The Boy Who Read Minds

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Aaron's special power might just be the coolest -or scariest- thing ever! It's always helped with his bad boy reputation, his rightfully arrogant all-knowing intimidation seemed to go a long way with his love life. Until he met Violet, one of the smartest girls in school. A girl he's been using for years, zoning in on her mind to ultimately cheat on tests for ages, until one day, she failed him. Her mind wandered all over the place- her parent's divorce, her breakup and he couldn't help but sympathize. But Violet's a smart girl, who knows how long it'll take before she finds out. He depends so much on his mind reading capabilities that when they suddenly disappear- so does everything he hasn't worked for. His secret was like Samson and his hair, once its told, the magic's all gone.

Romance / Fantasy
Veronica Soliman
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Chapter 1:\\ Puberty


I stared at my body in the mirror, admiring the sculpted shape that seemed to take place out of nowhere. When puberty hit, everything changed- and not just physically.

My four-foot body had skyrocketed into a six-foot hunk of wonder that screamed for attention from a mile away. My brown eyes somehow changed into a wild gray color and neither my parents nor any doctors knew how that could have happened. That was only the beginning of the changes back when I was thirteen.

My choice of friends shifted with my sudden change of looks and girls suddenly went from cooties to cuties.

I fell for the girls with the big breasts and the blowouts, the ones willing to throw themselves at me and get away with it- these were the ones with a reputation. And I craved their attention.

At the ripe age of fifteen, I had lost my virginity, not that it even mattered to me. Some say that the age you lose it is linked to your IQ and being younger meant I was obviously dumber.

But that never mattered to me either, I was a pro-cheater and kept my grades up to spiffy. My parents were so proud of their gifted Valedictorian that they gave me everything I could have ever dreamed of.

A few months after my thirteenth birthday, my shifting body and friend types weren’t the only major changes that happened. My voice began to change and so did my way of thinking.

I recall waking up one morning and the only thought on my mind was how badly I wanted to buy a new car for my wife. Only- I didn’t have a wife. And a day later, my dad had surely enough purchased a brand new Jaguar that was kindly placed outside for my mother to wake up to.

Sex began to play on my mind constantly as I walked the halls of Rosemond High School and it didn’t take me long to realize I wasn’t even thinking for myself. My mind had been taken over by the busy, horny minds of my fellow freshmen just as the school year was starting out.

I towered over the majority of my class and I strode confidently. I felt like Jesus walking through the crowd, knowing exactly who was thinking what thoughts and pinpointing whatever I liked. I knew all and oversaw all.

I was a star pupil and everyone knew it. I was an athlete, an all-around great person and everybody adored me. Golden boy, I was even called once.

I would stroll through the hallways and find myself dreaming of vegetables, craving their taste in my mouth. But then my eyes would land on the very girl who studied too much and partied too little.

Violet was a sort of rare beauty. As in, she wasn’t pretty or hot or any of that, she was just cute. Like I want to hug her ’cause she’s a puppy kind of cute. But I had used this girl far more times than I could remember, she was my only competition when it came to keeping my place as Valedictorian, but it was her mind that should’ve won.

She scored the scores and I stole the answers, it was a system that she had no clue about. I kept my talent to myself, my star skills on the court were great, I caught on my teammates’ plans quickly and played out the role they needed.

I was a masterpiece in the form of a human. I was a demi-God put on Earth to steal answers off of tests and win basketball games.

I woke up this morning with a beautiful Amy Bloom under my muscular arm. The same Amy Bloom who had taken my virginity when I was fifteen.

I knew she liked me and I hated the way she felt around me. Her mind would jumble up and the one phrase that struck me was Aaron’s so hot.

Her vile thinking went on for months until the end of my sophomore year when I finally played on her feelings.

I couldn’t feel what she felt, but I could hear what she was thinking- invading every shallow corner of her privacy until she was just a hollow shell of a rich bitch.

Amy Bloom was hated by half the population at Rosemond High, the other half didn’t know her. And I pitied her until I realized what a piece of work she truly was. I admired the looks people gave us and the way they would boost me up when they saw us together.

Why is Aaron with her? Was what was generally on their minds as we strolled hand in hand.

By the time sophomore year ended, we had decided that a relationship wasn’t for us and a casual thing would work best. She had thought to suggest it and I had voiced her thoughts, suffice to say, she happily agreed.

And today was the start of our junior year, a year prepared and well on full of mystery as I finally got out of bed and dressed. My parents knew I was with Amy, but they never once suspected I was with Amy.

They were slightly naive in their thinking and I admired every aspect of it. But before I can get into the fact of the matter, I would like to assure you that I can not read your mind. Believe me, I’ve tried, but you’re just a hard nut to crack. But Amy, Amy was easy. Easy in so many aspects that I could drown myself in the list. She lay on my bed, the blanket barely covering her modesty as a small light from my curtain rained on her. She looked almost angelic, the absolute opposite of what she truly was.

Amy Bloom could easily take the title of the mean girl, the Queen Bee. I mean, if she ever decided to actually go to school. But sometimes, I couldn’t help but daydream about the kindness she can show- she had the power to control crowds and woo people. She reminded me of a fictional character I had read about once- her personality was oddly similar to the high school version of Eleanor Carnegie, but she had a completely different stance. She wasn’t one for change.

She ditched school a lot but assumed that her parent’s money and her good looks could take her far in life. Little did she know how wrong that was. But I’m getting way ahead of myself. One second, let me rewind and start at the beginning.

Puberty is what changed me, the thirteenth year of my life made me irresistible and somehow my malformed genetics gave my low IQ the power to read minds.

From then on, I became Mr. Popular, the cool guy that everyone wanted to know. And I knew exactly what each one of them wanted from me.


It was a shady Thursday morning in September when Amy finally woke up. She clearly wasn’t trying to make a good first impression on her first day, and evidently, neither was I. We didn’t care, we’d been going to this high school for two years already, what made the third one any different?

I had sat fully dressed on my bed watching her, listening in on her erotic dreams as she snored soundly. I waited until she woke up before reminding her that today was the first day of school and that she had to be there on time.

A smug smirk flew on my face when she tossed a thought at me.


I laughed silently as she stood up and walked over, no longer caring if my eyes were on her body or not.

Amy Bloom dressed in a couple minutes, not caring about her appearance and quickly turned toward me, a smile biting her lip.

“Are we going now?” She huffed, patting her messy hair and thinking of my hands stroking it last night. Amy and I used each other for the same mindless purposes.

I used my powers for evil- if they were even considered powers at all. And I liked it that way.

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