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The Rebel meets the epitome of every girl’s dream, The Ideal Man. There are billions of people around the world and a hundred million people in this country, and why the hell did he end up seeing her? There’s a lot of women who’d jump the nearest bridge to get his attention, again, why her, she doesn’t even have the slightest molecule to cherish a dog how much more a grown-up man? How can she possibly prove to this man, that she’s not worth it? How could she ignore the growing appreciation of the man’s existence even during the time that she’s vulnerable? How can she neglect the fact that he’s the only one who saw through her thick facade? She’s the first one to approach him, thinking she could quickly run away after a night of pleasure. When she tasted him, she felt something has changed, and she doesn’t want to name it. It was lust, but there’s more than that.

Romance / Erotica
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"Take a picture; it'll last longer. I don't mind."

If there's something that she wants to do right now, it is to look at him until the sun is up. Elyse never thought she'd be where she is right now, never in her wildest dreams did she ever imagine having a gorgeous man naked in her bed, arms encircled around her bare waist as if she'd be taken by the wind if it blows in between their bodies.

Of course, they did it. AGAIN.

She hates the way he looks at her as if she is the most beautiful creature he had ever seen; she hates the way his hands caress her skin, which causes her stomach to clench. She hates the way he kisses her, and yet here she is, lying naked on top of his body as he slowly stroke his fingers from her head down to her back.

"Spacing out, I see. Don't even think of running away again, because if you do, I am not going to run after you."

She groaned when she felt him kiss her shoulderblade as he gave her lazy kisses from her arms going up to her neck. She felt his warm mouth in between the gap of her neck and shoulders; a wet kiss rang behind her ear as he traces her skin with his fingertips. Suddenly, she could no longer feel his hot breath in her skin; instead, she felt his body stiffed.

"What's this?"

She closed her eyes as tuck his head in between her shoulder and neck, taking a closer look at what he discovered.

"Answer me, Elyse."

The weight of his voice was heavy as if trying not to burst but miserably failing to do so because it sounded as if he's upset. His grip tightened but was not enough to hurt her. It meant he wants her to answer promptly. She smiled at how alarmed he is.

"Just to remind me that once in a while, I met you."

His forehead creased. She can feel his chest-pounding, and his breath started to blow massive hot air, sending shivers to her skin, she knows that he understands what she meant by that. Before he could even say a word, she leaned up to bite his lower lip, seeking an entrance which he did not give; instead, he pushed her up and held her cheeks, about to open his mouth, but she was quick enough to utter the words.

"We're nothing for each other, so we don't have the right to meddle with each other's life. We are happy, regardless, and that's enough. Less hassle and fewer complications."

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