The Boy Who Read Minds

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Chapter 21: Headaches


I was honestly hurt. What did Aaron think he was doing telling his friend that we were a thing?? If I didn’t like him already, I genuinely dislike this boy now.

I wanted to leave— to get lost without the likes of some weird dude following me. He could be so sweet one minute, then a total douche-nozzle the next.

“Vy, Violet wait!” Aaron called after me, quickly catching up. I felt stormy and wanted to be as far away from this boy as humanly possible.

“What is your problem Aaron!” I wasn’t one for confrontations, but I couldn’t help but blurt this one out. He looked taken aback. I wanted to laugh, but kept my features steady.

He was looking at me again with those gray eyes, not speaking. He was giving me a certain look that made my chest feel tight and my throat clog up. It was the feeling I got when I missed somebody and couldn’t see them, except I didn’t miss Aaron- I had no reason or way to miss him.

“What did I do wrong?” He held his hands up in confusion, trying to deplete his obvious guilt.

“You don’t ’have time to be bumping heads with brainless dudes when you could be locking lips with the beauty beside you.” I glared at him, mimicking the exact words he had said to Jared earlier.

“You don’t like being called a beauty?” He crossed his arms, a smirk forming on his lips and mischief flashing in his eyes. “Because you are beautiful Violet.”

“What? That’s not what I’m talking about!” I was entranced, unable to look away, but wanting to so badly.

“Why are you always mad when we talk?” He asked, his cool vibe slowly fading.

“You always do things that infuriate me!” I felt helpless as I failed my arms, trying to explain to this weirdo why he’s a moron!

“Like what?” He looked like he was enjoying this. His smirk turned into a smile as he leaned on the wall behind him.

“Like telling people we are dating!?!” I glared at him, “we are not dating!”

“I never said that... I said we kissed.”

“Why would you lie?!”

“Oh I see....” Aaron suddenly turned serious, leaning off the wall and taking a step toward me. “You like Jared?”

“What?!? Where would you get that assumption from? Why would you even say that!?” I was getting frustrated.

“You’re not denying it.”

“Look Aaron,” I poked his chest, “I. Do. Not. Have to prove myself to you or anybody.”

“So you do?”

“That’s none of your business!” I didn’t like Jared, I thought he was just another one of those brainless bozos, but watching Aaron’s features so quickly change made me want to push his buttons as he had pushed mine— on multiple occasions.

“Look away.” Aaron said, staring at my eyes.

“What?” I was highly confused. For about 2 seconds, I dumbly stared at him and then I realized a remnant from our conversation moments earlier.

I can’t hear your thoughts when you look at my eyes. You know what’s crazy, the only time I can’t hear other people’s thoughts is when I’m looking into your eyes.

I wasn’t about to look away.

“No Aaron! Mind your own business!” I exclaimed.

“You are my business.” He said, turning his eyes away from me.

“No, Aaron. Please respect my privacy. Look at me.”

Suddenly his face scrunched up. He gave me a strange look, looking at me then looking away.

He looked like he was in actual physical pain. He groaned and fell to the floor.

I was taken aback, staring at him lying on the floor in pain.

“Are... are you okay?” I asked. He looked like he was struggling to breathe, “Aaron, look at me.” I was actually getting worried.

I couldn’t help but think he was faking it like his leg at the party. But he reached for my hand in that moment and screamed out in anguish.

I felt a strange surge course through me, but I blamed it on butterflies from his touch- although I wasn’t interested in him.

“Violet!” He screamed in broad daylight in front of the cafe, his hand still holding mine as he lay in the fetal position on the sidewalk.

“What do I do?” I asked as he moved around, his tall body looked so weak lying there. It made my heart hurt.

“Hospital...” His words were whispered as I stared at him.

I panicked as his eyes began to shut.

“Aaron? Aaron! Aaron open your eyes!”

No response, the street was quiet.

“Help! Somebody! Help me!” I shouted, watching as Jared came rushing outside.

“What happened?” He asked, staring at Aaron’s calm body besides me. I was on my knees besides him, “Violet! You’re crying! What happened?”

“Help me take him to the hospital please!” I shouted, I reached into Aaron’s pocket and grabbed his car keys. “Just help me get him into the car!” I was panicking. What if he died? He was only trying to help me.

That feeling was back, the tight chest and clogged throat, the feeling of missing somebody. I couldn’t understand it.

“Okay.” Jared seemed to notice my panicking expression as he immediately directed me to lift Aaron up.

The rest was a blur.

But we ended up at the hospital and I still wasn’t sure what was happening.

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