The Boy Who Read Minds

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Chapter 28:\\ The Heart


When I woke up that next morning, nobody but a sleeping Violet was in my room. It brought a smile to my face that she was still here.

“Violet.” I called. She moved in her chair, her eyes slowly opening as she rubbed them. Then she rubbed her neck which was probably in pain from sleeping on that chair all night.

Her eyes met mine and I sat up. “Hey.” I said, motioning for her to come sit next to me. It was weird how she felt more like a girlfriend than Amy ever had yet she wasn’t. I decided I would eventually change that. Truth be told, I liked Violet... maybe not the romantic like everyone always feels but a friendly like which could certainly grow if she allowed me to.

“I can’t leave.” Was the first thing she said to me, rubbing her eyes. “My mom has been calling all night and I told her I was with you. Aaron I need to leave this place.” She stood up as I sat up.

“What do you mean?” I have a silly smirk on her face.

“I mean... every time I try to step outside of this place I get a terrible piercing headache that just won’t go away. I have no idea what’s going on but Aaron, I need to get out of here.”

She pursed her lips, probably contemplating what to say next.

“I think it’s you.” She said finally, looking at me with wide eyed fear.

“Me, what? What are you talking about Violet?” I rubbed a spot on my arm and watched as her eyes landed on my flexing bicep.

“It’s just a theory and I think that this is what happened...” she began but stopped talking as soon as Amy entered the room.

“Aaron you’re awake!” She grinned widely, her blonde hair all over my face within an instant as she draped her arms around me.

“Good to see you too Amy.” I said, my eyes shutting for a couple of seconds.

The doctor walked in a few moments later, said she would discharge me in a few minutes and I could go home. They hadn’t discovered anything wrong with me but they were glad I was still alive.

However, I had a ton of questions.

I packed my things and Violet followed closely behind me until I got to my car. She looked like she was holding her breath the entire time.

Tyler came to pick up Amy which left me and the beautiful raven solo.

“What was your theory?” I asked as I held the passenger door open for her. She ignored me and went around to the driver’s seat. Well.

“The one day I tried to leave the hospital I got a terrible headache. I felt like I was literally dying.” She said as I put on my seat belt. She started the car. “And when I re-entered the hospital, the pain was slightly gone but not really. And then you showed up in the cafeteria and my headache fully disappeared.”

I gave her a tilted look, raising an eyebrow.

“What I’m saying is that whatever happened to you is making me be unable to separate from you.” She clutched the steering wheel tightly as she turned onto the street.

I didn’t really know what to say. “I can’t hear anyone’s thoughts anymore.” I felt the need to add. “I mean barely. I can just feel... like I can feel what they feel... what you feel.” I turned to her. “You really should’ve ignored Tyler last night. He’s a jealous idiot.” I crossed my arms.

I had been awake to hear their conversation but I didn’t think I should mention it. Not sure what commandeered me to say something.

I saw the side of her lips turn upward as she kept her gaze focused on the road. She parked in front of a slightly fancy house at the corner of the block.

“You live here?” I heard myself asking as she turned to nod at me.

“When your dad is a PhD doctor and your mom is a fashion designer turned PhD doctor... a life of luxury isn’t far.” She shrugged and stepped out. I followed behind her, feeling slightly groggy.

“Can we actually go to my house?”

“No stupid. I’m not going to let you in. I wanted to test something to see if I can lengthen our distance from each other because I’m not about to be stuck with you forever.” She replied.

“Ouch Violet.” I put my hands over my heart. “Guess a wedding is out of the picture then.” I joked as she gave me a deadpanned look.

“Aaron, I don’t have time for jokes. I’m not sure how far the hospital bed was from the exit but I want to measure it out.”

“Like with a yardstick...?”

“No, we can just estimate if this affects classes then we’ll need to move our schedules around.”

This chick’s head is literally all about school...

“Okay stand right there.” She said as she began taking slow steps away from me.

“Bossy.” I muttered, crossing my arms and leaning against my car. She kept walking until she was four houses away from me. I pulled out my phone as I glanced up to look at her every few minutes. She was merely a speck now that she was so far away.

I saw her. She was barely visible but I saw her. She was shaking and toppled over. Six houses away.

“Violet!” I bolted in her direction, my constricting jeans making running slightly harder than it needed to be. She was splayed on the ground, her eyes rolled back. She looked so fragile and broken.

“My head hurts.” She said as I approached her. “Six houses are as far away as I can get from you before collapsing. Pain starts at house three.”

I almost laughed as I reached for her hand and pulled her off the ground.

“I’m here now so pain should be gone.” I said, stepping back and crossing my arms. God, I just wanted to hug her.

“Where do you live Aaron?” She met my eyes. I helped her up and held onto her hand, I didn’t think she realized it, I was just a naturally affectionate person.

“Other side of town,” it must’ve felt like a blow to her otherwise happy persona, her face fell as she gazed into my eyes. I could see her eyes calculating before it all went blank and she pulled her hand away.

“I have homework to do. We can spend a day at my house and a day at yours until whatever this is goes away.”

I nodded, reaching for her hand again. We spent the night at her house, I wasn’t complaining.

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