Crossing Paths

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Chapter 9

After Harper said yes to Wyatt’s proposal, they celebrated with everyone else, Harper apologised to Nadia for how she jumped to conclusions, and became great friends. Two days after Harper first said I love you, at the Pier, Wyatt met with Heath and grandpapa to seek permission for her hand in marriage, Heath denied at first, but with some convincing Heath soon agreed and gave his blessings.


Nervous wreck

That was what Wyatt felt as he approached The Wilson’s residence, he texted Heath earlier to come to grandpapa’s house, he wanted to have a man to man conversation with both Wilson’s and seek permission.

Knock knock

“Come in boy!” grandpapa yelled, Wyatt turned the knob to see Heath sitting on the sofa flicking channels on the TV, while grandpapa was reading a book.

“Good day grandpapa” he greeted and turned to Heath to nod his head, proceeding to take a seat on the opposite sofa.

“So what brings you here? Where’s Harper?” grandpapa asked

“I came here alone actually, I need to ask both of you something” he paused, he was nervous and afraid of rejection, looking over at Heath, he was staring at Wyatt intently trying to figure out what was going on.

“Go on” grandpapa encouraged

“Both of you are Harper’s only family, and I wish I could be her family too” he paused raking his fingers through his hair, feeling his nervous double over

“You’re not making sense Wyatt” Heath finally spoke

“I’m in love with Harper, I’ve been in love with her since I first heard her voice on the phone back in England. Two days ago, Harper admitted she loves me too, and I froze, I wanted to say it out loud so bad but it wouldn’t come out, and soon the timing wasn’t right anymore, and I panicked” he sighed. “I guess what I’m trying to say is, I have been in love with your sister and granddaughter for awhile now, and although we haven’t been dating for long, I want to make my intentions clear. I would like to seek your permissions to marry Harper”

Grandpapa slowly put down his book, looking at Wyatt questionably, Heath’s face was unreadable.


Grandpapa looked over at Heath waiting for Heath’s response

Absolute silence.

Wyatt was starting to worry, “I love her with all my heart, I want to marry her, and I want to start a life with her, I wouldn’t hurt her in any way”


“No,” Heath said bluntly, taking Wyatt by surprise.

“Heath, please, what can I do to change your mind?” Wyatt pleaded

“You’re not marrying my sister, you are a great guy but she’s only 24, you barely know her”

“I know her enough to know that I would spend the rest of my life loving her and I would spend the rest of my life falling in love with her everyday, age is just a number, she is more mature than that, if she says no I will wait for her, if she feels the same way you do, I would patiently wait for her, even when I’m 60”

“Mate, son, you are a good man. I can see that, but are you sure you are ready for a marriage with someone you barely know?” grandpapa asked

“Yes, I’ve never been more sure in my life. I love Harper and I would want to spend the rest of my life making sure she and everyone around her knows that I love her and I will continue being in love with her” Wyatt said a little more confidently.

“If my granddaughter says no, means it’s a no, but if she says yes, you have my blessings, I only want her to be happy. She’s been through a lot and I don’t need you to be another reason for her pain. I can see that you are a good man, I can see your love for her, for that I give you my blessing, but ultimately the decision is hers”

“I will shoot you in your arms and legs to let you bleed out if you hurt my little sis” Heath warned, Wyatt nodding in understanding.

“Please Heath, I love her, I really do. You know me mate, you know that I haven’t even glance at anyone else here in LA, there’s only Harper in my heart, there’s no one else I would rather have” Wyatt continued to plead with Heath


“Fine, I trust my sister would make the right decision, you are my friend, but if you hurt even the air she breathes, you are dead” Heath glared, Wyatt swallowed, knowing that Heath meant every word of it.


“You have my blessing Taylor” Wyatt sighed in relief.

Now all he has to do is confess that he loves her and ask her to marry him. That was going to be more difficult than seeking permission, he screwed up with Harper.

End Flashback

Four months had passed, Nadia and Harper quickly became friends, learning that Nadia shifted to LA from Russia to expand her accessory line Nadia’s jewelry, and Nadia was an instagram model, so it made sense for her to pick LA of all places. She also quickly learns that Nadia and her boyfriend Saint have been dating for a year but have been friends for many years prior, and Nadia used to be in love with Wyatt. Nadia reassured Harper that those feelings were gone and she had nothing to worry about.

Anika had the talk with Tyreese, and decided to take a break from each other, soon realising that they love each other, so they’re trying to make the relationship work. Anika isn’t the biggest fan of Nadia, she held her reservations towards Nadia out of respect for Harper.

Harper asked Anika to be her maid of honor, and Nadia to be her bridesmaid. Wyatt’s best man of course was Saint, whom she has not met yet, and Heath was to be his groomsmen. Whilst Ryan would be the officiant for the wedding. Harper and Wyatt wanted to get married in December, then go on their honeymoon crossing over to New Years, so they decided to plan a quick small wedding at Cypress Sea Cove at Malibu, which is a hard venue to get, but due to a cancellation they managed to secure the venue.

Everything was falling into place, everything was going right for Harper and Wyatt.

The day before her wedding everything was ready, Wyatt and Harper chose not to sleep in the same room, his best friend Saint would be flying in, so Harper would only meet Saint on their wedding day. Tonight the guys would be having their bachelor party, and Anika would be throwing a bachelorette party for Harper.

“So what do you want to do for your bachelorette?” Anika asked over brunch.

“Nothing. Cause I’m not having one?” Harper stated

“Oh come on. I knew you were going to do this, no worries, I’ve spoken to Ryan and we’ve decided to go get drinks tonight, just us and her” Anika rolled her eyes when she said her, referring to Nadia.

“Why do you hate her An?”

“I just don’t get the right vibes from her, how are you so calm? She used to be in love with your man!”

“She says she’s over him and I choose to trust her. And I know Wyatt loves me” she smiled thinking of the wonderful man she’s about to marry.

“You are far too trusting, you trust someone you just met” Anika said as she rolled her eyes

“So how are you and Tyreese?” Harper asked desperately trying to change the subject, something in her gut wasn’t feeling so great whenever they would talk about Nadia, but she always chose to ignore it.

“I have to tell you something, but you have to promise me that you would keep your mouth shut. I was waiting to tell you after your wedding but I can’t hold it in any longer” she nodded, pushing her body forwards trying to listen more intently

“I’m pregnant” Anika said in a whisper, Harper’s eyes widened

“OH MY GOD!” she squeaked, gaining attention from everyone nearby

“SHUSH!” Anika shushed Harper, “Shut it” she warned

“Congrats baby!” Harper whispered-yelled, gaining a sigh from Anika, “Aren’t you excited?”

“I’m nervous and worried to be honest, Tyreese doesn’t know yet” Anika confessed looking sad, Harper reached over to rub her hands in comfort

“I’m sure you guys would work it out, he loves you and you love him, and you made a beautiful baby together. Just talk to him, he will leave tomorrow after the wedding, I suggest you tell him before Christmas”

“I’m just nervous”

“Would you want me to be with you when you tell him?” Harper offered

“I love you, you crazy woman, it’s your wedding day and you are worried about my baby daddy. This is why we are best friends” Anika said half jokingly.

’Yeah well, I would hold his balls ransom if he bails on you. Actually no, Heath would shoot his balls” Harper joked and they started laughing uncontrollably.

“So are you nervous about tomorrow? Have you thought about Mr Sexy recently?”




The name that cloud her thoughts and her dreams, sighing she replied, “I still think about him, but I think maybe it’s because he was my first and I formed an emotional and physical bond with him, and Wyatt knows about Mr Sexy, just not every detail or much details, but I’m not nervous about tomorrow, I know I’m marrying a good man, and I love him”

They arrived at the club, Anika couldn’t drink so she was busy trying to ensure that everyone’s drink was not spiked, for the first time Anika would be the responsible one at the club. Harper wore a black coloured bodycon dress with a slit that stops mid thigh which Anika picked out, paired with a pair of nude stilettos, whilst Anika wore a pink bodycon dress with matching heels.

Harper : Nadia where are you?

Harper shot a text to Nadia, she usually would be on time, maybe she was busy with her boyfriend she thought.

Harper : I miss you Wy ;) Can’t wait for tomorrow

Smiling as she sent that, the club was full, the music was blasting as the lights flicker to the beat, she felt her phone vibrate.

Husband : I miss you too :(

Husband : Tomorrow officially you would be Mrs Taylor

Husband : Can we break the rules tonight? I would rather spend my night with you :(

Harper : Yes, tomorrow you would put a ring on it :P

Harper : Its just one night Wy :( Plus you get to spend time with Saint

Husband : Oh by the way, our honeymoon would be covered by Saint, he offered since he couldn’t help out during the preparations of the wedding

Harper : That’s nice of him, but it’s alright, we can go somewhere simple or just stay in a hotel :)

Husband : I’ve booked the tickets :) You’ll find out where soon :)

Husband : One thing though

Harper : What is it?

Husband : Nadia and Saint are following us

Husband : Are you okay with it? If you aren’t then I’ll cancel the tickets

Harper : It’s fine baby, I look forward to meet Saint :)

Harper : Tell him I said thank you

Harper : I Love You boo :)

Husband : Love you too Harp :)

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