The Alpha's Jump

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The jump is no joke. 600 feet straight down a waterfall into the water. It is the only way to find who will be the next alpha and release the current one of their immortality. It is made by every 17 years old in the Silver Moon pack, right before they meet their wolf. To the pack, it is a right of passage and a way to judge the newest members of the pack. To the alpha, it is the chance to end their long existence. To Megan, it was the most terrifying moment of her life. She couldn't bear the thought of it and each day, she tried her best to familiarise herself with it. But she would never be comfortable with a drop that long.

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The First Look

Three days. Three days until I meet my wolf, until me and my entire year group shift and become the rightful pack members. Three days until the new alpha is discovered, hopefully. Yes, you heard that. Each year for the past 200, Alpha Alex has sat and watched with desperation as the 17-year-olds jumped off the edge and met the water, but none had emerged with the alpha mark across their chest. Alpha Alex has watched his mate Laura and his children die before his eyes, waiting and hoping for the moon goddess to take away his immortality. It never happened and some are convinced, it never will.

And this year, everyone is expecting Grey to emerge with the mark, he is, after all, the great-grandson of Alpha Alex and the top in everything at school. There is no way it isn't him. I don't see the point in jumping. It won't be me, it has never been a woman and probably won't be for hundreds of years. Nonetheless, the alpha forces all men and women before they meet their wolf to make the jump or face being pushed.
Personally, both sound like a death sentence so I had been trying to work out if there was any way I could just not, you know. Maybe, we don't need to find the alpha for a hundred more years, maybe I have the flu and can't risk everyone else getting ill, maybe I just say I forgot.
They may all sound like good options but from what I have gathered, the alpha is so impatient at this point, he might kill me if I don't jump that is definitely not something on my bucket list.
My alarm sounded and I rolled over in my bed to turn it off. Before I would wait as long as possible before getting up, now I don't sleep. I don't know what it is, probably the fear of that fucking jump, but who knows, right?
I had decided today, that I would divert my daily run so that it followed the path that runs by the jump, so I could at least look over the edge and maybe calm my nerves. six hundred feet isn't as high as they say it is, I hope.
I was dressed and ready within twenty minutes of my alarm sounding and out the door before thirty. I was ready to face the jump, ready to see what I would have to do in seventy hours.
When I got there, I stopped. It was not what I was expecting. Instead of the natural land, the path that you ran when you jumped was concrete and near to the beginning, they had benches for the others to wait. The fall, however, it was worse than I had ever imagined.
There was no end. The water flowed and the mist rose and it was so dense and so foggy, that the end was completely hidden from all. We would have to jump blind and hope our necks didn't crack on the way down. My feet felt frozen to the ground as I stared and stared and stared, watching the water roll over the drop and fall through the mist. I wondered what it would feel like, the air as I flew through it, landing in the water and hoping not to hear the loud cheering that would happen when the Alpha was found.
I finally stepped away and lay on the bench, staring at the sky. What would it be like if I became Alpha? I know I wouldn't be very good. After all, last year, I had been sick during our french public speaking midterm and scored a 0, like it was my fault I am nervous when people look at me. And the year before that, I had fallen over my own feet during p.e. and broken my arm and two ribs. That was not a fun time.
I must have stared up at the clouds for hours because, before I knew it, Shelly and Louis emerged from the woods. They were my two best friends and the only people I talked to after my family disowned me. They were even the ones who bought me my flat, as their parents are both very rich.
I wouldn't say it was horrible being around two people who have everything, it was just something that made me cry sometimes. But I guess it was more, why can't I be loved and not, I hate you for being loved.
"Megan, for someone who goes on daily jogs, you are one lazy ass fuckwit" said Louis as he pushed me off the bench. I fell to the ground with a thud and turned to Louis, scowling as I had perfected. It was just the right amount of anger mixed with just the right amount of laughter like I am going to kill you but also, that was funny.
Shelly came and sat next to Louis, her arm hung around his shoulders as she looked down at me, smiling as though she wished she had done it sooner.
"I will never not be amazed at the noise you make when you fall to the ground. I will never know how someone so tiny can make such a loud thud..." She and Louis laughed again while I brushed the grass and leaves off me.
"And I will never understand how you two thought you could keep the fact that you are mates from me..." They both paused at my words, all laughter replaced with genuine shock.
" I, I don't know what you are talking about. We are just friends." That was my cue to laugh, you'd think knowing someone for a lifetime would mean you know them deep down and I know this bitch.
"Shelly, you are the biggest liar ever. You have never worn a turtleneck in your life, but for the last three weeks, you have worn nothing but turtlenecks. And you, Louis, are the biggest womanizer in the world, yet you haven't even looked at a woman, let alone taken one to your nasty ass bed. So, don't give me this, We're just friends bollocks, tell me the truth, or at least say yes to my question... You two are mates, aren't you?" Shelly had brought her arms up around her neck and Louis seemed to have drawn her closer than she already was.
"So what if we are?" I just smiled, fucking assholes. Trust me to have two friends who couldn't even tell me their biggest secret.
"You two are such pricks, How could you not tell me?"

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