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A Little Big Crush

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Lizzie Garcia and Dinah Sanchez are women that are miles apart but have one thing in common- They are desperately looking for true love. While both find who they each think is the perfect man through online dating, the two men they meet are completely different as far as personalities are concerned. Lizzie meets David Gutierrez - a rich, extremely handsome, sexy man who is too good to be true, until his ex shows up. Dinah meets Dario Guerra, the hottest guy she has ever seen who awakens a desire and hunger in her that she has never known. The only problem- at times, Dario pulls away from her and doesn't seem as attentive. There are problems with his ex- girlfriend and Dinah is eager to help him become a better man. But what if it becomes too much and too painful for her to bear? What if there is another, better man who is just right for her? Though Lizzie and Dinah's love path veer off in many ways, their lives are connected by one simple thread.

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Lizzie’s First Date

It was the perfect date night a girl could ever have… considering it was an online date.

As Lizzie got off the taxi cab onto Manhattan’s Upper East Side, she recalled the profile pictures of him holding up his dog on one arm and a red solo cup in the other and another picture of what looked like him wearing a superhero costume at a Halloween office party, and smiled.

Their conversations were pretty standard:


Hi! How are you?

Good, what do you like to do for fun?

I like to read, go to museums, go to the movies, beach, and travel.

The list went on and on with pretty generic conversations but which eventually led to David asking Lizzie out on a date. Unlike the other guys she was talking to through the site, this one seemed like a guy she would be generally attracted to, too good to be true. He looked like the kind of guy you’d find on the cover of a romance novel.

But Lizzie knew that being attracted to pictures and actually meeting them in person was completely different, which was why it was important that they met as soon as possible. She didn’t want to be catfished.

As she walked up to a very trendy- looking restaurant called Boqueria, she thought of how surprised she was that he suggested they meet in person. Most guys didn’t. They either wanted to keep texting for as long as possible before ghosting because they couldn’t keep up a conversation or just stop writing all together after the first hello.

But this guy’s different, she thought as she slyly took out her compact mirror and fixed her lipstick. She rubbed her lips together after lightly blotting them, loving the light taste of cupcake that her favorite matte shade gave her.

Lizzie nodded her approval. A dusty rose mauve was always a good shade for a first date, especially with her cool toned complexion.

Right before she opened the sliding glass door, she ran her fingers through her hair, giving herself one more look of approval through the window of her door before straightening up her black jacket and walking over to Boqueria .

Lizzie was rather impressed that David chose this place. Her other dates were completely clueless on what kinds of places to pick and what a girl like Lizzie would like- preferring to take her to a T.G.I Friday’s or any other chain restaurant that you would find on Times Square. So it was a plus in her book that he chose something so chic.

With her head held high and a slight smile on her face, Lizzie entered through the glass doors of the restaurant and did a quick scan to see if she saw anyone matching Maximus 3000’s pictures- tall, jet black hair, a lean, muscular build, and a nice pair of jeans with a dinner jacket..

Nope. She didn’t see him.

Approaching the hostess, who was shuffling menus and completely not paying attention to her patron, Lizzie cleared her throat and awarded the petite girl with a friendly smile.

“Hi, excuse me, but can I…” Lizzie quickly scanned the room, trying to make a quick decision as to whether she should get a table or sit at the bar. “ Hmm… I think I’ll go sit at the bar and wait for my date. If a guy comes in asking for Lizzie, tell him that’s where I’ll be.”

The hostess quickly nodded and returned to her shuffling and organizing, not giving Lizzie a second thought once she realized she didn’t have to personally seat her anywhere.

Lizzie walked with her head held high to the stool that was in perfect view of the main entrance door and leaned forward in her seat.

“Hey,” she called to the nearest bartender, why inconveniently had his back turned to her and was quickly washing a dirty glass. “Can I get a glass of rosé?”

“Sure thing, sweetheart,” he said, grabbing bottles of liquor and a glass with rapid speed, mixing and shaking various liquids until a familiar, slightly pink color filled the empty glass.

“Here you are,” the bartender, who Lizzie quickly saw because of his tag that his name was Diego, said with a smile. He placed a napkin underneath her drink and slid it down the bar to her. “Is there anything else I can get you?”

“That’s all for now Diego. Thanks.”

Diego’s eyebrows shot up at that. He probably wasn’t used to patrons calling him by name or even attempting to figure it out on their own without him telling them. “No problem,” he said before returning to his other customers.

Lizzie took a sip of the drink, closing her eyes as she savored the fruity, flowery taste. It was just last year before she graduated college that a friend of hers introduced her to the girly, classic drink.

She was so entranced with Diego’s bartending skills that she barely noticed someone sliding into the stool beside her.

“Liz…Lizzie, right?” a semi-deep voice said to her right.

She whipped her head in the direction of the voice and jumped a little in her seat, startled. Once Lizzie looked him up from head to toe, she knew she was in serious trouble.

He was as hot or hotter than his pictures. Lizzie was in serious trouble.

“Yeah, sorry. You surprised me. David, right? From Bumble?” Lizzie asked, not caring to hide how she was checking out David from top to bottom.

He looked exactly like his pictures and so far, so good. He was a ten in her books, with his straight black hair that shone as dark as midnight and his icy blue eyes. Though he wore a suit, it was fitted enough that Lizzie could see a hint of muscle definition beneath. In other words, hot beyond words. Now that she was right next to him, looking at him in person after a couple of weeks of writing through the site, texting on the phone, and talking on the phone last night for the first time, she felt a tiny spark growing inside her. It was a strong response to him and an obvious sexual attraction she couldn’t deny.

“Yeah,” he said, his dark eyes moving up and down as well. He broke off into a smile .” I should’ve gotten here earlier. I would've bought you that drink.” He inclined his head towards the glass of rosé. “What is that, by the way?”

“It’s rosé.”


“Yeah, I’m a girly- girl who likes fruity drinks. I’m not one for real hard liquor,” Lizzie said.

“Well, I drink sometimes. I don’t like whiskey or anything but I do like beer,” He responded. “ Speaking of,” he waved his hand, immediately getting Diego’s attention. “Can I get a whiskey?”

Diego nodded, smoothly and quickly grabbing the beer in question and opening up the cap before setting it in front of David. “ Can I get you anything else, guys?” He asked, his eyes darting to Lizzie.

“I’m good,” David turned to Lizzie. “ How about you?”

She shook her head. “I’m fine, thanks.”

David then pointed to Lizzie’s drink. “ Yeah, we’re good. You can put her drink on my tab.”

Lizzie tried to hide a smile but failed miserably. Though she had many friends who took offense when a guy paid, she personally appreciated a man footing the bill on a first date. It said to her that he was serious.

After Diego took off, David tentatively moved closer to Lizzie. “ So, do you come here a lot? I haven’t been here in ages.”

She shrugged, twirling the little black straw around her drink. “Not really. I agreed with meeting here because I thought this would be the safest meeting place.”

“Safest? You think I’m sinister or something?” he said, grinning.

“Maybe, you never know.”

Lizzie stared deeply into his dark, brown eyes, feeling heat course through her whole body. This might make someone else break eye contact, and move farther just to stop the intense feeling of being exposed and showing how sexually attracted she was. But Lizzie wasn’t going to back down. She could use this heat between them to her advantage. Because if she was right, and David was feeling this unspoken chemistry as well, how could she be embarrassed by it?

“I thought it was usual standards for online dating,” she said, still holding his gaze.

David cleared his throat. “I think that online dating now is regular dating. Nobody really meets the old-fashioned way anymore.”

“True, but a girl can never be too careful.”

He was the one who broke the connection by taking a swig of whiskey. “So, looking at me now, do you think you need to be careful?”

Lizzie made point of scrunching her eyes and pursing her lips. “Right now, no. But who knows later on down the road.”

“Man, what a burn,” he said with a glint in his eye.

“Don’t worry. I’m pretty sure you can change my mind. You already impressed me by deciding to meet me.”

He took another sip of his drink before turning his entire torso to face Lizzie, given her his full attention. “ I wouldn’t take a beautiful woman like you out to any place. No, the minute I saw your pictures, I knew you were just like me… and liked the fancier things in life.”

Now Lizzie was all ears. It always surprised her how little any other man could read her, really observe her, her pictures, and how she spoke and come to the correct conclusions about her. It was too soon to admit it, but David was the man that she was the most interested in and she knew she couldn’t let him go.

But she also couldn't be too eager. She knew from her mother’s advice and the many dating books she read that she had to play a little aloof or hard to get.

“So,” she said, following David’s lead and taking a sip of her own drink. “ Tell me a little more about your family.”

“Well, I have a younger sister and two stepsisters. Both of my parents are divorced,” he said.

Lizzie raised her eyebrows. “Me too. I have a younger sister and my parents are divorced. Have been since I was fourteen.”

From that point on, they had a steady flow of conversation, with both of them finding out they had even more things in common than they thought. They both went to NYU ( with David having graduated two years before me and Lizzie just last year) both loved History- especially British History, and they even had the same birthday- August 8th. THIS was why meeting in person, going on actual dates, was the only way to quickly move anything along. You can only find out so much through texting or writing on the website. A person can take hours to respond, whereas now, you answer immediately and there is a steady stream of conversation… as well as feeling if there is any chemistry or not.

But as the night progressed, she realized from the sudden light that appeared on her phone signaling a text, that they had already spent two hours talking, while ordering appetizers in between.

“Wow. It’s ten already,” Lizzie remarked, swiping her phone quickly to check Andrea’s text. During a blind date, Andrea always texted her, asking if she was okay or if she needed to call stating a fake emergency in order to get Lizzie out of there quickly. It was a girl-friend code that each of them did for each other.

But obviously now there was no need, and Lizzie would be seriously pissed at her if she dared come up with a lie now to get her away with the best date she had ever been on.

“Already?” David asked. “Man, I’ve enjoyed talking to you so much that I didn’t even realize two hours passed. To be honest, I usually dip after two.”

“Really?” Lizzie asked slowly, trying but failing to multi-task at the same time by answering Andrea with It’s going great. Tell you all about it later before putting her phone away in her purse.

“I do the same thing,” she said. It was almost at the tip of her tongue to ask if they could hang out a bit longer, but she remembered what had been instilled in her since she started getting interested in boys over a decade ago.

End it now. Keep him interested and wanting more. No matter how great the date was, she shouldn’t extend it more than two hours… and definitely no going back to her place or his place afterwards. That was just a nice way of asking for sex and Lizzie usually always said no and never answered a text again from any guy who asked to take her to his apartment on the first date. She just didn’t do that.

“ I had a really great time, but I do have to go into work early tomorrow and I usually get sleep after 10, she said, finally sipping the last bit of her rose.

David nodded. “Yeah, me too. I got a report I have to finish up early tomorrow so I got to be in the office around 7.”

He then raised his hand up in Diego’s direction, who was chatting with his co-worker, the night clearly dying down and not many customers left on the bar. It wasn’t that the place wasn’t a happening restaurant, but usually this early in the regular week wasn’t like Saturday or Sunday, where people at this time would’ve continued to crowd the bar not giving a care in the world to sleep since they didn’t have to wake up early the next day.

Diego walked over to them. “Anything else I can get you?”

“Just the check, please.”

“Sure thing.”

Once David paid for their drinks and appetizers, which Lizzie did not mind in the least, they headed out the door together, with David holding the door for Lizzie with all the casual ease of a true gentleman.

They stood on the sidewalk, staring into each other’s eyes again. Though their conversation was light-hearted and became more friend-like once they realized they had many things in common, the sexual tension eased away as they became engrossed in discussing old t.v shows they watched as kids and so on. But now, once they were at the point of ending the date, the sexual attraction that Lizzie felt for him returned in full force. Her blue eyes met his and tingles ran all through her body; she felt heat in her cheeks and a longing in her nether regions just by being near him in this silence that seemed to stretch into eternity.

He stared back at her just as intensely, and Lizzie was wise enough about the male sex to know that he was just as attracted to her as she was to him.

David cleared his throat. “So…I don’t play around the bush here… I’m interested in you. I’m extremely attracted to you…and I would like to see you again.” He stepped closer to her and Lizzie’s heart beat faster. Her breathing became more labored. God, control yourself, she thought. Stop panting for him like a dog.

Lizzie also cleared her throat. At this point, David was so direct, that she needed to at least tell him some of the truth- that she felt the same way.

“I’d like that. I really liked our conversation and I wouldn’t mind seeing you again.” Good, that’s the way to do it. Let him know and focus on the conversation, the things you had in common. Don’t let him even think that you want him so bad and you almost wet yourself with excitement.

He smiled and leaned in close to her.

Oh, shit. Was he going to kiss her? This was too soon. But it would be so awkward to just turn away. Even worse, was he going to ruin it by asking her to go to his place? Please, please don't let him be a jerk in disguise.

But he didn’t kiss her, just gave a slight kiss on her cheek. His too short wet touch sent shivers down her spine and did nothing to lessen the heat coursing through her body, though the action was as innocent as it could get.

“I’ll definitely call you,” he said. “Maybe we can meet again this weekend? I know another great spot that has excellent food.”

Lizzie let out a sigh of relief. “That’ll be cool. Maybe we can get a table this time?”

He laughed. “Yeah, of course.”

All laughter left his face once his eyes met hers again. “Good night, Lizzie.”

That was the first time he said her name all night and she knew right then and there that she loved the way he said it. Loved the way the consonants and vowels sounded to her ears, and knew that she could spend the rest of her life listening to him saying her name.

“Good night, David.”

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