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An age-old rivalry between two powerful kingdoms erupts into bloodshed.A young Prince Gray Wimbledon falls in love with Nesrin Vaela , a demon from the Demon Kingdom. An unattainable love, a rule where one must perish, will they be able to attain true love? Or will their love forever be "Forbidden?"

Romance / Fantasy
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Year 1398, Kingdom of Therondia, it was Early February, the temperature was still cold and the weather was the colour I’d describe, pale blue. It was a color that makes you feel the coldness and warmth the sky will make you feel. It was the day we first met, the day our fate intertwined, and the day a new love was born. This is the story of two people falling in love, a “Forbidden” Love. It’s the story of us.

Sitting beside the open window, I gazed outside, it was cold , I never liked winter because it was the day I was born, a day that shouldn’t have come. I was the Prince of Therondia kingdom, Gray Vicar Wimbledon, the child of Mavis O’Caria a Concubine who was madly in love with the king.

One day, when the king got married with his consort, Gloria Fernanda Revria, he never visited mother again, I was born 2 Weeks later after the Marriage and the King and the Queen had a baby 3 year later who was named the Heir to the throne despite me being the rightful heir.

Arthur Vicar Wimbledon was his name, I was older than him and would see him on the palace ground sometimes. Despite him being the reason why I am no more the heir I couldn’t bring myself to hate him.

I first met him on the palace grounds when I was 5 and ever since then he’d follow me calling me big brother. I didn’t wanted to go through bloodshed to take the crown from someone who calls me brother.

My mother would always blame me whenever the king ignored her, she would say that I was the reason the king stopped looking at her and whipped me for being born, for being unsightly, but once she calms down she’d cry, “but... shouldn’t I be the one crying..?” I thought within myself.

When I was young I asked her, “why do you love dad so much?” She said “when I see him , my heart flutters , he always shines brightly, I want him to touch me, feel me, even being able to see him from faraway makes me happy.” Whenever she talked about him she’d shine brightly herself, she looked happy, “why won’t you smile like that for me?” I wondered.

As I turned 7 my mother got bed ridden with an illness that was not curable, even when she was on the verge of death the one she asked to see was the King and not me. Even after all these years never did she once told me that she loved me, that she was glad to have me. And even her last wish was never fulfilled, as the king didn’t visit her even once.

I still wonder was that love, obsession or madness? Will I ever be able to find someone I love? If I fall in love will I become like her? I don’t understand.

It’s been 9 years since then, I’m 16 now.
I didn’t had anything much to do because the teacher I learned swordsmanship from had to run some errands.

One day when I hid out of the palace to go see the town I saw a guy beating up 5 people with a wooden sword. When I saw him I knew that if I learn swordsmanship from him I can get better and protect myself if needed.

When I asked him to become my Instructor surprisingly he accepted, Everyday I would sneak out of the palace and would learn swordsmanship from him, he has been instructing me for a year now.

“Haaah..” taking a deep sigh I walked downstairs and straight to the training grounds, I started swinging my swords as I was taught and started sweating.

“Brother!” running down with a smile he came and stood beside me.

“What are you doing here Arthur? Shouldn’t you be in your class now?”

“Oh that! Uh.. I sneaked out hehe, the history class was too boring all they do is talk about Demon kingdom this and Demon kingdom that , can’t we just get along with them?”

“Well I don’t think it’s impossible.”

“Right? When I become the King I’ll make sure that both the Humans and Demons have peace, a Kingdom where both demons and humans can co-exist.”

“If it’s you I think it’s possible.” he is still cheerful as always, even though his thinking is naive he would surely become a Great ruler who is both kind and sincere.

“Hey! Get back here you brat!” Yelling Mr. Hendrickson came down the training grounds.

“Sorry for the intrusion Prince Gray but I have to take back Prince Arthur as he sneaked out when I wasn’t looking.”

“I don’t want to go back! It’s so boring!” Arthur yielded.

“Arthur don’t you want to be a Great King? Someone who is respected by everyone in this kingdom? A king who every kids and even adults look up to?”

“Of course I do!”

“Then what good a King would be who doesn’t even know his own Kingdom’s history?”

“Ack...! Fine I’ll go I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be, it’s fine to runaway, why don’t you come practice swordsmanship with me tomorrow?”

“I can? Really? Thanks! I’ll learn everything and practice with you!”


As Arthur went back I focused on my training again, it’s been 2 hours since then. “Why did he had to go to run some errands today.. I don’t even have anything particular to do.”

Wiping my sweat off , i wrapped my sword around the waist and went towards the forest that was behind the Palace.

“Woah..! It’s my first time coming here but it is really amazing how vast and huge this forest is.” I pondered.

I went inside the forest, there were various types of mushrooms and trees in here, I walked for an hour, but slowly and slowly the forest started getting darker, “I think I should headback.” As I turned back to return I couldn’t find the marks I left off on the trees.

“Where am I?, did I get lost? I could hear weird noises that were coming out of the forest, it was like the forest was alive itself, before I realised there was almost no sunlight despite the time being around 3 PM.

I ran , for an hour stumbling upon tree roots, falling down, my breath started getting heavier the air this deep in the forest was thicker, it was hard to breath.

“Light I can see light!” Shouting I poured every ounce of energy on my legs I made my way over just to see something that I’ve never ever seen before it was a Sight to Behold, within the dense and dark forest there was a beautiful waterfall with a wonderful rainbow above it, a place that was blessed by fairies.

I was entranced by the beauty that was in front of me, as I tried to get a better look it was then when I saw her.

Sitting on top of the rock, she was sparkling as the water sprinkled over her. She was facing her back towards me but yet she was like an “Ange....” “Oh no I said it out loud did she hear me?”

She looked towards my way, a girl with Golden eyes, Dark black hair that reached her shoulders and a fair skin with some scales near her eyes , she had horns and a tail. “badump badump” My heart was beating loud, what is this feeling it’s the first time I am feeling anything like this, j don’t understand. Who is she? A demon....? Whatever she is it was the first time I saw someone as beautiful as her.

Despite her being a demon I didn’t feel fear nor hatred, I never understood why Demons and humans were in war, despised and were slaughtered.

I tried to make my way towards her , I didn’t want to scare her so I slowly took one step after another. She didn’t show any reaction, is she not afraid of me? She was sitting there defenseless it was as if she didn’t care about anything. As I reached near her I raised my right hand for a handshake, “Hi, My name is Gray. Who are you?”

“Ange...” hearing a voice I turned behind, there was a human boy standing there, he had White hair that was bright like a star, blue eyes that shine like a sapphire, his face.. why does he look so sad? Why is he here? Does he want to hunt me? Why is he this deep in the Night forest? Will I finally die? Can I be free now? Before I knew he started walking towards me, so it’s time huh? I can finally come back to you Mom, sister.

As he started Raising his right hand towards me, I prepared myself for the outcome, but instead he raised his hand for a handshake and says something in a human language , “Gray...?” was this his name?

Why isn’t he killing me, what is this? Did he mistook me for someone else? Why is a human trying to befriend a demon. Humans and demons have different language but when I was young my mother taught me human language. She told me that it would help me someday.

“My.. my name is Nesrin, I’m a demon, what are you doing here?”

“Oh so you are a demon, while I was strolling in the forest I got lost and ended up here, do humans and demons speak the same language?”

“, I learned the human language when I was young not many can speak this language.”

“Hey, why is my heart beating so much? It’s the first time anything like this happened, this is weird, I’m not supposed to feel anything yet something feels different, what is happening to me?”

As he asked me these questions, his eyes looked sad he looked confused, he was like a child who was feeling different emotions for the first time, what have you gone through? Why do you look so sad? I wanted to hug him and embrace him but he was a human, they can’t be trusted.

“You are feeling excited, you are happy, is it the first time you have seen this place? It feels different because this place is really wonderful. Even I felt the same when I saw this place, this astounding beauty, it feels really wonderful right?”

As she talked, all I could do was look at her as she was explaining it to me , I couldn’t hear anything but only look at how she gesture as she speak, she looked so different something out of this world, my heart beating loud again.

“Mhm, I understand.” I didn’t hear anything but it would be rude to say that.

“So how are you going to return back?” She asked.

“I’m not sure, I’ll just walk where my intuition tells me to.”

“Seriously..? Won’t you just get lost that way? I’ll take you back, I can’t take you back to the human kingdom but I can walk you back where the Night Forest miasma doesn’t reach you’ll be able to find your way back from there.”

“But will it be alright? Can you return back? What if you get lost?”

Is he really worried about me in this situation? Aren’t you the one who is lost? Pfft he is funny.

“Don’t worry I know my way around this forest I won’t get lost even if I wanted to.”

We walked our way back, it didn’t took that long for the Night forest miasma to subdue, I’ve seen this tree before, so we are here.

“Thank you for helping me find my way back, how can I repay you?”

“It’s fine you don’t have to, but if you really want to repay me back, can you keep that place a secret?”

That place? Oh the fountain? “Yes of course, I sweat it on my name that I won’t tell anyone about it.”

Walking my way back it felt weird, It was my first time meeting a human, I didn’t think that it would be this kind of encounter, he was different, I wanted to talk to him more, but a human and demon cannot be friends, it would be good to forget about him.

“ Nesrin!”

As I turned back I saw him running towards me, how does he know I am here?

“What are you doing here? How did you find me?”

“When you walked me back, I was mapping the forest to remember it and chose the shortest route to take.”

Huh.. did he just learn the entire forest while walking with me? Who is this boy, is he a genius?

“Ah that’s amazing!? Why did you come here back though?”

“Oh I wanted to say can we meet again? Can I come back to that place to talk with you? Can we be friends?”

He doesn’t understand his own feelings, he probably think that asking a demon to be his friend is normal. But somewhere inside me I was happy, when he came running back I was relieved. What is this feeling? My heart is beating louder, am I excited? Happy? I didn’t had time to think about it shaking of the thoughts I replied.

“Yes! Of course, but make sure no one knows about it.”

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