The Boy Who Read Minds

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Chapter 2:\\ Tardy


I used to like Aaron, like hardcore crushing thinking about him twenty-four seven kind of liking. He always seemed to know what was on my mind and I admired not having to tell him my feelings or wants. He always seemed to just know.

I thought it was weird at first, but I was grateful that I didn’t get stuck with a guy who had to second guess everything he did. Aaron knew what he was doing. His confidence was insanely attractive.

He was the definition of cool, calm, and collected and he wore it with a cocky smirk and an arrogantly confident stride.

Sure, he was hot, but Aaron wasn’t my type. It irked me how he would go on his days partying and then ace every test. I couldn’t understand how this beautiful boy never sat down long enough to study for two seconds and ended up being Valedictorian.

I slept with him on a regular basis, we had agreed that a serious relationship wasn’t for us back when he took my virginity sophomore year. We had both been innocent up until then and after the point of no return, I couldn’t see anything crush-worthy about him.

He was just an arrogant asshole who walked all over people like he owned the world. He always had a comeback ready before anyone could insult him and it annoyed me just how perfect his life actually was.

His parents were only home a couple days of the week and on weekends and he spent whatever time he could with them. He was an only child so he searched for friends everywhere- and friends were something he definitely had.

The whole school was practically waiting for an opening in his busy schedule, every girl that knew him wanted to date him and those girls’ boyfriends wanted to be him.

Aaron Paul knew what he wanted in life and whatever he desired always came. Just like me.

I lay in the nude on his oversized bed, his room had two small stories to it and upstairs was where he ‘studied’. He never let me up there but I snuck up the short stairs once and found an empty desk and a whole lot of books on a bookshelf. He didn’t even have a piece of paper in his backpack nor carry around an actual backpack.

I had awoken from a dream that I wouldn’t have had if I hadn’t slept with him last night and he had the smuggest grin on his pathetic face.

Idiot. I thought, catching his gray gaze on me. He was stunning and I didn’t think I could ever get over it.

“Ready to go?” He asked as I rolled over, mumbling incoherently into the pillow before standing up without bothering to cover my modesty, it wasn’t like we hadn’t done it hundreds of times, I didn’t see a purpose in hiding anything.

“Yeah,” I put the clothes on that I had worn last night and ran a hand through my knotted hair. I pushed the thoughts away as I trailed toward him. My fingers laced with his as he stood up and pecked my lips.

“We should get going.” He grinned, trailing his fingers up to my shoulders and down my back. I shivered under his touch.

“Or we could stay here today,” I suggested, wrapping my arms around his neck and my long legs slid on his. He laughed, I couldn’t understand why or what he thought was so funny as he moved us to the bed and let me fall backward.

“Or we could make a good impression so our teachers don’t fail us.” His smile turned serious as a brooding expression took over. He hooked his arm around my waist and lifted me up.

We laughed and did some stuff before I redressed and we headed downstairs.

“Morning mom.” He said, passing his mother in the hallway before heading down the wide staircase. It looked like it would much rather serve a role in the house of the Queen of England than here. On the outside, his home didn’t look too big, but inside was a different story. It was so spacious and mechanically designed to harbor happiness.

“Aaron! You should’ve left an hour ago. Oh hi Amy.” His mother acknowledged me as he swiftly nodded in her direction and strode on his long legs to the short path to his car. He grimaced when he saw it parked there without its regular hood overhead.

I couldn’t contain my smile. Finally, something didn’t go his way.

He turned to look at me with an eyebrow raised and I suddenly felt guilty for thinking that. It wasn’t like he knew what I had said about him. Sometimes I felt like he knew me better than I knew myself.

I lamely sat in the passenger seat of his Toyota- lame I know but his parents gave it to him as a test car, just for practicing but instead he decided to keep it. He liked something about the car, even though he could easily afford any other car. Maybe one that looked nicer than this green dump.

Maybe because it was where our first time happened, but I truly couldn’t think of a better reason.

He patronized me with a condescending tone as we arrived and parked in front of the school. He hopped out, not even bothering to open my passenger door for me as he skipped merrily to school. More like strode like a damn model down the sidewalk as if it was a runway.

It was invigorating, frustrating even that he could look and be that perfect with little to no effort. Was he some sort of alien?!

I watched him walk away without bothering to lock the car behind him. Obviously, he wouldn’t care if it was stolen. After all, it was just some ugly Toyota.

He didn’t glance in my direction for another second as he strolled through the front office and completely disappeared from my sight.

It was then that I suddenly felt very self-conscious. I wore the same designer jeans I had on yesterday, the same Tommy Hilfiger coat and shirt. I was an absolute mess by the time I looked at my reflection on his car window. My makeup was everywhere and my unbrushed hair looked like the bottom of a gum-covered shoe. If I was sane, I would have decided to go home and at least shower.

But sanity was a figment of my imagination. I strolled into the office where I collected my schedule and headed to my third-period class. Biology with Mr. Higgins.

What a great way to start off my junior year.

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