Deadly Obsession of Melanated Beings

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Narratives that are written to immortalize black love.

Romance / Drama
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Staying True for Thyself (P.1)

Musical Subconscious 💭

God will work it out...

- Tye Tribbett

Jekalyn Carr as Sarah Mount

Jonathon McReynolds as Moses Knight


Typing away on my keyboard I continued to take quick glances at my round clock on the wall that read 2:00 pm.

“Whew, I only have one hour left and I’ll be in my bed soon,” I said, whispering to myself.

*Peck peck*

“Come in!”

Peeking his head inside my door was Leon, a senior who was dark skin, with a low fade, who had a bright white smile and a deep voice, who is also the star basketball player of Warrior High School who made it his mission to skip Calculus everyday of the week. “Hey Sa-”

Looking up from my laptop I gave Leon a stern look before he proceeded to speak. “My bad Ms. Mount, how is my favorite counselor doing?”

“Leon, we do this everyday at different times. Why are you not in class?”

Leon plopped down in the purple swivel chair in front of my desk letting out a low breath of air. “Now you know I can’t stand being in Melonie’s class.”

“You know better than to call your teachers and adults older than you by their first name. Also, just because you hate math does not give you the right to skip.”

“It’s not my fault this stupid school forces us to take advanced classes. Plus technically I’m not skipping since I have a hall pass to go to the restroom.”

*Ring Ring*

Pressing the speaker button on my phone Melonie’s shrill voice echoed in my office.

Sarah: Hey, Mel.

Melonie: Hi girl. Is Leon Wood in your office right now?

Sarah: Yes he is.

“Wow, I thought we was better than this Sarah.”

Melonie: Boy get your behind back in this classroom now or you’ll be a bench warmer for the entire basketball season.

Leon kissed his teeth before getting up.

“And you better not slam by door either Leon.”

Leon rolled his eyes. “Man whatever.” He uttered out with an attitude shutting my door softly.

Melonie: That boy is something else. You would think he would stop trying to persuade you to skip my class knowing you not like these other staff members around here.

Sarah: True but he always get his way so of course he’ll never get used to someone telling him no.

“AYE! Y’all keep it down, you see I’m on the phone with somebody!” I pulled the phone away from my ear shaking my head.

Melonie: My bad. These kids know not to play with me, but they always act a fool when it’s the last hour of school on a Friday.

Sarah: You ain’t lyin but let me get back to work so I can finish these notes.

Melonie: Don’t work too hard n0w they don’t pay us enough to do so.

Sarah: Good bye Mel.

I hung up my phone opening my laptop once more. Looking at my clock again it read 2:10 pm. But I was interrupted again by hard knocks on my door.

“Leon I said go back to class!”

“Last time I checked I wasn’t a seventeen year old senior in high school.” I playfully rolled my eyes seeing Melonie stand by my door. Her dark skin glowed in her brown sugar colored jacket matching skirt, black and gold undershirt, and black heels, with her auburn wig straightened falling around her shoulders. She wore her infamous smug look on her face as she slammed the door behind her.

“How is my favorite person in the world doing?”

Rubbing my temples I closed my laptop again. “I would be doing good if I was able to get some work done without being disturbed by you and your students.”

“Tuh, correction student being Leon Wood. And those notes you typin are due two weeks from now.”

“You know I like to stay ahead so everything isn’t done last minute.” I said mean mugging Melonie.

“Ew, you gotta be so extra and out do everybody. See if I had a big office like this I would be watching netflix, eating, and doing Carl right on this desk.”

With the look of disgust on my face Melonie began to laugh. “Right I keep forgetting my dear friend is a virgin. “

“Just let the whole world know my business.”

Melonie waved her hand at me as she placed her legs across the second purple chair sitting next to her. “Ain’t nothin wrong with saving yourself for the right person Sarah. But I must say you a good one because there is no way I could wait so long to be intimate with someone.”

“Can we please talk about something else?”

“Fine. So what time do you want me to pick up?”

“Um, actually I’m not feeling too well to make it to dinner tonight, but I will make it up to you and cook for you and Carl this Sunday after service.”

Melonie’s smirk soon turned into a look of disappointment as she shook her head right to left. “Mmm, just shameful.”

“Don’t start this Mel.”

“I don’t understand how you used to love going out, whether it was to the movies, karaoke night, the mall, or even out of town and now for the past three months you’ve declined every activity me or Carl come up with.”

Setting my hands under my chin I gazed at Melonie who now looked pissed. “You know my schedule is busy. I come to work from 6:00 am 3:00 pm and that doesn’t even include the day’s I stay over to give vocal lessons Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 4:00 to 6:00pm, and on Saturday’s from 10:00 am to 1:00pm and let’s not forget I also have to do detention on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm, oh and I’m the choir director every Sunday while having to do practice on Wednesday from 7:00 to 9:00 pm.”

“Girl I keep telling you that it’s ok to say no to people. “

“I don’t want to seem difficult.”

“Listen, Honessa was supposed to take over your shifts for detention, the front desk worker Mona never did her job to hire another person to help with the choir for this school, and pastor Gerald loves to put everything on you knowing his wife can sing and will be more than happy to take over the choir at church but no he wants her to sit up and look pretty throughout the morning and afternoon services knowing you have a life to live outside of church.”

“I don’t mind doing-”

Melonie leaned forward holding my hands. “Take a deep breath Sarah and let it out.”

Inhaling and exhaling I felt myself become more relaxed. “I know you don’t mind being superwoman for everyone but it’s ok to put yourself first and not last. That’s why I want you to come out with me, Carl, and Moses tonight for dinner.”

A smile grew on my face hearing Moses’ name. I knew him for four years and each year I find myself falling for him more and more. His pecan brown skin, low cut black curls, bright smile, his angelic voice that was light and airy that sent goosebumps up and down my arms when he sang, and his overall demeanor kept me smiling each and every day. There were so many moments I wanted him to ask me out or times I felt bold enough to ask him on a date but I was too nervous to even speak up or felt I was stupid to think he shared the same feelings as me, though I had a feeling he did.

“You good?”

Frantically swaying my head side to side I came back to reality. “Sorry about that and stop calling Vanessa out of her name.”

Melonie sucked her teeth. “I meant what I said, Honessa stay trying you and other women at this school. Again she was supposed to start her detention duty last year, but no because she’s so busy flirting with Moses, Carl, and any man for that matter. And you’ll hear this coming from my mouth first if she steps to Carl or Moses one more time I’m gonna beat her up and imma need you to bail me out.”

I began to laugh but stopped seeing the serious look on Melonie’s face. “To be fair Vanessa and Moses did start speaking to each other first.”

“She asked him out in spite of you and Moses almost got punched for entertaining that girl.”

“Mel, please do not get yourself fired over her.”

“I’ll try to be on my best behavior but one of these days me and her gonna fight it out at one these parks out here.”

Laughing to myself I started packing up my stuff. “Yeah ok.”

“Since you’re free me and you can go visit Carl and Moses.”

“Don’t you have a class you need to be teaching?”

Standing to her feet with an evil glint in her eyes, Melonie walked around my desk pulling me out of my chair.

“Let me go Mel.” I whispered yelled.

“I wouldn’t have to drag you down the hall if you complied with me.”

Soon me and Melonie made it to the break room seeing Moses and Carl talking.

“There’s my girl.” Carl jumped out his chair embracing Melonie sending her in a fit of giggles as he kissed her repeatedly.

Trying not to make eye contact with Moses my eyes traced the room as I continued to look at the wall, floor, and chairs.

“Hi, Sarah. How are you doing today?”

I instantly made eye contact with Moses feeling my knees buckle. “I’m doing well.” I whispered as my heart rate sped up.

“Babe, please walk me back to class.”

“I’m right behind you.” Carl said wiggingly his eyebrows at Moses.

Getting up Moses pulled out a chair for me motioning me over. Allowing my feet to guide me I sat down next to him. “Thank you. And how are you doing?”

“Doing better now that I’m talking to you.”

“That was real smooth.” I said feeling my body relax smelling the fresh breeze of Moses’ cologne.

Comfortable silence filled the room as we both snuck glances at each other. “Sarah, why have you been avoiding me for the last three months?”

Wow I forgot how blunt Moses can be, but that’s what I liked about him. “Honestly, because of Vanessa and me thinking maybe you just saw me as a friend.”

“We are friends but I want something more if you’re ok with that.”

“Actually I wouldn’t mind us getting to know each other romantically.”

Moses’ smile grew wider as he placed his hand on top of mine. “I’m glad to hear that. And I know Carl and Melonie planned this dinner for us to go to, but I would like to take you to see a movie.”

“Yeah, I’m fine with that.”


Carl: Where the hell are you?

Moses: Sorry man I know you had a reservation for tonight at seven but I’m not up for being the third wheel of a date intended for you and Melonie.

Carl: I promise Mo if I don’t get any sweet goodness because of you and Sarah you will feel my wrath tomorrow, Sunday, and for years to come.

Moses: Man bye and goodnight.

I looked at my reflection. I decided to wear a lavender colored shirt, khaki pants, and white sneakers. To keep myself warm I also added a black jacket. Grabbing my keys from the bowl by the door I took a deep breath and walked outside to my black 2021 Toyota Camry.

Humming to the sweet tunes of Yolanda Adams I Gotta Believe calmed my nerves as I pulled in front of Sarah’s duplex. Her cherry red Taycan Porsche was parked outside and I could see the lights in her living room shining through her curtains. I pulled out my phone texting her. “Hey, this is Moses not trying to rush you but I’m outside.”

Seeing her front door open my heart fluttered. I stepped out of my car to open the door for Sarah as she passed by me I was able to smell her apple cinnamon perfume. She looked amazing as always regardless if she dressed up or rocked something casual. She wore gray jeans, a purple sweatshirt, a white jacket, and light gray sneaker heels with a hint of purple to them. Her burgundy and black braids were in a high ponytail.

“Thanks again for picking me up.”

If she only knew what her soft, yet powerful voice did to me. “You’re welcome.”

“So what were you listening to?”

“Oh to the gospel station. Do you want me to turn up the radio?”

“Yes, if you don’t mind. I hate riding in silence.”

I turned the knob as I listened to Sarah sing along with Mary Mary.

Look at me I’m trying

Everyday I fall down

Make mistakes, get back up

Try again, next time that, see me

I’m walking, I’m walking, I’m walking

I shouldn’t be shocked to hear Sarah belt out those lyrics so easily but it was nice to see her get lost in the song with me sitting a few inches from her.

“I’m sorry I forgot where I was for a moment.” Sarah said covering her face in embarrassment.

“Don’t be. Trust me I am always grateful to be in the presence of someone with so much talent.”

Pulling into the parking lot of the movie theater me and Sarah made eye contact again before I opened and closed my door before walking to the other side to meet Sarah. I slowly opened her door taking her hand instantly feeling my body warm.

“So what movie are we watching?”

“For tonight’s line up we have, The Photograph, Miss Juneteenth, and they’re reshowing Queen and Slim.”

“I’m up for Queen and Slim, I mean if you’re ok with that.” Sarah stuttered out.

“Queen and Slim it is.”

I stepped back opening the door and instantly my nostrils flared with pure excitement smelling the aroma of buttery popcorn.

“Welcome to Black Movie Box. How can I help you folks today?”

“Yes, we’ll have two tickets for Queen and Slim.”

“Alright that will be 17.47.”

I felt Sarah tug my jacket causing me to look at her. For a moment I got lost in her mocha skin, and deep brown eyes not hearing a single word she said.

“Moses are you ok?”

“Sorry what were you saying?”

She graced me with her smile displaying her pearly whites. “I said you should let me pay for the tickets, and maybe even the drinks, popcorn, and candy.”

“Absolutely not. I will be paying for everything and I’ll find a way for you to pay me back.”

Watching her playfully roll her eyes she quickly said, “Ok.”

After paying for the tickets we got a small popcorn, since we agreed we weren’t going to finish the large or medium, a sprite for her, and a fruit punch for me, some twix candy, m&ms, sour gummy worms, and red liquorice.

“We’re for sure going to have cavities by the time the movie ends.” Sarah said while laughing.

“It’ll be worth it though.”

Luckily for me and Sarah we were able to have the full back row to ourselves as we sat. Whispering to each other throughout the entire previews. Spurts of laughter erupted from us as we received mean looks from the couple in front of us. But we didn’t allow them to steal our joy for the night.

The lights lowered as people began to put their phones away and ended their conversations.

As the movie played I couldn’t help but find moments to glance at Sarah who was fully enjoying what was taking place on screen.

Finally being able to tear my attention away from Sarah I reached my hand in the popcorn bag feeling Sarah’s hands. For seconds I found comfort as our hands touched as neither one of us pulled apart from each other.

Stepping outside we felt the cool air hit our faces. “I’m glad we chose Queen and Slim.”

“Oh so we chose that movie?” Sarah asked, crossing her arms over her chest.

“Uh yeah.”

We both looked at each other before we busted out laughing.

Before I even knew what I was doing I felt Sarah’s eyes on me. Looking down I noticed I placed my arm around Sarah.

I wasn’t the tallest man ,and Sarah was quite short but gained some inches from her sneaker heels. So we were practically making eye contact as we stared into each other’s eyes. I felt and could hear my heart rapidly beat, and I could feel Sarah’s breathing hitch.

Not wanting this moment to get away from us, I leaned forward planting a warm kiss on Sarah’s forehead as I heard her breathe a sigh of relief.

Getting back in my car we listened to the radio hearing music from Kirk Franklin.

Again pulling into Sarah’s driveway we sat in silence.

“I would like to go out again with you.” We both said simultaneously.

Sarah chuckled, turning her body to face me. The moonlight shimmered across her brown skin. “I had a great time tonight and I would love to have more dates with you.”

“I was about to say the same thing.” I said smiling at Sarah. “Let me walk you to your door.”

“Goodnight.” Sarah leaned forward kissing my right cheek.

I watched Sarah open and close her door blessing me with her beautiful smile once more.

Feeling like I was walking on air I walked to my car sitting for a few minutes before I began my journey home.


Oh love is in the air lol.

Sarah and Moses had fun on their first date. Maybe they’ll go on more.

This just the beginning for this story and others to come.

Happy Black History Month. I hope y’all are finding ways to celebrate and honor those who made so many achievements for themselves and others.

Just a warning the stories part of Deadly Obsession for Cocoa will be moving a little fast since I have so many other storylines. 😂

My lovely Kueens and Kings don’t forget to like, comment, and share my book. And make you check for those Saturday updates because more sizzling drama is on the way.

Date chapter was published: 2/6/2021

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