, they were living together and she was madly in love with him, but he never fully felt the connection to her, he still wanted Harper, but he had to respect Liam and the mistakes he made in the past. Liam had cut ties with Wyatt, after the betrayal he didn’t want to be associated with Wyatt any longer, Wyatt apologised feeling slightly guilty but even with all the times that had passed, Liam found it hard to forgive him.

This time, Harper only had one bridesmaid which was Anika, and Liam had one groomsman which was Ryan, the both of them became close and their friendship came naturally. Ryan was introduced by Liam to Liam’s cousin, and they were somewhat seeing each other at the moment.

Harper wore a beautiful white dress, different from her first marriage, grandpapa smiled at her, she took in a deep breath as the doors opened for her to walk down the aisle. Harper’s eyes locked with Liam’s, he started to cry, Harper did too, they were crying happy tears, Liam stared at how beautiful his wife was, he couldn’t fathom how he could be so lucky.

As the priest started the ceremony, Harper and Liam were lost in their own world, they could barely hear what the priest was saying, they were so in love.

“The lovely couple has prepared their own vows, Liam?” the priest snapped them out of their trance, Liam nodded as he tried to maintain his composure

“Harper Emmy Wilson, soon you would be Mrs Toussaint, oh what a joy for me to hear that. I’ve searched everywhere for you, it took me years, but we are finally here, we are finally at a place where I’ve always dreamed of. I did not tell you this, but after the day I met you in the cafe, I’ve dreamt of you every night since, you haunt my every dream and every thought, and for 3 years I wasn’t able to find you, for 3 years I was in agony, I would always choose to sleep, because there is where I know I will be able to see you and be near you. I was depressed for a while when I couldn’t find you, but my determination was higher, so I was able to pull through it, although I didn’t find you first, I’m glad I’ve found you and I’m glad to be finally able to call you mine. I have loved you since that night and I have never stopped loving you, instead with each passing minute, I have loved you more and more each time. So che non lo capirai, ma va bene, ti amo Harper, con ogni respiro che faccio prometto di amarti e di amarti per sempre. Saremo sempre noi contro il mondo, prenderei un proiettile per te, prometto di proteggerti e prometto di renderti felice ogni giorno, prometto di regalarti anche piccole sorprese di tanto in tanto. Potremmo non essere in grado di avere figli naturalmente, e so che è una preoccupazione per te, ma non mi importa quali siano le circostanze, purché rimanga con te. Ti amo oggi domani e sempre. (I know you won’t understand this, but that’s okay, I love you Harper, with every breath I take I will promise to love you and cherish you forever. It will always be us against the world, I would take a bullet for you, I promise to protect you and I promise to make you happy everyday, I promise to also give you small surprises occasionally. We might not be able to have kids naturally, and I know it’s a concern for you, but I don’t care what the circumstances are, as long as it’s with you. I love you today, tomorrow and forever.)”

The priest smiled before turning to Harper, “Harper?”

“Liam Henri Toussiant, I have loved you for the longest time, even when we just met I fell in love with who you were and are. Today, I will recite my vows in italian. My mother in law has helped me with this. Il mio voto è che ti amerò nel bene e nel male, ti prometto di essere paziente e comprensivo, non avrei mai pensato di trovare qualcuno come te che mi amasse in questo modo, crescendo sono stato abbandonato insieme a mio fratello , Ho lottato con problemi di abbandono e mi hai dimostrato che non ho nulla di cui preoccuparmi, perché il nostro amore è più forte di ogni altra cosa. Grazie per avermi accettato per quello che sono e per i difetti che porto. Se me lo chiedessi 3 anni fa, ti sposerei mai? La mia risposta sarebbe stata sì, la mia risposta a te e a noi sarà sempre un sì, perché fin dalla prima notte che abbiamo trascorso insieme, sapevo che eri il mio tutto e sapevo che mi hai rovinato per qualcun altro, io non potrebbe mai essere con nessun altro.(My vow to you is that I will love you through thick and thin, I promise you to be patient and understanding, I never thought that I would find someone like you who would love me this way, growing up I was abandoned along with my brother, I struggled with abandonment issues and you have shown me that I have nothing to worry, because our love is stronger than anything else. Thank you for accepting me for who I am and the flaws that I carry. If you were to ask me 3 years ago, would I ever marry you? My answer would’ve been yes, my answer to you and to us will always be a yes, because ever since the first night we spent together, I knew you were my everything and I knew you’ve ruined me for anyone else, I could never be with anyone else.) I love you for and forever, I can never love anyone else other than you, Liam Henri Toussaint, you are my soulmate. I will forever be grateful to be Mrs Liam Toussaint” she recited her vows in tears, Liam could barely keep himself together, he wiped his tears, feeling the love radiate from her.

The priest prayed for them as they exchanged their rings, finally announcing

“I now pronounce you, Mr and Mrs Toussaint. You may kiss your bride” Liam did not hesitate as he pulled her in, kissing her, everyone cheered and clapped their hands, Harper was giddy in excitement.

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