The Boy Who Read Minds

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Chapter 22:\\ Hospital


He was so cute just lying there. I wondered how long I’d been sitting there just staring at him. His brown hair was a hot mess and his face was so peaceful.

Aaron was a sight to behold, a stunning Greek God that was inches away from where I sat. The hospital room was oddly gloomy, but he’d been here for about a week. It was scary, thinking that Aaron could never wake up again.

My life would be so different if he didn’t wake up.

I blame Violet. She was the last one with him. I’m not even sure what happened between them, but he ended up on the sidewalk during a ditch day at school and Violet and Jared drove him to the hospital.

That’s all I knew. But I blame Violet. He would’ve been just fine if he had been with me instead of her.

I leaned back in my seat, pulling out my phone to text Tyler.


He’s still here. Knocked out. Do you want to hang out with me?

I waited for a couple of minutes, Tyler and I had gotten back on track since the night he basically kicked me out of his home. He was overwhelmed with us being together all the time— and I totally understand that. He needed space and I gave him space.



I didn’t even flinch. I knew Tyler didn’t like Aaron and I couldn’t quite tell why. Perhaps it was because they were two confident males who wanted to be in charge— they would’ve made great friends outside Tyler’s hatred for Aaron.


Can we get dinner tonight?

I smiled at his text. He didn’t want to meet me here but he wanted to have dinner tonight. It proved my theory about his dislike of Aaron. But it slightly irked me that he hated Aaron because I hate to admit this, but for a while Aaron had been my only friend. He had taken good care of me and I loved him for it. I would always love him, but more like a friend loves their friend.


Please.. until he wakes up.


He’s really knocked out?


Yup. And the docs don’t know what happened, but I have an idea. . .

Just as I was about to begin typing out my theory about Violet, the raven haired girl walked in, her tall, thin figure commanding the room. I wasn’t sure what it was about her that Aaron liked, but I decided to end this imaginary war with her that only I knew about.

“Hey Violet.” I smiled sadly, looking down at Aaron’s calm, sleeping body.

“Hi Amy.” As she approached the hospital bed, it looked like she had been crying. I wondered why, but didn’t ask. It wasn’t like she’s even gotten close to Aaron. Not at all actually.

“I’m going to go get some coffee, do you want some?” I offered, standing from my seat and walking toward the door as she sat in the other seat. Her back was to me and I saw her shake her head.

I left, feeling odd.

Something didn’t sit well with me.

When I came back from the cafeteria, my coffee collided with the hospital floor in a brown mess.

I silently stood outside the door watching her with Aaron.

“Take it back Aaron!” She was saying, tears flowing from her eyes as she reached for his hands.

“Please take it back. I don’t want it.” I wondered what it was, but couldn’t ask because she couldn’t see me.

She leaned forward and pressed her lips on Aaron’s. I was so confused, anger filled me... or perhaps jealousy. Why was she kissing him?

“Amy! Can you go back to the cafeteria please? You’re giving me a headache.” She turned, I didn’t know that she knew I was standing there.

I was speechless— that was a total Aaron thing to notice or even say.

Without a word, I left the hallways more confused than ever before. I kept wondering what it was. And why would she kiss Aaron while he was knocked out, necrophilia isn’t an attractive trait. I groaned, looking at my phone as the screen lit up.


I’m here.

Upon seeing that message, a small smile erupted on my lips. He actually visited. No matter how much he disliked Aaron, he obviously likes me enough to show up even if Aaron was here.

I wanted to tell him about Violet kissing Aaron. That was a big move— especially when he was asleep and couldn’t tell it was happening. Maybe I could sue her.

I walked to the outside of the hospital and went to Tyler’s car. He kissed me when he saw me and we got visitor passes and went back up to Aaron’s room.

After almost a week of lying in the hospital in a conceived coma, he had somehow woken up.

His gaze shifted to me, and I couldn’t put my finger on it, but he looked slightly less attractive.

I instantly noticed what it was. His eyes.

The normal gray hue that made his features so light hearted had somehow changed into a milky brown color. This still attractive man looked like a different person.

Violet was still sitting there silently speaking to him. When did they get so close?? How did he just suddenly wake up? Was he pretending to be asleep when I was around.

My head was spinning as I stared at them and I couldn’t shake the simmering feeling that I had lost. I was jealous and this wasn’t good.

“Violet.” I said, she turned toward me, and for a good two seconds, I saw something flash in her eyes. She blinked and it was gone.

Were my eyes playing tricks on me or did her eyes go from gray to brown in a blink.

I’d been here too long. I decided to leave.

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