The Boy Who Read Minds

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Chapter 24:\\ Powerless


Did Violet just kiss me?

I was stuck in my head for what felt like forever. It might’ve been forever.

Was I dreaming? I felt so cold and alone. I wanted to open my eyes so badly.

“Take it back Aaron, please take it back. I don’t want it.” A voice was whispering to me. The only indication that they were talking to me was my name being spoken.

I wanted to open my eyes so badly.

Open dammit.


I felt my entire body shake as my eyes flew open.

“Aaron.” Violet’s dark eyes stared at mine. “Aaron, your eyes.” she said.

“What happened?” My throat felt dry and my mouth was parched. I could drink ten gallons of water right now.

It was like she’d read my mind, she reached for a cup of water. The plastic hospital cups with the kiddy cap.

Read my mind.

I felt strange. My brain wasn’t stuffed with white noise. Maybe it’s because we were looking at each other’s eyes. I was entranced.

“You passed out on the sidewalk a week ago... I’m glad you’re okay.” She said.

“I thought you wanted to get away from me. Guess I should get hurt more often.” I chuckled softly. She gave me a stern look, the corners of her lips fighting from turning upwards. It made me smile.

“You’re so annoying.” She said, finally giving in and brightening my day with a smile.

“You’re the only one who thinks that.” I laughed, was she flirting with me?

I stared at her, all thoughts of why I could hear nothing leaving my mind.

“I’m sure a lot of people think that.” She said. I wanted to sit up in the hospital bed, but something prevented me from being able to sit up.

We were so close. I moved my hand to reach for the side of her face, my thumb stroking the side of her cheek as I leaned forward.

“What are you doing?” Violet asked me as I stared at her. My heart was beating wildly and my eyes were glued to her lips.

“Kissing you.” I replied, a smirk on my face as she gave me a sad smile and removed my hand from her face. I was disappointed and I struggled to hide it. It was a discomfort I hadn’t felt for a long time and I didn’t like that feeling curling it’s way into my mind.

My cocky exterior was quickly deteriorating as it was due to this girl who intrigued me.

“I should get going. I’m glad you woke up.” She stood up to leave just as Amy and my family were about to pass through the door. I reached for her hand.

“Please stay.” I pleaded, my eyes begging. I felt a strange connection to Violet and it hurt to be separated.

“Aaron, I’ve been here too long. I should go home.” She smiled, the extent of her words not reaching me. Too long? What did she mean by too long?

She smiled at me.

“Thanks for being my friend.” I said suddenly, ensuring that she forgave me for proclaiming some not-so-awful lies to Jared. I didn’t understand why it bothered her so much, but then taking a step back I realized it was because we’d just met and she’d had a traumatic experience. I was too much.

“You’re welcome.” She smiled warmly, her eyes glistening in the light. I didn’t want to let go of her hand but she nudged it away. “Aaron I’ve really got to go, I need to catch up on homework.” She said, a joking voice playing in my mind. I felt so calm and at peace when she was around.

I didn’t want to let go for fear that I’d never experience this feeling again.

“Bye Violet Veowsalot.” I grinned as she headed for the door, saying a few formalities to Amy, Tyler, and my parents before disappearing from my view.

I started to feel groggy but thought nothing of it.

“Hey Aaron! You’re awake!” Amy exclaimed, walking over to me with a huge smile on her face.

“That I am.” I said in the most melancholy voice I could conjure.

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