Crossing Paths

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Chapter 5

Relationships often start off in the honeymoon phase, with both head over heels with each other, but often cracks start to show, it only takes time.

Two months passed, since their first kiss, they spent the majority of their free time together, hanging out, two weeks after their first kiss, Wyatt took Harper Santa Monica Pier, and they sat on the ferris wheel together, reaching the top, Wyatt asked her to officially be his girlfriend as cliche as it was, she happily agreed. She realised then she was starting to fall for him, and she was extremely ecstatic that the relationship was going in the right direction.

They’ve not done anything other than making out, he promised her to take things slow, in which he had to take countless cold showers. However, what he didn’t know was she was ready to take things a little further, but she wanted to see how long more he could wait. He has proven that he was a worthy person, and with every moment spent with Wyatt, she thought of Liam a little lesser.

In the past two months, Wyatt and Heath have grown closer and hung out with each other a couple of times, bonding over their love for American football and basketball, Wyatt even hung out with Tyreese. Anika liked Wyatt for Harper, even though Anika knew deep down Harper still had feelings for Liam, at least she was now ready to date someone else. Anika and Tyreese continued their friend’s with benefits, but Tyreese often got jealous and possessive over Anika, and they were getting more exclusive, without them realising it, they were falling for each other.

Grandpapa had spent an entire day with Wyatt, needing one on one moments with Wyatt, drilling him on how to treat a woman right, and giving blessings to date and in the future possibly marry her. Grandpapa was happy his granddaughter finally had her first boyfriend, and a good guy nonetheless, he took effort to get to know Wyatt more, knowing that Wyatt was 7 years older than her, probably with more experience in life. He was happy that Wyatt met his every expectation.

After her last meeting of the day, Harper was exhausted, she met with 4 people and it was all a really long interview, sighing she checked her phone, hoping to see if Wyatt texted her, and true enough he did. She smiled as she opened his messages.

Wyatt : Love, are you ready to meet my parents?

Wyatt : Hope you are having a good day. Miss you ;)

Harper : Parents? Aren’t they back in England?

Harper : Miss you too baby. Want to grab dinner?

She placed her phone away, deciding to pack up her items, she couldn’t wait till she got home and draw herself a bath.

Buzz buzz buzz - her phone vibrated, looking at the caller ID, it was Wyatt she smiled.

“Hey baby” she greeted him.

“Love, not to freak you out, but my parents are here and my best friend, they flew in to surprise me, and they would love to meet you over dinner. Are you up for it?” he asked nervously.

“Sure, I mean I would love to meet them eventually, but I’m extremely exhausted today, so could you give me some time to freshen up?”

“Yes sure, it’s now 7.15, could you meet us at my penthouse at 8.30? Mom’s cooking”

“Yeah sure, should I be nervous? Cause I’m terrified” Harper was being honest.

“They already love you, I’ll see you at 8.30 my love. I’ll call you a taxi, I don’t want you to drive, bring your clothes over, stay the night with me”

Harper rushed back to her house, and grabbed a few essentials for her overnight bag, she had stayed with him a few nights before, so this was nothing new. She decided to take a shower, she needed to wash her hair, and apply make up so she hurried.

When she arrived, the doorman immediately let her in, probably he was informed about her arrival, she was nervous, this is the first time she ever dated and this is the first time she ever met a guy she was into’s parents.


The elevator’s door opened as she arrived at the highest floor, immediately walking over to the door while smoothing out her floral dress, she knocked.

Knock knock

Harper took a deep breath, feeling extremely nervous and nauseous, afraid they would hate her. Wyatt opened the door to reveal himself, and he smiled at her as he quickly engulfed her in a hug, kissing her temple.

“Good, you’re here. We’re waiting for you. Don’t be nervous love” she could only nod her head in acknowledgement. He took her overnight bag and coat, leading her to the living room.

“Mom, dad, meet my girlfriend Harper” he introduced.

“Hi, Mr and Mrs Taylor, it’s nice to finally meet you” she smiled as she extended her hand to Mr Taylor, which he took and shook it, then she turned to Mrs Taylor, and did the same, but instead Mrs Taylor pulled her into a hug.

“Call me Lily sweetie” Mrs Taylor responded sweetly, “come have a seat, let’s talk”, she gestured as Harper nodded and sat next to Wyatt.

“Oh baby, you just missed my best friend, Saint, he left for a meeting 2 minutes before you arrived”

“Oh” Harper replied slightly disappointed for some reason.

“So tell me about yourself Harper, I heard some wonderful things about you” Mr Taylor asked, he looked exactly like Wyatt but the older version, still stunningly handsome, while Lily- Mrs Taylor, was beautiful and she gave out the motherly aura.

“Oh dear, let’s talk over dinner, I’m sure everyone must be starving” Lily intervened. Everyone got up slowly, and started to make their way to the dining table, with Wyatt placing his hands on the small of her back guiding her.

“Don’t be nervous baby” Wyatt whispered in her ear as she took a seat, smiling at him, she knew she could trust his words.

Everyone started digging in, Lily cooked steak with mash potatoes, the smell of the food was simply heavenly.

“So as you were saying dear, tell us a little about yourself” Lily asked, smiling at Harper, her nerves were starting to calm and she felt like she could form words now.

“I’m Harper Wilson, 24 years old, and I own a head hunting agency with my friend”

“And what about your family dear?”

“I have a older brother, Heath and my grandpapa, who coincidentally was originally from England” she smiled at the thought of her grandpapa, “my mother and father, I don’t know where they are, when I was 4 years old my parents dropped both of us at my grandparents house, abandoning us without an explanation. And I haven’t seen them since my granny passed”, suddenly she felt glum, the thought of her parents abandoning her always made her feel this way, however she would always try to hide or avoid talking about it.

“Oh dear, so you were raised by your grandparents?” Lily asked and Harper nodded, unable to look up, one of her fears was that one day when she met The One, she feared that his parent’s would judge her and wouldn’t accept her because of her past.

“It’s alright dear, you were raised well. So tell me, have you had any boyfriends prior?”

“Nope, my brother would never let me date anyone or anyone near me in that way, not until Wyatt actually, they got along surprisingly well” she grinned looking at Wyatt.

“Well are you ready for marriage? Or rather what are your views on marriage?” Mr Taylor asked, Harper eyes went wide, surprised by that question, she was ready for marriage, even at a young age, and Harper hoped that one day Wyatt would be the one, but she needed more time with him, it was still too early to tell.

“Dad!” Wyatt exclaimed, glaring at his father, Lily softly chuckling, “Well boy, you are not getting any younger, at your age I already had 2 children running around”, Harper could feel Wyatt getting a little tensed, maybe even slightly angry, so she did what she knew would calm him down, she placed her hand on his arm stroking it.

Harper had only seen Wyatt angry once, at a bar on one of their many dates, a guy persistently hit on Harper, with Wyatt sitting next to her, she continuously turned the other guy down, but the guy wouldn’t take no for an answer, Wyatt decided to punch the guy in the face and they fought over Harper, which got them kicked out from the bar, but Wyatt had no sense of remorse, he would do it again in a heartbeat, he would always protect her.

“I’m ready for marriage, I’ve always been ready for marriage, but this is my first actual relationship, so I would like to take it slow and enjoy the process of dating, and maybe we could work our way to that direction in the future. Plus it’s really too early for marriage in our point of the relationship Mr Taylor, we haven’t even gotten to the ‘I love you’s’ or anything else” she replied respectfully, and Mr Taylor nodded, impressed with Harper’s candor.

“You know my dear, Wyatt has never really brought home a girl to meet his parents with Charlotte, we knew her, her entire life, so this is a first for us too” Lily said.

The evening went on, Mr and Mrs Taylor got to know more about Harper and fell in love with her personality, Harper got to know more about the Taylors and got to hear some embarrassing stories from them.

As they cuddled on Wyatt’s bed, Harper wanted to let him know that she was ready to be intimate, she was ready to take their relationship further, this time she felt better than the last, but she needed to tell Wyatt that she’s not a virgin, that topic never surfaced, and she hasn’t been in a relationship before, so he would probably expect that she was a virgin, she was nervous to tell him, but he needed to know.

“Wy, I’ve got something to tell you”

“What is it baby?”

Harper went silent, she was nervous, so she played with the hem of his shirt not knowing how to let him know.

What if he rejects her?

She’s no longer pure.

What should she tell him?

She was somewhat in love with a man who was her one night stand?

“Hey hey baby, are you alright?” he asked as he tilted her chin, to place soft kisses on her lips.

“Wyatt, I haven’t been in a relationship before like you know, but I haven’t been 100% truthful to you either” with that he froze, not knowing what she meant.

“What do you mean?” his guard suddenly high up.

“I’m not a virgin”


Her eyes started to water, as she got up to explain, “I’m sorry, I was young and foolish, I fell in love with a guy that I met back in England, I spent a week with him, and I fell hard, then I slept with him, and when I woke up he was gone, he used me, so technically I lost my virginity to a one night stand” she started sobbing, she felt used and judged, she didn’t want Wyatt to think she was a whore but she needed him to know the truth.

He felt bad for her, so he got up to rub her back, he hated seeing her upset let alone cry, “It’s okay love, we all have a past, I slept with a few women back in England, you slept with one guy, it’s fine, I can’t turn back time, if I could, I would’ve found you and made you mine, but at that point our paths hasn’t crossed yet” he said soothing her, reassuring her he’s fine with the situation.

She turned to face him, wiping her tears, as she stared into his eyes, “Wyatt, I’m ready”, she said as she kissed his lips gently.

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