The Boy Who Read Minds

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Chapter 32:\\ Unethical Woes

Professor Dooley

Aside from the research that this university allows me to partake, I must also teach a course. They’d assigned me to teach a course on ethics and another one on astrology.

Ethics, what a great class. I could constantly share my research and test the students about it. I’ve had at least ten students approach me to join my lab. I’d prefer to use them as lab rats but that’s apparently unethical.

I groaned as I put my laptop into my suitcase and drove the five miles to the university. It was hardly 7:30 in the morning and the sun was already bright in the sky and ready for another day. The streets were uncharacteristically void and the plants were greener than I’d ever seen them before. I had a feeling that today was going to be a good day.

As I found my parking spot and stepped out, I saw none other than Bailey Bloom running around in the parking lot. I wondered if that girl was even old enough to attend this university. Nevertheless, I didn’t say anything and instead locked the car and left the indoor parking lot.

I couldn’t help but feel stalked like a predator was after its prey. And I ignored it as I continued toward my 8 am class. Nothing would stop me from teaching today’s lesson: the psychology of mind readers; I’d never met one, but I had done enough research to know that they do in fact exist. The campus was bigger than I’d originally thought it was; too many stairs to climb and places to go.

I looked up at the giant flight of stairs that I needed to climb before feeling something touch my shoulder.

“Bailey! You scared me!” I looked at the chubby girl, she’d lost some weight since I’d last seen her, possibly following her sisters’ health regiment. “What are you doing here?”

“Hi Dr. Dooley, I was just looking around; I’m going to this school next year.” She said, I couldn’t help but feel skeptical of her words, like she might just be lying, her eyes kept searching the area behind me before meeting mine.

“Well, good. Now if you don’t mind, I have a class to teach.” I walked away from her, she was one weird girl.

“Okay Dr. Dooley, can I come? Can you drive me home afterward?” She followed behind me as I watched her carefully, unsure of what she wanted.

“Sure. I have office hours after class and then I have to continue my research later tonight; maybe try calling Amy to drive you home.” I crossed my arms, growing slightly frustrated as she continued to walk behind me.

“Okay, Dr. Dooley. How is your daughter?”


“What are you teaching today?”


“Cool. Is your classroom far?”


“What is--” She began but I cut her off.

“Bailey! I’m a very busy man; I don’t have time for your useless questions!” That seemed to shut her up. I turned around to look at her but she was simply stalking behind me. Her eyes were focused on a man that was jogging shirtless. I saw her lick her lips before she turned to me.

“I’ll see you later Dr. Dooley.” She grinned as she walked away and followed behind the man. Perhaps he was her friend, I didn’t know or care. I just needed to get to my class.

I climbed up the death stairs and entered to find that I was fifteen minutes late and only ten students remained. The damn Bailey Bloom— wasting all of my time. Nevertheless, I sent out an email in that instant and taught my planned lesson to the ten students present.

“And also class, outside of this University’s teachings, I also do my own research. Stop by my office when you can and we can discuss. If you’d be willing to participate in my research, I would be willing to participate in boosting your grade.” I grinned as I saw their faces light up. My exams were not easy so this was definitely a win-win for me.

I’ve been dying to test out my new serum on a human subject.

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