Crossing Paths

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Chapter 6

Letting things go are easier said than done.

Harper woke up to the sound of faint chatter, regaining her senses she felt an arm draped over her waist, memories from the night before slowly flooded her mind, she blushed remembering that last night she finally slept with Wyatt.


She was extremely nervous telling him, she felt relieved that he knew but she didn’t know how he would take it. Harper knew he wouldn’t care if she wasn’t a virgin, but she wasn’t sure how he would feel about her having a one night stand. She couldn’t control herself as the tears started rolling down, she only admitted to Anika that she fell in love with Liam, and she felt extremely stupid for trusting him and his words, in the end he used her and abandoned her, she should’ve trusted her gut feeling. Even though she didn’t necessarily regret the fact she lost her virginity, she would prefer to lose it to someone who loved her instead of using her like a tissue.

Wyatt wiped her tears away, he could feel her sadness, he could feel that she had strong feelings for the guy she lost her virginity too, he could feel her loss, but he was angry that she was taken advantage of, he was upset that she was hurt, ultimately he knew that he would never do that to her, not now not ever. He understood why she always held herself back, she was hurt before and he didn’t ever plan to hurt her that way ever again.

He wanted to reassure her that he would never do that to her, but he couldn’t form words, he wanted her, he wanted to be with her. He would treat her like a queen she was.

He kissed her gently, as he cupped her face, taking his sweet time making her feel safe. She pulled his shirt, signaling she wanted to be closer to him, slowly their kisses got more heated, they needed to feel more of each other, Harper sat up to remove her shirt and he did the same, they continued kissing, feeling each other’s warmth.

He continued to explore her mouth then body and soon….

End Flashback

She enjoyed every moment of last night, he was gentle and sweet, it didn’t feel the same way as her first time, it hurt a little less, and the feelings were the same but yet different. Midway during intercourse, she wanted to tell him how she felt for him, but decided to hold it back for more appropriate timing. She compared Wyatt and Liam a lot, Wyatt did not make her feel the tingly sensation with what she felt with Liam, Wyatt made her feel safe and protected, whereas Liam made her feel alive. Ultimately, she missed Liam, even though he screwed her over, but she started to develop strong feelings for Wyatt, and she was glad, because she could see a future with him.

“Morning love” Wyatt wished as he kissed her temple, she instantly snapped out of her thoughts.

“What are you thinking about?” he asked, she instantly blushed and mumbled a good morning, as she planted her face in the nook of his neck sniffing his scent, he chuckled, knowing she would be embarrassed.

She tightened the grip on the sheets, suddenly feeling extremely naked, last night soon after they were done, he cleaned her up and both fell asleep, she was aware that she had nothing on, and couldn’t help but feel shy.

“I’ve seen everything love, don’t worry, you are beautiful and I like you for who you are, every bit of you” he said as he rolled her on her back as he climbed on top of her, with her giggling in response.

He placed sloppy kisses on her neck, he was on a high from last night, she was his addiction, and he didn’t want to stop. She moaned, as his tongue slid from her neck to her chest, she enjoyed his every touch, she wanted to feel more of him.

He made her feel good, and she wanted to feel him again, she felt herself getting aroused by his actions, and she could feel how excited he was to be with her. Before they could go further

Knock knock

“Guys stop having sex. Breakfast is ready. Mom is waiting” Mr Taylor said through the door, Wyatt immediately stopped, groaning, the mood was gone, he slowly climbed off her while placing kisses all over her face.

“That effectively killed the mood” they chuckled.

They got ready together, having a little fun in the bathroom, then headed down to greet Mr and Mrs Taylor, who were both typing away on their phone. Lily made toast, eggs and bacon for breakfast, which they all enjoyed in comfortable silence.

“So when are you guys leaving?” Wyatt asked out of the blue.

“Trying to get rid of us already lad?” Mr Taylor raised his eyebrow.

“Don’t worry son, we plan to travel to visit your aunt Jem tomorrow in Hawaii, will leave you lovebirds be” Lily answered.

“What happened to your friend?” Harper asked Wyatt in between food.

“He texted me earlier, saying that he would meet me awhile in the noon, and that he was leaving, so you would probably not be able to meet him” Wyatt said with a dull expression.

“It’s alright, soon” she smiled.

By lunch time, Harper left for work and Wyatt took the day off to spend time with his family and best friend, Harper missed the opportunity to meet him, but she knew she would bump into him eventually.

She had a hard day at work, things weren’t going the way as planned, she had a difficult client and she could barely focus, her mind kept drifting off to the night she spent with Wyatt and how he made her feel. After she was done with the difficult client, Anika needed help with her client so Harper had to cover for her, and the client was another difficult client. She was exhausted from dealing with both clients, but her mind wasn’t with her, it was back on Wyatt’s bed, and how she felt.

As she was finishing work, she decided that she needed to tell Wyatt how she feels, she wanted to be open and honest with him, so she took out her phone and texted him.

Harper : Meet me by the Pier at 7.30 ;) Miss you baby.

She packed up her belongings and took an uber home, since she didn’t drive last night, once home she quickly got into the showers, she wanted to drop by grandpapa’s place before going to the Pier. Deciding to put on a white maxi dress, with a denim jacket with her hair loosely on her shoulders, she headed to grandpapa’s house first.

“Grandpapa!” she called as she opened the front door.

“My sweetheart, I’m in the kitchen!” he yelled, and she walked to the kitchen, upon entering, she saw an older woman standing next to him, and she raised her eyebrow confused.

“Hello sweetheart, this is Mary”, the woman politely smiled at her greeting her, as she walked over to hug grandpapa, “Mary, this is my sweet granddaughter Harper”

“Hello Mary, nice to meet you”

They got to know each other a little, turns out that grandpapa was seeing Mary for a month now, they were dating, it warmed Harper’s heart. Harper was happy that her grandpapa was happy, so she decided to let them have their alone time, so she headed to the Pier earlier.

She arrived early, she was nervous, but she wanted him to know how she felt, this would be the first time she ever confessed her feelings for someone.

“Hey baby, I’ve missed you” Wyatt’s arm snaked around her waist from the back, rattling her but she quickly calmed down realising it was just him.

“I missed you too baby” she tiptoed to place a kiss on his lips, in which he gladly returned.

“Where are your parents?” she questioned.

“They wanted to explore LA, so they are probably at the Hollywood sign by now, they were excited to see it at night, they left at 3pm, saying that they needed to date” he chuckled at the thought of his parents.

Mr and Mrs Taylor met at a wedding, Mr Taylor’s sister got married and Lily was the wedding planner, Mr Taylor asked Lily out on a date and Lily agreed, soon after she got pregnant with Wyatt’s older brother, Peter and Mr Taylor proposed and they’ve been together since. They were still madly in love with each other, although during a financial crisis Mr Taylor suffered and was jobless, Mrs Taylor took on extra jobs to support the family until he could get back on his feet, those were the toughest years for the Taylor’s but they came out stronger than ever.

“Come let’s have some food then we can take a walk” he offered, offering his hand, she took it and nodded her head.

She was feeling nervous again, but she felt safe with him, she knew he would never hurt her. They made their way to a cafe, but she wanted to say what was on her mind before eating, she was hungry, but her mind was too preoccupied, so she stopped him.

“Hey can we talk first? There’s something that I want to say”, concern flooded Wyatt’s face, but he agreed, so she led him by the docks, overlooking the sea and the ferris wheel, the place where he asked her to be his girlfriend.

“This is the first time I’m doing this, so I’m just going to say it” she closed her eyes, trying to calm her nerves, Wyatt was filled with self doubt and concern.

Was she breaking up with him? He thought.

“It’s okay love, you can tell me anything” he was starting to feel nervous as well, but he reassured her.

“I think.. I think I love you” she blurted.

His eyes opened wide, unable to respond, shocked, he let go of her hands, for the first time in a long time, he went speechless.

“It’s okay if you don’t feel the same way, I understand” she smiled sadly.

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