The Boy Who Read Minds

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Chapter 29:\\ Envy Has a Face

*excuse the profanity in this chapter, sorry


Were the hooligans that walked into the school side by side and so close to holding hands that Monday morning dating? I glared at Violet and Aaron along with the rest of the school who were clearly looking in awe.

What the heck was Aaron doing with this nobody. For a brief moment, Violet’s eyes met mine and she didn’t even smile! What a skank! I looked stupid with my hand raised to wave, embarrassed as I glared at her.

She proceeded to sit with Aaron at the breakfast table as they ate their breakfast bagels with cheese together.

Was I losing my mind. She knows I like Aaron, what is this stupid fake friend doing?!

I felt like I could and would just explode. I was so angry. I sat fuming at my table, my eyes couldn’t leave their table as I glared.

Maybe I should go up to them... that would give me a chance to talk to Aaron.

I looked away, flipping my hair and standing up. I would do it. Before I could even get up, Violet was standing in front of me.

“Hey Stace,” She said with the same stupid smile she always had. Why was she so obsessed with me?

“Vy, I didn’t know you and Aaron were a thing.” I glanced in his direction, his eyes were staring right at her with concern and admiration. It made me fume with jealousy. I wasn’t going to show this total snake that I was jealous though.

She smiled at me, looking as though she was trying to figure something out. “I thought we were friends Stacy.” She sat beside me.

“We are...” I chuckled, “What do you mean?”

“Aaron said....” she began, but shook her head, “Nevermind, it’s not important. How are you? I feel like we haven’t talked in ages.” Her dark eyes looked a bit lighter than I remembered, maybe it was because the sun was facing them directly.

“Violet. You know I’m not one for small talk. Spill, why are you with Aaron? Are you dating?” I had no patience in matters of the heart. My heart and her potential snake-ness- taking the man that I’ve told her I liked multiple times.

“Aaron and I are just good friends.” She beamed, her eyes saying otherwise.

“If so, then can you put in a word for me... with him? You know I’ve been in love with the guy since we started at this school.” I tried to joke, but every word that escaped my lips was nothing more than pure truth masked in hysteria.

I couldn’t tell what Violet was thinking, but I wasn’t worried at what this pathetic girl would say. I knew she’d do what I wanted, that’s the friendship we had. I take and she gives. She was so full of angst and drama all the time. I didn’t really like her all too much besides being someone to talk to during the school day.

“Mm.. sure?” She said, her smile shrinking ever so slightly as she turned around. It infuriated me that Aaron was still looking at her. Aaron was too damn hot to be wasting his time with this nobody. She nodded in his direction and it was as though the two could telepathically communicate because he left his large table of friends to walk to her. Within an instant, Aaron was standing beside her, keeping his hands to himself but his body was certainly too close.

“Stacy. Hi.” Aaron said to me and I was so flustered. I felt my cheeks burn. He was absolutely stunning in his gray t-shirt that matched his equally gray eyes. His jeans were fitted so well, I could just put my hand in his pocket and kiss the heck out of him. I grinned stupidly at him, wishing violet would just disappear off the face of the planet so I could be alone with my man.

“Hi Aaron,” I blushed, my heart racing as he smiled at me.

“I’d just like to say a few things to you.” Aaron looked at me, his eyes boring into my heart. Yes my love, tell me anything you want. I can listen to you and your velvety masculine voice talk all day. I wondered if he could sing too.

My hopeful eyes were quickly diminished when I saw Violet elbow him and whisper a prompt no. He shrugged her off and planted a hand on her back. She turned her full body to glare at him and walked away. I didn’t comprehend that encounter, but ignored it. At least Violet was gone now.

Jeez, I wondered if she finally got the hint that I wanted my man to be alone with me. The cafeteria was loud around us as everyone was having their own conversations. It was just Aaron and I at my table now as Violet turned a corner and completely disappeared.

The bell would ring at any moment now and I wanted to hear what my future husband had to say.

“Can I sit?” He asked, sitting before I could respond and scooting close to me. The butterflies were soaring at this point as I recalled our kiss.

“Yes,” I said, absolutely breathless and wanting him to profess his love to me. Before my mind could wander any further, Aaron was speaking and he definitely wasn’t saying what I expected.

“You’re fucking delusional.” He began and I sat frozen and confused, “Who the hell do you think you are to kiss me without any permission. This is 2019, that’s called sexual assault. And secondly, shut the hell up once in a while. You’re a terrible friend and you don’t deserve someone like Violet! She’s kind and caring and willing to be your damn friend but you’re a selfish brat. Stay away from me and stop thinking so much crap about Violet.” I was dumbfounded. I felt like I’d just been slapped in the face and pulled harshly out of my fantasy.

“Did she put you up to this?” Did my damned snake of a friend make him say that so she can have him all to herself?

“Totally, because Violet is that kind of person.” I rolled my eyes sarcastically, making a move to stand up, “the world doesn’t revolve around you Stacy, so stop acting like it does.” He said, giving me one last look and walking away.

“Asshole!” I shouted at him, capturing the attention of half the people in the cafeteria. The sunlight that was showering the cafeteria seemed to dim as storm clouds filled the sky outside. How dare he say those things to me?! How could I have ever liked a guy like that.

I was fuming. I couldn’t handle this. Did Violet put him up to this? I glared at his muscled back walking away. I had to do something or I would positively explode.

“Aaron, you’re an absolute joke!” I called from across the cafeteria as people got quiet to listen in. Good, let them hear what I had to say to this bully. “Turn around and face me you coward!” I walked up to him.

“I’ve said what needed to be said. Stop acting like you’re a saint.”

“I’ve never said a nasty thing about Violet. She’s my best friend and it’s none of your business how we are with each other. Stay in your own damn lane.”

“Her business is my business. Violet’s my girlfriend.”

My heart dropped, it fell to my feet as everything around me was blurred. Everything he’d said to me hadn’t affected me as much as those three words.

Violet’s my girlfriend. She was a liar now too among other things.

She had said she wasn’t his girlfriend. She knew I liked this guy... I glared at him as he walked past the corner and disappeared.

Violets are going to pay for this. I’m so embarrassed.

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