The Boy Who Read Minds

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Chapter 20:\\ Lab Experiment

Professor Dooley

A slight detour into the past...

Today was my big day. I would present to the national organization of incorporated scientists about my big discovery! Then they can no longer look down on me for only-God-knows-what!

I rushed into my lab, quickly tossing the lab coat in my bag and reaching into our fridge for my cells and my report! I had done it! I’d found a way to genetically modify cells so that their communication with each other could be translated and I could prove how to hear it. My next phase was to test it out on larger beings and eventually humans!

I would eventually be able to hear people’s thoughts if I applied the same, or similar, mechanisms to humans that I used for my cells.

This was my lifelong goal since I was a wee lad. I have always wanted to know what other people are thinking so I can always say the right thing. Dress the right way. Not be judged by preposterous men who ‘discovered’ the reason humans sleep! No- my idea was far more legendary and extraordinary! It was original and not a waste of time!

Who watches people sleep for research??

That way I couldn’t have in any way upset my wife until she left me! I could — after perfecting my mind reading genetic modification! I could then invent a time machine and win my wife back.

I can do it. I will! Or I’ll die trying.

I snickered to myself as more happy thoughts devoured me. I rushed out of the lab and headed toward my car, stopping for a mere two seconds to glance at my reflection. Fixing my red bow and black suit jacket, I quickly walked to my car.

“Hey old man!” A kid who was about twelve years or older looked at me with skeptical brown eyes. He was about half of my height and fairly underdeveloped.

“What?” I asked, rather annoyed and impatient, as the kid approached me. He held a skateboard under one arm and an ice cream cone in the other.

“Your shoes are untied.” The kid snickered, pointing to my shoes.

And in the moment I looked down at my dress shoes — which didn’t even have laces — the stupid kid had snatched the black bag from my hand and was preparing to make a run for it.

“Give it back kid! That has important data in it!” I shouted in the middle of the street, my car only steps away where I could safely put my cells in the passenger seat and be on my way to prove to the other scientists that I was twice as smart and cunning as them!

We tugged back and forth, he had dropped his skateboard and pulled with his ice cream firmly held in his other hand. I’ll have to give it to him— the kid was strong, but now was not the time for this obnoxious boy to cause issues with me. Especially an obnoxious boy that seemed to appear out of nowhere and seemed like his only purpose was to harass me.

“I just want to see what you have!” The boy argued, his grip tightening around my bag.

“I don’t have time for this! Release my bag!” And in the two seconds that I had spoken those words, he’d done as he was told and the contents of my bag flew out.

I could feel the world flash before my eyes and a potential slow-motion No escape my mouth as my beloved cells flew out of their Petri dishes and all over the sidewalk.

“You’ve ruined it!” I shouted at the kid who was just staring at me now, only making me more frustrated because he had no reason to approach me to begin with.

“Joseph dared me to do it! I’ll get you new cells.” The boy shrugged, pointing to another boy.

“YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND! That was my lifelong work! You moron! You’ve totally ruined it! And you’ve contaminated the sidewalk!” I shouted, it clearly wasn’t registering that I was angry. The boy climbed on his skateboard, licked his ice cream, and gave me one last glance.

“Sorry sir! Make some more, Look I’ve got some cells too.” He pointed to his skin and I wanted to pull my gray hair out.

“I’ll sue you! And your family!! Where’s your mother!!” I shouted at deaf ears as the boy disappeared behind a corner and moments later reappeared with his friend on their skateboard, licking their ice cream cones and snickering.

“I guess you won Aaron.” I heard the boy, presumably the Joseph that dared him to do it. I was beyond angry and frustrated. I stood in disbelief, staring at my cells that were now simmering in the sunlight of the sidewalk.

Did I even have time to redo the entire experiment and produce the same results? I glared at the sidewalk, feeling my eyes begin to sting.

No. I couldn’t.

I bowed my head low and walked back toward the lab. If not today, then I will achieve bigger goals tomorrow.

I’ll show them. Eventually.

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