The Boy Who Read Minds

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Chapter 10:\\ Jealousy


Violet is a pathetic person. A pathetic little nerd who’s not smart enough to realize that I don’t want to be her damned friend. I’ve tried making it obvious, but it appears I need to consider newer methods.

But here she was. I walked into the cafeteria and my supposed “best friend” was out flirting with my crush?! I mean, she had to know that I had feelings for Aaron. But here she was, I saw the way she looked at Aaron and grew disgusted. I couldn’t show it much thought. She turned her head and caught my eye, I groaned, pretending to wave and smile at her. She stood up and traced her hand on Aaron’s shoulder, it could’ve passed as an accident, but I saw it nonetheless.

She walked over to me with the most annoyed look on her face, but I glanced away, staring at the ever so gorgeous Aaron Paul. He was absolutely stunning, with biceps glimmering under the cafeteria lighting. What I would do to that boy... I couldn’t understand why he was still looking at her as she approached me, but I took the opportunity to stare at his handsome face.

“Hey V.” I said, unbothered by her existence.

“He’s so obnoxious!” She declared, noticing my line of sight. She flailed her arms like a drama queen and attempted to block my view. I took a breath, the only way to deal with annoying people is to be calm and ignore them.

“Maybe, but I’d like a slice of that pie if you catch my drift.” I smirked, taking a quick glance at Violet before my eyes scanned Aaron’s body. If I wasn’t more composed, I’d definitely feel the drool coming on.

“Take it!” She muttered, arms still flailing in frustration.

“Looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed.” I joked, but that only seemed to further anger the beast. She wasn’t even that pretty in all honesty. All she had going for her were the curves and if she gained another ten pounds, she’d be considered fat. Her hair was frizzy and she didn’t know how to dress. Maybe that’s why she needs me around, someone to show her how to dress. Perhaps she did her personality while I’m at it.

“I did not! Stacy!” She complained, but it fell on deaf ears as she crossed her arms and stared at me. I grew impatient as I watched Aaron get up and begin walking toward his teammates’ table. I’d easily missed my window of opportunity to talk to him. All because of this idiot standing in front of me and thinking I actually care about her problems.

“Get over yourself Vy. Aaron isn’t the kind of guy to go after us and you know that.” I rolled my eyes, turning away from her as the bell rang. A perfect way to escape the grasp of my so-called “best-friend”. Bah-humbug to best friends, I only have acquaintances and I prefer it that way. I quickly rushed to my English class before realizing I was in the wrong room.

My eyes quickly scanned the room, making sure nobody that I knew was in this class. All freshmen, good.

I confidently strode out of the room as the tardy bell rang. Maybe I should ditch altogether.

As soon as the thought created itself in my mind, I saw Aaron in the corner of my eye. He was holding onto Violet’s hand as he dragged her to his car. I narrowed my eyes. Obviously something had happened between them- something she wasn’t telling me.

I was intrigued, I must admit. My eyes scanned them as Violet threw her hand to slap his face. The adrenaline rushed through my veins. I was angry as I saw a red mark form on Aaron’s handsomely structured cheek. I wanted to slap her in return- how would she like that.

I heard footsteps heading down the hallway. Panicking, I quickly shut the door to the school behind me as I found myself mere feet away from Violet and Aaron. I wondered what they were doing, what the security cameras were recording, and more importantly, how I would get back into the school unseen.

I slithered toward them.

My heart racing as the fear of getting caught actually occurred to me. I felt my heart sink when I heard Aaron’s next words.

How! When? Where!? Why?! I grew angrier by the moment as confusion replaced my anger.

How the hell did my so-called best friend even become friends with Aaron Paul?! That’s insane! He’s the Aaron Paul and she had so easily overtook him. And she kept it a secret from me?!

“Did you hear that?” I heard his silky voice say as footsteps neared my clumsy idiocy.

I was afraid and in shock as my eyes met Aaron’s and he nodded in recognition. It was as though he’d known I was there all along.

“Hey Stacy, what’re you doing out here?” Violet’s brown eyes bored into mine as I felt fury take over. I couldn’t control or understand my emotions. Was it jealousy? Was it anger that she didn’t tell me about her new friendship with my future husband?!

At that moment, I don’t even remember what I did or said. All I do remember is that I had walked over to Aaron, kissed him, and walked back into the school.

I got what I wanted, now she can take the leftovers.

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